Saints and Blesseds

Saints and Blesseds

ItalySaint Ubaldesca Taccini, S.M.O.M.

Born:1136 (Calcinaia, Italy)
Died:1205.05.28 (Pisa, Italy † 68)


ItalyBlessed Ubaldo da Borgo San Sepolcro, O.S.M.
Ubaldo Adimari  (secular name)

Born:1245? (Sansepolcro, Italy)
Died:1315.04.09 (Monte Senario, Italy † 69)
Beatified:1821.04.03 (equipollently)

Priest of Order of Friar Servants of Mary (Servites).

SpainBlessed Ubaldo Revilla Rodríguez, O.E.S.A.

Born:1885.05.16 (Buenavista de Valdavia, Palencia, Spain)
Died:1936.08.05 🩸 (Fuente la Higuera, Valencia, Spain † 51)

Religious of Order of Hermits of Saint Augustine (Augustinian Hermits). Martyr.

ItalySaint Ugo Canefri da Genova, S.M.O.M.

ItalyBlessed Ugo degli Atti, O.S.B. Silv.

Born: (Serra San Quirico, Italy)
Beatified:1757.07.27 (equipollently)

Religious of Sylvestrine Congregation of the Benedictine Order (Sylvestrines).

ItalySaint Ugo di Novara, O. Cist.

Died:1175.11.17 (Novara, Sicilia, Italy)

Abbot and religious of Order of Cistercians (Cistercians). Abbot of Santa Maria di Novara Vallebona. Disciple of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux.

SpainSaint Ugolino, O.F.M.

Died:1227.10 🩸 (Ceuta, Spain)
Canonised:1516.01.22 (equipollently)

Priest of Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans). Martyr.

ItalyBlessed Ugolino da Gualdo Cattaneo, O.E.S.A.

Born:1200 (Gualdo Cattaneo, Perugia, Italy)
Died:1260.01.01 (Gualdo Cattaneo, Perugia, Italy † 59)
Beatified:1919.03.12 (equipollently)

Religious of Order of Hermits of Saint Augustine (Augustinian Hermits).

ItalyBlessed Ugolino Magalotti

Died:1373.12.11 (Camerino, Italy)
Beatified:1856.12.04 (equipollently)

Hermit of Third Order of St. Francis.

FranceBlessed Uldaric, F.S.C.
Jean Baptiste Guillaume  (secular name)

Born:1755.02.01 (Fraisans, Doubs, France)
Died:1794.08.27 🩸 (ship at Deux-Associés, Rochefort, France † 39)

Religious of Brothers of the Christian Schools (Lasalians, De La Salle Brothers). Martyr.

PolandBlessed Ulma

Born:1944.03.24 (Markowa, Poland)
Died:1944.03.24 🩸 (Markowa, Poland)
Beatified:2023.09.10 (Markowa, Poland)

Layperson. Child of Blessed Józef Ulma and Blessed Wiktoria Ulma born at the time of martyrdom. Sex unknown. Martyr.

GermanyBlessed Ulrika
Franziska Nisch  (secular name)

Born:1882.09.18 (Mittelbiberach-Oberdorf, Tübingen, Germany)
Died:1913.05.08 (Allensbach-Hegne, Freiburg, Germany † 30)

Religious of Sisters of Charity of the Holy Cross of Ingenbohl.

ItalyBlessed Umiliana de’ Cerchi, T.O.S.F.

Born:1219 (Firenze, Italy)
Died:1246.05.19 (Firenze, Italy † 26)
Beatified:1694.07.24 (equipollently)

Religious of Third Order of St. Francis.

ItalySaint Umiltà, O.S.B. Vall.
Rosanna Negusanti  (secular name)

Born:1226 (Faenza, Italy)
Died:1310.05.22 (Firenze, Italy † 83)
Canonised:1720.01.27 (equipollently)

Religious of Vallumbrosan Nuns.

FranceBlessed Urbain Lefebvre, M.E.P.

Born:1725.01.21 (Saint-Pierre-du-Boile, Tours, Indre-et-Loire, France)
Died:1792.09.02 🩸 (Paris, France † 67)

Priest of Paris Foreign Missions Society. Martyr.

GreeceSaint Urban

Died:I century 🩸 (Greece)

Layperson. Disciple of Saint Paul of Tarsus (Rom. 16:8-11)disciple of Saint Paul of Tarsus (Rom. 16:8-11). Martyr.

