Bishops of Argentina

by Liturgical Precedence

Date of
Bishop Ordinaries of Argentina (148)
1992.06.27 (2013.03.13)Pope Francis (87)Pope Francis (87), Supreme Pontiff and Prefect of Dicastery for Evangelisation
1997.10.11 (2007.11.24)Cardinal Leonardo Sandri (80)Cardinal Leonardo Sandri (80), Cardinal-Bishop of Ss. Biagio e Carlo ai Catinari and Cardinal Vice-Dean of College of Cardinals
1977.08.15 (2007.11.24)Cardinal Estanislao Esteban Karlic (98)Cardinal Estanislao Esteban Karlic (98), Cardinal-Priest of Beata Maria Addolorata a piazza Buenos Aires and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Paraná (Argentina)
2002.04.20 (2014.02.22)Cardinal Mario Aurelio Poli (76)Cardinal Mario Aurelio Poli (76), Cardinal-Priest of S. Roberto Bellarmino, Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Ordinary emeritus of Argentina of the Eastern Rite (Argentina)
1984.12.22 (2015.02.14)Cardinal Luis Héctor Villalba (89)Cardinal Luis Héctor Villalba (89), Cardinal-Priest of S. Girolamo a Corviale and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Tucumán (Argentina)
2021.12.17 (2023.09.30)Cardinal Ángel Sixto Rossi, S.J. (65)Cardinal Ángel Sixto Rossi, S.J. (65), Cardinal-Priest of S. Bernadette Soubirous and Metropolitan Archbishop of Córdoba (Argentina)
2013.06.15 (2023.09.30)Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernández (61)Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernández (61), Cardinal-Deacon of Ss. Urbano e Lorenzo a Prima Porta, Prefect of Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, President of Pontifical Biblical Commission, President of International Theological Commission and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of La Plata (Argentina)
(2023.09.30)Cardinal Luis Pascual Dri, O.F.M. Cap. (97)Cardinal Luis Pascual Dri, O.F.M. Cap. (97), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Angelo in Pescheria
2018.03.03 (2023.05.26)Archbishop Jorge Ignacio García Cuerva (56)Archbishop Jorge Ignacio García Cuerva (56), Metropolitan Archbishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Ordinary of Argentina of the Eastern Rite (Argentina) and Grand Chancellor of Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina
1987.05.28 (1993.02.13)Archbishop José María Arancibia (87)Archbishop José María Arancibia (87), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Mendoza (Argentina)
1978.12.29 (1994.06.22)Archbishop Domingo Salvador Castagna (93)Archbishop Domingo Salvador Castagna (93), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Corrientes (Argentina)
1991.01.24 (1995.12.20)Archbishop Carlos José Ñáñez (77)Archbishop Carlos José Ñáñez (77), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Córdoba (Argentina)
1994.06.24 (1998.06.24)Archbishop Mario Antonio Cargnello (72)Archbishop Mario Antonio Cargnello (72), Metropolitan Archbishop of Salta (Argentina)
1992.04.04 (1998.06.26)Archbishop Héctor Rubén Aguer (81)Archbishop Héctor Rubén Aguer (81), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of La Plata (Argentina)
1986.04.25 (2000.03.29)Archbishop Alfonso Rogelio Delgado Evers (81)Archbishop Alfonso Rogelio Delgado Evers (81), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of San Juan de Cuyo (Argentina)
1988.05.06 (2003.02.13)Archbishop José María Arancedo (83)Archbishop José María Arancedo (83), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz (Argentina)
1994.11.30 (2003.03.11)Archbishop Guillermo José Garlatti (83)Archbishop Guillermo José Garlatti (83), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Bahía Blanca (Argentina)
