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Federal Republic of Germany (Germany)


Also known as: Deutschland (Deutsch), Alemania (español), l’Allemagne (français), Germania (Italiano, latine), Niemcy (polski), Alemanha (Português), 德國 (正體中文), ドイツ (日本語)

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Metropolitan Sees (Archdioceses) Metr. Archdiocese (7)

Episcopal Sees (Dioceses) Diocese (20)

Apostolic Exarchates Apostolic Exarchate (1)

Military Ordinariates Military Ordinariate (1)

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Roman Rite (28): Aachen, Augsburg, Bamberg, Berlin, Deutsches Militärordinariat, Dresden–Meißen, Eichstätt, Erfurt, Essen, Freiburg im Breisgau, Fulda, Görlitz, Hamburg, Hildesheim, Köln, Limburg, Magdeburg, Mainz, München und Freising, Münster, Osnabrück, Paderborn, Passau, Regensburg, Rottenburg–Stuttgart, Speyer, Trier, Würzburg

Ukrainian Church (1): Deutschland und Skandinavien

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Apostolic Nunciature: Germany Archbishop Nikola Eterović (73)

Conference of Bishops: Deutsche Bischofskonferenz Bishop Georg Bätzing (63)

International Meeting of Bishops’ Conferences: Commissio Episcopatuum Communitatis Europææ (COM.E.C.E.) Bishop Mariano Crociata (71)

International Meeting of Bishops’ Conferences: Consilium Conferentiarum Episcopalium Europæ (C.C.E.E.) Archbishop Gintaras Linas Grušas (62)

CardinalsCardinals (3 electors/6 total)

Cardinal Walter Brandmüller (95)Walter Brandmüller (95)

Cardinal Walter Kasper (91)Walter Kasper (91)

Cardinal Reinhard Marx (70)Reinhard Marx (70)

Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller (76)Gerhard Ludwig Müller (76)

Cardinal Friedrich Wetter (96)Friedrich Wetter (96)

Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki (67)Rainer Maria Woelki (67)

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Patron Saints: Saint Boniface, Saint George, Saint Peter Canisius, Saint Ansgar

Saints: 183 Saints, 145 Blesseds

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Continent: West Europe

Capital: Berlin

Area: 348,672 km²

Population: 80,594,017

Former Name: East and West Germany

Neighbouring Countries: France France, ← Luxembourg Luxembourg, ← Belgium Belgium, ↖ Netherlands Netherlands, ↑ Denmark Denmark, ↑ Sweden Sweden, → Poland Poland, ↘ Czechia Czechia, ↘ Austria Austria, ↓ Switzerland Switzerland

Cultural Summary

Religions: Roman Catholic 29%, Protestant 27%, Muslim 4.4%, Orthodox Christian 1.9%, other 1.7%, none or members of unrecorded religious groups 36%

Languages: German (official)

Ethnic Groups: German 91.5%, Turkish 2.4%, other 6.1% (made up largely of Polish, Italian, Romanian, Syrian, and Greek)

Statistics (2021.12.31)

Area: 357,022 km²

Catholic Population: 24,054,000 Catholics (28.9% of 83,155,000 total)

Pastoral Centres: 9,957 parishes, 61 mission stations (47 with resident priest, 14 without resident priest), 1,216 other centres

Clergy: 110 bishops (27 diocesan, 83 titular), 13,951 priests (10,615 diocesan, 3,336 religious), 2,897 permanent deacons (2,869 diocesan, 28 religious)

Non-Clergy: 18,746 religious (2,341 brothers, 16,405 sisters), 1,131 members of secular institutes (20 brothers, 1,111 sisters), 641 major seminarians, 1,263 missionaries, 8,299 catechists


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