TurkiyeSaint Urban

Died:370 🩸 (Nicomedia in Bithynia, Turkiye)

Layperson. Companion of Saint Theodore and Saint Medimnus. Martyr.

FranceBlessed Urban II
Ottoni di Lagery di Châtillon-sur-Marne, O.S.B. Clun.

Born:1042 (Lagery, France)
Ordained Priest:1068?
Consecrated Bishop:1085.07.20
Created Cardinal:
Elected as Supreme Pontiff:1088.03.12
Died:1099.07.29 (Roma, Italy † 56)
Beatified:1881.07.14 (equipollently)

Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (1078 – 1088.03.12)

Cardinal Dean of Sacred College of Cardinals (1078? – 1088.03.12)

Supreme Pontiff (1088.03.12 – 1099.07.29)

Pope and religious of Benedictine Congregation of Cluny.

TurkiyeSaint Urban of Antioch

Died:253? 🩸 (Antioch, Turkiye)

Layperson. Child companion of Saint Babylas of Antioch. Martyr.

FranceBlessed Urban V
Guillaume de Grimoald, O.S.B. Cas.

Born:1310 (Grizac, Languedoc, France)
Ordained Priest:1334
Elected as Supreme Pontiff:1362.09.28
Consecrated Bishop:1362.11.06
Installed as Supreme Pontiff:1362.11.06
Died:1370.12.19 (Avignon, France † 59)
Beatified:1870.03.10 (equipollently)

Supreme Pontiff (1362.09.28 [1362.11.06] – 1370.12.19)

Apostolic Administrator of Avignon (France) (1366 – 1367)

Abbot Ordinary of Montecassino (Italy) (1366 – 1369)

Pope and religious of Cassinese Benedictine Congregation.

SpainSaint Urbano de Zaragoza

Died:304 🩸 (Zaragoza, Spain)

Layperson. Martyr.

SpainBlessed Urbano Gil Sáez, T.C.

Born:1901.03.09 (Bronchales, Teruel, Spain)
Died:1936.08.23 🩸 (La Pobla de Vallbona, Valencia, Spain † 35)

Priest of Capuchin Tertiary Religious of Our Lady of Sorrows (Amigonian Friars). Martyr.

SpainSaint Úrbez

Born:702 (Burdeos, France)
Died:802? (Nocito, Spain † 100)


CroatiaSaint Ursicino

Died:IV century 🩸 (Illyricum, Croatia)

Layperson. Martyr.

ItalySaint Ursicino di Ravenna

Born: (Liguria, Italy)
Died:III century 🩸 (Ravenna, Italy)

Layperson. Physician. Martyr.

IrelandSaint Ursicinus of Saint-Ursanne

Born: (Ireland)

Religious. Hermit.

BelgiumSaint Ursmer de Lobbes

Died:713 (Lobbes, Belgium)

Bishop. Bishop-abbot of Lobbes Abbey.

GermanySaint Ursula

Died:383.10.21 🩸 (Köln, Germany)

Layperson. Martyr.

JapanBlessed Ursula Nishi
ウルスラ 西  (日本語)

Born:1555? (Ikitsuki, 長崎県, 九州, Japan)
Died:1609.11.14 🩸 (Ikitsuki, 長崎県, 九州, Japan † 53)
Beatified:2008.11.24 (Nagasaki, Japan)

Layperson of Nagasaki. Married. Wife of Blessed Gaspar Nishi Genka. Martyr.

JapanBlessed Ursula Sakurai
ウルスラ 桜井如庵  (日本語)

Born: (Bungo, 大分県, 九州, Japan)
Died:1619.10.06 🩸 (Kyōto, 京都府, 関西地方, Japan)
Beatified:2008.11.24 (Nagasaki, Japan)

Layperson of Kyoto. Married. Daughter-in-law of Blessed Hieronimus Sōroku. Martyr.

JapanBlessed Ursula Yamamoto
ウルスラ 山本  (日本語)

Born:1626? (Nukayama, Yonezawa, 山形県, 東北地方, Japan)
Died:1629.01.12 🩸 (Nukayama, Yonezawa, 山形県, 東北地方, Japan † 2)
Beatified:2008.11.24 (Nagasaki, Japan)

Layperson of Niigata. Daughter of Blessed Andreas Yamamoto Shichiemon and Blessed Maria Yamamoto. Martyr.

SwitzerlandSaint Ursus von Solothurn

Died:286 🩸 (Solothurn, Switzerland)

Layperson. Soldier of the Theban Legion. Companion of Saint Victor von Solothurn. Martyr.