1993.10.02 (2005.12.22)Archbishop José Luis Mollaghan (78)Archbishop José Luis Mollaghan (78), Supplementary Member of College for the review of appeals by clergy accused of delicta reservata and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Rosario (Argentina)
2001.12.16 (2007.09.27)Archbishop Andrés Stanovnik, O.F.M. Cap. (74)Archbishop Andrés Stanovnik, O.F.M. Cap. (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Corrientes (Argentina)
2008.08.06 (2008.06.19)Archbishop Luis Mariano Montemayor (68)Archbishop Luis Mariano Montemayor (68), Titular Archbishop of Illici and Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland
1998.05.08 (2010.11.04)Archbishop Juan Alberto Puiggari (74)Archbishop Juan Alberto Puiggari (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Paraná (Argentina)
2005.09.17 (2013.02.21)Archbishop Ramón Alfredo Dus (68)Archbishop Ramón Alfredo Dus (68), Metropolitan Archbishop of Resistencia (Argentina)
2006.05.19 (2014.07.04)Archbishop Eduardo Eliseo Martín (70)Archbishop Eduardo Eliseo Martín (70), Metropolitan Archbishop of Rosario (Argentina)
2015.12.22 (2015.11.03)Archbishop Carlos Alfonso Azpiroz Costa, O.P. (67)Archbishop Carlos Alfonso Azpiroz Costa, O.P. (67), Metropolitan Archbishop of Bahía Blanca (Argentina) and Second Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of Argentina
2000.03.25 (2016.08.31)Archbishop Jorge Eduardo Lozano (69)Archbishop Jorge Eduardo Lozano (69), Metropolitan Archbishop of San Juan de Cuyo (Argentina)
2017.10.13 (2017.08.23)Archbishop Carlos Alberto Sánchez (61)Archbishop Carlos Alberto Sánchez (61), Metropolitan Archbishop of Tucumán (Argentina)
1999.05.21 (2018.04.17)Archbishop Sergio Alfredo Fenoy (65)Archbishop Sergio Alfredo Fenoy (65), Metropolitan Archbishop of Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz (Argentina)
2009.08.08 (2018.05.22)Archbishop Marcelo Daniel Colombo (63)Archbishop Marcelo Daniel Colombo (63), Metropolitan Archbishop of Mendoza (Argentina) and Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of Argentina
2017.07.15 (2019.10.04)Archbishop Jorge Eduardo Scheinig (65)Archbishop Jorge Eduardo Scheinig (65), Metropolitan Archbishop of Mercedes–Luján (Argentina)
2017.08.26 (2023.07.28)Archbishop Gabriel Antonio Mestre (55)Archbishop Gabriel Antonio Mestre (55), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of La Plata (Argentina)
1977.03.19Bishop Alcides Jorge Pedro Casaretto (87)Bishop Alcides Jorge Pedro Casaretto (87), Bishop emeritus of San Isidro (Argentina)
1981.12.12Bishop Vartán Waldir Boghossian, S.D.B. (84)Bishop Vartán Waldir Boghossian, S.D.B. (84), Bishop emeritus of San Gregorio de Narek en Buenos Aires of the Armenians (Argentina) and Apostolic Exarch emeritus of América Latina e México of the Armenians (Brazil)
1983.07.03Bishop Rafael Eleuterio Rey (91)Bishop Rafael Eleuterio Rey (91), Bishop emeritus of Zárate–Campana (Argentina)
1985.12.17Bishop Luis Teodorico Stöckler (88)Bishop Luis Teodorico Stöckler (88), Bishop emeritus of Quilmes (Argentina)
1989.02.05Bishop Baldomero Carlos Martini (84)Bishop Baldomero Carlos Martini (84), Bishop emeritus of San Justo (Argentina)
1990.12.02Bishop Charbel Georges Merhi, L.M. (86)Bishop Charbel Georges Merhi, L.M. (86), Bishop emeritus of San Charbel en Buenos Aires of the Maronites (Argentina)
1991.04.27Bishop Antonio Juan Baseotto, C.SS.R. (92)Bishop Antonio Juan Baseotto, C.SS.R. (92), Military Ordinary emeritus of Argentina (Argentina)
1991.08.11Bishop Cipriano García Fernández, O.S.A. (92)Bishop Cipriano García Fernández, O.S.A. (92), Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Cafayate (Argentina)
1992.04.04Bishop Rubén Oscar Frassia (78)Bishop Rubén Oscar Frassia (78), Bishop emeritus of Avellaneda–Lanús (Argentina)
1993.09.25Bishop Pedro María Olmedo Rivero, C.M.F. (79)Bishop Pedro María Olmedo Rivero, C.M.F. (79), Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Humahuaca (Argentina)
1994.03.19Bishop Juan Rubén Martínez (71)Bishop Juan Rubén Martínez (71), Bishop of Posadas (Argentina)
1994.05.31Bishop Fernando María Bargalló (69)Bishop Fernando María Bargalló (69), Bishop emeritus of Merlo–Moreno (Argentina)
1994.08.22Bishop Francisco Polti Santillán (85)Bishop Francisco Polti Santillán (85), Bishop emeritus of Santiago del Estero (Argentina)
1997.03.19Bishop José Vicente Conejero Gallego (73)Bishop José Vicente Conejero Gallego (73), Bishop of Formosa (Argentina)
1998.03.27Bishop Luis Armando Collazuol (76)Bishop Luis Armando Collazuol (76), Bishop emeritus of Concordia (Argentina)
1998.06.01Bishop Néstor Hugo Navarro (90)Bishop Néstor Hugo Navarro (90), Bishop emeritus of Alto Valle del Río Negro (Argentina)
1999.07.30Bishop Jorge Rubén Lugones, S.J. (71)Bishop Jorge Rubén Lugones, S.J. (71), Bishop of Lomas de Zamora (Argentina)
1999.09.14Bishop Martín de Elizalde, O.S.B. (83)Bishop Martín de Elizalde, O.S.B. (83), Bishop emeritus of Nueve de Julio (Argentina)
2000.03.25Bishop Aurelio José Kühn Hergenreder, O.F.M. (85)Bishop Aurelio José Kühn Hergenreder, O.F.M. (85), Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Deán Funes (Argentina)
2000.07.21Bishop Carlos Humberto Malfa (75)Bishop Carlos Humberto Malfa (75), Bishop emeritus of Chascomús (Argentina)
2000.10.21Bishop Joaquín Mariano Sucunza (78)Bishop Joaquín Mariano Sucunza (78), Titular Bishop of Saetabis and Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
2000.12.22Bishop Armando José María Rossi, O.P. (79)Bishop Armando José María Rossi, O.P. (79), Bishop emeritus of Concepción (Argentina)
2000.12.23Bishop Juan Horacio Suárez (86)Bishop Juan Horacio Suárez (86), Bishop emeritus of Gregorio de Laferrere (Argentina)
2001.03.19Bishop Gustavo Arturo Help (77)Bishop Gustavo Arturo Help (77), Bishop emeritus of Venado Tuerto (Argentina)
2002.12.12Bishop Ricardo Oscar Faifer (83)Bishop Ricardo Oscar Faifer (83), Bishop emeritus of Goya (Argentina)
2002.12.21Bishop Esteban María Laxague, S.D.B. (67)Bishop Esteban María Laxague, S.D.B. (67), Bishop of Viedma (Argentina)
2003.05.17Bishop Oscar Domingo Sarlinga (61)Bishop Oscar Domingo Sarlinga (61), Bishop emeritus of Zárate–Campana (Argentina)
2003.05.31Bishop Antonio Marino (82)Bishop Antonio Marino (82), Bishop emeritus of Mar del Plata (Argentina)
2003.08.16Bishop Eduardo Horacio García (68)Bishop Eduardo Horacio García (68), Bishop of San Justo (Argentina)
2004.05.08Bishop Adolfo Armando Uriona, F.D.P. (69)Bishop Adolfo Armando Uriona, F.D.P. (69), Bishop of Río Cuarto (Argentina)
2004.09.25Bishop Eduardo Maria Taussig (69)Bishop Eduardo Maria Taussig (69), Bishop emeritus of San Rafael (Argentina)
2005.02.06Bishop Carlos José Tissera (72)Bishop Carlos José Tissera (72), Bishop of Quilmes (Argentina)
2005.05.13Bishop Virginio Domingo Bressanelli, S.C.I. (82)Bishop Virginio Domingo Bressanelli, S.C.I. (82), Bishop emeritus of Neuquén (Argentina)
2005.12.17Bishop Juan Carlos Romanín, S.D.B. (69)Bishop Juan Carlos Romanín, S.D.B. (69), Bishop emeritus of Río Gallegos (Argentina)