GermanyBlessed Utto von Metten, O.S.B.

Born:750? (Milano, Italy)
Died:829.10.03 (Metten, Germany † 78)
Beatified:1909.08.25 (equipollently)

Abbot and religious of Benedictine Confederation of the Order of Saint Benedict (Benedictines).

FranceSaint Vaize

Died:490 🩸 (Saintes, France)

Layperson. Martyr.

FranceSaint Valbert de Luxeuil

Died:670.05.02 (Luxeuil, France † 74)
Canonised:1900.11.24 (equipollently)


PalestineSaint Valens of Caesarea in Palæstina

SpainBlessed Valente José, F.M.S.
Jesús Delgado de la Fuente  (secular name)

Born:1894.04.17 (Mazuelo de Muñó, Burgos, Spain)
Died:1936.10.05 🩸 (Castellón, Spain † 42)
Beatified:2013.10.13 (Tarragona, Spain)

Religious of Marist Brothers. Martyr.

BulgariaSaint Valentian of Silistra

Died:302? 🩸 (Silistra, Bulgaria)

Layperson. Companion of Saint Pasicrates of Silistra. Martyr.

SpainSaint Valentín

Died:715 🩸 (Sepúlveda, Spain)

Hermit. Brother of Saint Engracia and Saint Frutos. Martyr.

FranceSaint Valentin de Langres

Died:547 (Langres, France)

Priest. Hermit.

SpainBlessed Valentín Díez Serna, O.F.M.

Born:1915.11.11 (Tabalda de Villadiego, Burgos, Spain)
Died:1936.08.16 🩸 (Boca de Balondillo, Fuente el Fresno, Ciudad Real, Spain † 20)

Religious of Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans). Martyr.

SpainSaint Valentín Faustino Berrio-Ochoa de Aristi, O.P.

Born:1827.02.14 (Ellorio, Vitoria, Spain)
Ordained Priest:1851.06.14
Consecrated Bishop:1858.06.27
Died:1861.11.01 🩸 (Hải Dương, Vietnam † 34)

Coadjutor Vicar Apostolic of Central Tonking (Vietnam) (1857.12.25 – 1858.07.28)

Titular Bishop of Centuria (1857.12.25 – 1861.11.01)

Vicar Apostolic of Central Tonking (Vietnam) (1858.07.28 – 1861.11.01)

Bishop and religious of Order of Preachers (Dominicans). Martyr.

SpainBlessed Valentín Gil Arribas, S.D.B.

Born:1897.02.04 (Rábano, Valladolid, Spain)
Died:1936.11.09 🩸 (Paracuellos de Jarama, Madrid, Spain † 39)

Religious of Salesians of Saint John Bosco (Salesians). Martyr.

SpainBlessed Valentín María de Torrente, T.C.
Vicente Jaunzarás Gómez  (secular name)

Born:1896.03.06 (Torrent, Valencia, Spain)
Died:1936.09.18 🩸 (Torrent, Valencia, Spain † 40)

Priest of Capuchin Tertiary Religious of Our Lady of Sorrows (Amigonian Friars). Martyr.

SpainBlessed Valentín Palencia Marquina

Born:1871.07.26 (Burgos, Spain)
Died:1937.01.15 🩸 (near Suances, Cantabria, Spain † 65)
Beatified:2016.04.23 (Burgos, Burgos, Spain)

Priest of Burgos. Martyr.

PalestineSaint Valentina

Born: (Caesarea, Palestine)
Died:308.07.25 🩸 (Caesarea, Palestine)

Layperson. Companion of Saint Thea and Saint Paul. Martyr.

ItalySaint Valentino di Roma

Born:176? (Terni, Italy)
Died:273.02.14 🩸 (Roma, Italy † 96)

Priest. Martyr.

ItalySaint Valentino di Viterbo

Died:IV century 🩸 (Viterbo, Italy)

Priest. Companion of Saint Ilario di Viterbo. Martyr.

BelgiumBlessed Valentinus, O.F.M.
Johannes Ludovicus Paquay  (secular name)

Born:1828.11.17 (Tongeren, Belgium)
Ordained Priest:1854.06.10
Died:1905.01.01 (Hasselt, Belgium † 76)

Priest of Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans).

FranceSaint Valère

Died:287? 🩸 (Soissons, France)

Layperson. Tax collector. Companion of Saint Rufin. Martyr.

FranceSaint Valère de Langres

Died:411.10.22 🩸 (Langres, France)

Deacon of Langres. Martyr.

ItalySaint Valeria di Milano

Born: (Milano, Italy)
Died:III century 🩸 (Ravenna, Italy)

Layperson. Wife of Saint Vitale di Milano. Son of Saint Gervaso di Milano and Saint Protaso di Milano. Martyr.

EgyptSaint Valerian

Died:237 🩸 (Alexandria, Egypt)

Layperson. Companion of Saint Hieronides, Saint Leontius, Saint Serapion, Saint Silesius and Saint Strato. Martyr.

AlgeriaSaint Valerian

Died:304? 🩸 (Hippo, Algeria)

Layperson. Companion of Saint Fidentian and Saint Victoria. Martyr.

TunisiaSaint Valerian of Avensa

Died:V century (Tunisia)

Bishop of Avensano.

ItalySaint Valeriano

Died:229.04.14 🩸 (Roma, Italy)

Layperson. Companion of Saint Tiburzio and Saint Massimo. Martyr.

SpainBlessed Valeriano Luis, F.S.C.
Nicolás Alberich Lluch  (secular name)

Born:1898.01.01 (Benicarló, Castellón, Spain)
Died:1936.08.23 🩸 (Valderrobles, Teruel, Spain † 38)

Religious of Brothers of the Christian Schools (Lasalians, De La Salle Brothers). Martyr.

SpainBlessed Valeriano Rodríguez García, O.C.S.O.

Born:1906.06.10 (Villaviciosa de San Miguel, León, Spain)
Died:1936.12.03 🩸 (Santander, Cantabria, Spain † 30)
Beatified:2015.10.03 (Santander, Cantabria, Spain)

Priest of Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (Trappists). Martyr.

FranceSaint Valérie de Limoges

Died:III century 🩸 (Limoges, France)

Layperson. Martyr.

FranceSaint Valérien de Tournus

Died:178 🩸 (Tournus, France)
Canonised:1900.11.24 (equipollently)

Layperson. Martyr.

SpainBlessed Valerio Bernardo, F.S.C.
Marciano Herrero Martínez  (secular name)

Born:1909.07.11 (Sta. María de Porquera de los Infantes, Burgos, Spain)
Died:1936.08.31 🩸 (Pozo de la Lagarta, Tabernas, Almería, Spain † 27)

Religious of Brothers of the Christian Schools (Lasalians, De La Salle Brothers). Martyr.

SpainSaint Valerio del Bierzo

Born:630? (Spain)
Died:695? (Bierzo, Spain † 65)


RomaniaBlessed Valeriu Traian Frenţiu (Romanian Rite)

Born:1875.04.25 (Resita, Romania)
Ordained Priest:1898.09.21
Consecrated Bishop:1913.01.14
Died:1952.07.11 🩸 (Sighetu Marmației, Romania † 77)
Beatified:2019.06.02 (Blaj, Romania)

Bishop of Lugoj of the Romanians (Romania) (1912.12.14 – 1922.02.25)

Bishop of Oradea Mare of the Romanians (Romania) (1922.02.25 – 1952.07.11)

Apostolic Administrator of Făgăraş şi Alba Iulia of the Romanians (Romania) (1941 – 1947)

Bishop. Martyr.

RomaniaSaint Valerius

Died:IV century 🩸 (Constanța, Romania)

Layperson. Companion of Saint Straton, Saint Macrobius and Saint Gordian. Martyr.

FranceSaint Valery de Leuconay

Born:550? (Auvergne, France)
Died:622.12.12 (Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, France † 71)

Abbot. Founder of Abbey of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme.

ItalySaint Valfredo della Gherardesca

Born:VII century (Pisa, Italy)
Died:765? (Monteverdi Marittimo, Italy)

Abbot. Founder of Palazzuolo monastery. Father of 5 children.

EgyptSaint Varus

Died:307 🩸 (Egypt)

Layperson. Soldier. Martyr.

SlovakiaBlessed Vasil Hopko (Slovak Rite)

Born:1904.04.21 (Hrabské, Slovakia)
Ordained Priest:1929.02.03
Consecrated Bishop:1947.05.11
Died:1976.07.23 🩸 (Prešov, Slovakia † 72)
Beatified:2003.09.14 (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Titular Bishop of Midila (1946.11.09 – 1976.07.23)

Auxiliary Bishop of Prešov of the Slovaks (Slovakia) (1946.11.09 – 1976.07.23)

Bishop. Martyr.