2006.05.20Bishop Raúl Martín (66)Bishop Raúl Martín (66), Bishop of Santa Rosa (Argentina)
2006.08.21Bishop Hugo Manuel Salaberry Goyeneche, S.J. (72)Bishop Hugo Manuel Salaberry Goyeneche, S.J. (72), Bishop of Azul (Argentina)
2006.09.02Bishop Óscar Vicente Ojea Quintana (77)Bishop Óscar Vicente Ojea Quintana (77), Bishop of San Isidro (Argentina) and President of Episcopal Conference of Argentina
2006.12.21Bishop Pedro María Laxague (71)Bishop Pedro María Laxague (71), Bishop of Zárate–Campana (Argentina)
2007.03.10Bishop Luis Urbanč (65)Bishop Luis Urbanč (65), Bishop of Catamarca (Argentina)
2007.03.19Bishop Hugo Norberto Santiago (70)Bishop Hugo Norberto Santiago (70), Bishop of San Nicolás de los Arroyos (Argentina)
2007.09.16Bishop Daniel Kozelinski Netto (72)Bishop Daniel Kozelinski Netto (72), Bishop of Santa María del Patrocinio en Buenos Aires of the Ukrainians (Argentina) and Apostolic Visitator in Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Venezuela of the Ukrainians
2007.11.30Bishop César Daniel Fernández (69)Bishop César Daniel Fernández (69), Bishop of Jujuy (Argentina)
2008.07.04Bishop Hugo Nicolás Barbaro (73)Bishop Hugo Nicolás Barbaro (73), Bishop of San Roque de Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña (Argentina)
2008.08.18Bishop Santiago Olivera (65)Bishop Santiago Olivera (65), Military Ordinary of Argentina (Argentina)
2008.09.27Bishop Sergio Osvaldo Buenanueva (60)Bishop Sergio Osvaldo Buenanueva (60), Bishop of San Francisco (Argentina)
2008.10.11Bishop Enrique Eguía Seguí (61)Bishop Enrique Eguía Seguí (61), Bishop-Prelate of Deán Funes (Argentina)
2008.12.08Bishop Damián Santiago Bitar (61)Bishop Damián Santiago Bitar (61), Bishop of Oberá (Argentina)
2008.12.13Bishop Ariel Edgardo Torrado Mosconi (63)Bishop Ariel Edgardo Torrado Mosconi (63), Bishop of Nueve de Julio (Argentina)
2009.03.27Bishop Luis Alberto Fernández Alara (77)Bishop Luis Alberto Fernández Alara (77), Bishop emeritus of Rafaela (Argentina)
2009.05.08Bishop José Słaby, C.SS.R. (66)Bishop José Słaby, C.SS.R. (66), Bishop-Prelate of Esquel (Argentina)
2010.03.19Bishop Pedro Daniel Martínez Perea (58)Bishop Pedro Daniel Martínez Perea (58), Bishop emeritus of San Luis (Argentina)
2010.03.25Bishop Marcelo Alejandro Cuenca Revuelta (68)Bishop Marcelo Alejandro Cuenca Revuelta (68), Bishop emeritus of Alto Valle del Río Negro (Argentina)
2010.05.29Bishop Vicente Bokalic Iglic, C.M. (72)Bishop Vicente Bokalic Iglic, C.M. (72), Bishop of Santiago del Estero (Argentina)
2010.06.19Bishop Nicolás Baisi (59)Bishop Nicolás Baisi (59), Bishop of Puerto Iguazú (Argentina)
2010.10.15Bishop Joaquín Gimeno Lahoz (75)Bishop Joaquín Gimeno Lahoz (75), Bishop emeritus of Comodoro Rivadavia (Argentina)
2011.12.09Bishop Gustavo Gabriel Zurbriggen (60)Bishop Gustavo Gabriel Zurbriggen (60), Bishop of Concordia (Argentina)
2013.03.09Bishop Alberto Germán Bochatey, O.S.A. (68)Bishop Alberto Germán Bochatey, O.S.A. (68), Titular Bishop of Mons in Mauretania, Apostolic Administrator of La Plata (Argentina), Auxiliary Bishop of La Plata (Argentina) and General Secretary of Episcopal Conference of Argentina
2013.05.05Bishop Samuel Jofré Giraudo (67)Bishop Samuel Jofré Giraudo (67), Bishop of Villa María (Argentina)
2013.05.25Bishop Juan Habib Chamieh, O.M.M. (57)Bishop Juan Habib Chamieh, O.M.M. (57), Bishop of San Charbel en Buenos Aires of the Maronites (Argentina)
2013.08.19Bishop Gustavo Óscar Zanchetta (60)Bishop Gustavo Óscar Zanchetta (60), Bishop emeritus of Orán (Argentina) and Assessor emeritus of Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See
2013.09.27Bishop Ibrahim Salameh, M.S.P. (78)Bishop Ibrahim Salameh, M.S.P. (78), Titular Bishop of Palmyra of the Greek-Melkites and Apostolic Exarch emeritus of Argentina of the Greek-Melkites (Argentina)
2013.09.28Bishop Juan José Chaparro Stivanello, C.M.F. (70)Bishop Juan José Chaparro Stivanello, C.M.F. (70), Bishop of Merlo–Moreno (Argentina)
2013.11.24Bishop Ángel José Macín (57)Bishop Ángel José Macín (57), Bishop of Reconquista (Argentina)
2013.12.27Bishop Pedro Javier Torres Aliaga (63)Bishop Pedro Javier Torres Aliaga (63), Bishop of Rafaela (Argentina)
2013.12.29Bishop Jorge Vázquez (74)Bishop Jorge Vázquez (74), Bishop of Morón (Argentina)
2014.03.01Bishop Gabriel Bernardo Barba (60)Bishop Gabriel Bernardo Barba (60), Bishop of San Luis (Argentina)
2014.05.01Bishop Gustavo Alejandro Montini (53)Bishop Gustavo Alejandro Montini (53), Bishop of Santo Tomé (Argentina)
2014.05.03Bishop Alejandro Daniel Giorgi (65)Bishop Alejandro Daniel Giorgi (65), Titular Bishop of Summa and Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
2014.05.03Bishop Ernesto Giobando, S.J. (64)Bishop Ernesto Giobando, S.J. (64), Titular Bishop of Appiaria, Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Apostolic Administrator of Mar del Plata (Argentina)
2014.05.04Bishop Moon Han-lim (69)Bishop Moon Han-lim (문한림 / 文漢林) (69), Bishop of Venado Tuerto (Argentina)
2014.05.17Bishop Fernando Martín Croxatto (67)Bishop Fernando Martín Croxatto (67), Bishop of Neuquén (Argentina)
2014.12.11Bishop Martín Fassi (63)Bishop Martín Fassi (63), Bishop of San Martín (Argentina)
2014.12.26Bishop Juan Carlos Ares (60)Bishop Juan Carlos Ares (60), Bishop of San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina)
2015.02.27Bishop Jorge Martín Torres Carbonell (70)Bishop Jorge Martín Torres Carbonell (70), Bishop of Gregorio de Laferrere (Argentina)
2015.02.28Bishop José María Baliña (65)Bishop José María Baliña (65), Bishop emeritus of Mar del Plata (Argentina)
2015.03.25Bishop Adolfo Ramón Canecín (66)Bishop Adolfo Ramón Canecín (66), Bishop of Goya (Argentina)
2015.06.12Bishop Dante Gustavo Braida (55)Bishop Dante Gustavo Braida (55), Bishop of La Rioja (Argentina)
2015.12.18Bishop Ricardo Orlando Seirutti (67)Bishop Ricardo Orlando Seirutti (67), Titular Bishop of Bela and Auxiliary Bishop of Córdoba (Argentina)
2016.12.03Bishop Oscar Eduardo Miñarro (63)Bishop Oscar Eduardo Miñarro (63), Titular Bishop of Anzio and Auxiliary Bishop of Merlo–Moreno (Argentina)
2017.05.28Bishop Héctor Luis Zordán, M.SS.CC. (67)Bishop Héctor Luis Zordán, M.SS.CC. (67), Bishop of Gualeguaychú (Argentina)
2017.08.18Bishop Enrique Alberto Martínez Ossola (72)Bishop Enrique Alberto Martínez Ossola (72), Titular Bishop of Acquapendente and Auxiliary Bishop of Santiago del Estero (Argentina)
2017.10.07Bishop Hugo Ricardo Araya (64)Bishop Hugo Ricardo Araya (64), Bishop of Cruz del Eje (Argentina)
2017.12.16Bishop Gustavo Oscar Carrara (51)Bishop Gustavo Oscar Carrara (51), Titular Bishop of Thasbalta and Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
2017.12.22Bishop Roberto Pio Álvarez (56)Bishop Roberto Pio Álvarez (56), Bishop of Rawson (Argentina)
2017.12.23Bishop Alejandro Pablo Benna (64)Bishop Alejandro Pablo Benna (64), Bishop of Alto Valle del Río Negro (Argentina)
2017.12.29Bishop Marcelo Fabián Mazzitelli (63)Bishop Marcelo Fabián Mazzitelli (63), Titular Bishop of Pauzera and Auxiliary Bishop of Mendoza (Argentina)