RomaniaBlessed Vasile Aftenie (Romanian Rite)

Born:1899.07.14 (Lodroman, Romania)
Ordained Priest:1926.01.01
Consecrated Bishop:1940.06.05
Died:1950.05.10 🩸 (Bucharest, Romania † 50)
Beatified:2019.06.02 (Blaj, Romania)

Titular Bishop of Ulpiana (1940.04.12 – 1950.05.10)

Auxiliary Bishop of Făgăraş şi Alba Iulia of the Romanians (Romania) (1940.04.12 – 1950.05.10)

Bishop. Martyr.

UkraineBlessed Vasyl’ Vsevolod Velychkovs’kyi, C.SS.R. (Ukrainian Rite)
Василь Всеволод Величковський  (Українська)

Born:1903.06.01 (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)
Ordained Priest:1925.10.09
Consecrated Bishop:1963.02.04
Died:1973.06.30 🩸 (Winnipeg, MB, Canada † 70)
Beatified:2001.06.27 (Lviv, Ukraine)

Titular Bishop of Lutsk–Ostroh of the Ukrainians (Ukraine) (1959 – 1973.06.30)

Auxiliary Bishop of Lviv–Halyč–Kamyanets of the Ukrainians (Ukraine) (1959 – 1973.06.30)

Bishop and religious of Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists). Martyr.

FranceSaint Vaulry de Limoges
Valerius  (latine)

Died:620? (Limousin, France)


FranceSaint Venant de Tours

Died:V century (Tours, France)


ItalySaint Venanzio di Camerino

Died:250.05.18 🩸 (Camerino, Italy † 14)

Layperson. Martyr.

ItalySaint Venera

Born:100? (France)
Died:144? 🩸 (Roma, Italy † 44)

Layperson. Martyr.

ItalySaint Venerio

Died:630 (Tino, Italy † 70)


JapanSaint Ventura de Miyako
ボナベントウラ  (日本語)

Born: (Kyōto, 京都府, 関西地方, Japan)
Died:1597.02.05 🩸 (Nishizaka, 長崎県, 九州, Japan)

Layperson of Nagasaki. Member of Secular Franciscans. Martyr.

ItalySaint Ventura di Città di Castello

Born: (Italy)
Died:1250.09.07 🩸

Priest. Martyr.

TunisiaSaint Venustus of Carthage

FranceSaint Véran de Vence

Bishop of Vence (France) (451 – 492?)

Bishop. Son of Saint Eucher de Lyon.

ItalySaint Verdiana

Born:1182 (Castelfiorentino, Italy)
Died:1242.02.01 (Castelfiorentino, Italy † 59)


SpainSaint Veremundo de Irache, O.S.B.

Born:1020? (Arellano, Spain)
Died:1092.03.08 (Abadía de Irache, Spain † 71)

Abbot and religious of Benedictine Confederation of the Order of Saint Benedict (Benedictines). Abbot of Santa María la Real de Irache.

SwitzerlandSaint Verena

Born:III century (Thebes, Egypt)
Died:IV century (Bad Zurzach, Switzerland)


AustriaSaint Vergilius

Born:700? (Ireland)
Died:784.11.27 (Salzburg, Austria † 83)
Canonised:1232.06.18 (equipollently)

Bishop of Salzburg (Austria) (745 – 784.11.27)


PortugalSaint Veríssimo

Died:303? 🩸 (Lisboa, Portugal)

Layperson. Martyr.

RomaniaBlessed Veronica Antal

Born:1935.12.07 (Nisiporești, Romania)
Died:1958.08.24 🩸 (Hălăucești, Romania † 22)
Beatified:2018.09.22 (Nisiporeşti, Romania)

Layperson. Member of the Secular Franciscan Order. Martyr.

ItalySaint Veronica, O.S.C. Cap.
Orsola Giuliani  (secular name)

Born:1660.12.27 (Mercatello sul Metauro, Italy)
Died:1727.07.09 (Città di Castello, Italy † 66)

Abbess and religious of Capuchin Poor Clares (Capuchinesses).

ItalyBlessed Veronica Negroni da Binasco, O.S.A.

Born:1445? (Binasco, Italy)
Died:1497.01.13 (Milano, Italy † 51)

Religious of Augustian Nuns.

TunisiaSaint Vestina

TunisiaSaint Veturius

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