2018.03.16Bishop Marcelo Julián Margni (52)Bishop Marcelo Julián Margni (52), Bishop of Avellaneda–Lanús (Argentina)
2018.04.28Bishop Florencio Félix Paredes Cruz, C.R.L. (62)Bishop Florencio Félix Paredes Cruz, C.R.L. (62), Bishop-Prelate of Humahuaca (Argentina)
2018.05.18Bishop Luis Antonio Scozzina, O.F.M. (73)Bishop Luis Antonio Scozzina, O.F.M. (73), Bishop of Orán (Argentina)
2018.09.29Bishop Pablo León Hakimian (70)Bishop Pablo León Hakimian (70), Bishop of San Gregorio de Narek en Buenos Aires of the Armenians (Argentina) and Apostolic Exarch of América Latina e México of the Armenians (Brazil)
2018.12.07Bishop Guillermo Caride (62)Bishop Guillermo Caride (62), Coadjutor Bishop of San Isidro (Argentina)
2018.12.14Bishop Damián Gustavo Nannini (62)Bishop Damián Gustavo Nannini (62), Bishop of San Miguel (Argentina)
2019.06.01Bishop Luis Dario Martín (63)Bishop Luis Dario Martín (63), Titular Bishop of Bisenzio and Auxiliary Bishop of Santa Rosa (Argentina)
2019.06.29Bishop Carlos María Domínguez, O.A.R. (58)Bishop Carlos María Domínguez, O.A.R. (58), Bishop of San Rafael (Argentina)
2019.08.31Bishop José Luis Corral Peláez, S.V.D. (55)Bishop José Luis Corral Peláez, S.V.D. (55), Bishop of Añatuya (Argentina)
2019.11.16Bishop Jorge Luis Wagner (57)Bishop Jorge Luis Wagner (57), Bishop of Comodoro Rivadavia (Argentina)
2019.12.28Bishop Dario Rubén Quintana, O.A.R. (53)Bishop Dario Rubén Quintana, O.A.R. (53), Bishop-Prelate of Cafayate (Argentina)
2020.02.29Bishop Ignacio Damián Medina (57)Bishop Ignacio Damián Medina (57), Bishop of Río Gallegos (Argentina)
2020.06.29Bishop José Adolfo Larregain, O.F.M. (58)Bishop José Adolfo Larregain, O.F.M. (58), Titular Bishop of Mauriana and Auxiliary Bishop of Corrientes (Argentina)
2020.09.15Bishop Jorge Esteban González (58)Bishop Jorge Esteban González (58), Titular Bishop of Alesa and Auxiliary Bishop of La Plata (Argentina)
2021.01.02Bishop Roberto José Ferrari (58)Bishop Roberto José Ferrari (58), Titular Bishop of Pinhel and Auxiliary Bishop of Tucumán (Argentina)
2021.01.09Bishop Justo Rodríguez Gallego (69)Bishop Justo Rodríguez Gallego (69), Titular Bishop of Nomento and Auxiliary Bishop of Zárate–Campana (Argentina)
2021.02.26Bishop Raúl Pizarro (51)Bishop Raúl Pizarro (51), Titular Bishop of Ausana and Auxiliary Bishop of San Isidro (Argentina)
2021.08.12Bishop José Antonio Díaz (63)Bishop José Antonio Díaz (63), Bishop of Concepción (Argentina)
2022.06.18Bishop Gustavo Manuel Larrazábal, C.M.F. (63)Bishop Gustavo Manuel Larrazábal, C.M.F. (63), Titular Bishop of Buslacena and Auxiliary Bishop of San Juan de Cuyo (Argentina)
2022.09.17Bishop Fabián González Balsa (55)Bishop Fabián González Balsa (55), Titular Bishop of Masclianæ and Auxiliary Bishop of Río Gallegos (Argentina)
2022.11.21Bishop Mario Héctor Robles (53)Bishop Mario Héctor Robles (53), Titular Bishop of Ipagro and Auxiliary Bishop of San Juan de Cuyo (Argentina)
2023.02.17Bishop Eduardo Gonzalo Redondo Castanera (57)Bishop Eduardo Gonzalo Redondo Castanera (57), Titular Bishop of Tingaria and Auxiliary Bishop of Quilmes (Argentina)
2023.04.15Bishop Federico Guillermo Wechsung (48)Bishop Federico Guillermo Wechsung (48), Titular Bishop of Pederodiana and Auxiliary Bishop of La Plata (Argentina)
2023.05.26Bishop Claudio Pablo Castricone (66)Bishop Claudio Pablo Castricone (66), Titular Bishop of Castra nova and Auxiliary Bishop of Orán (Argentina)
2023.08.04Bishop Ernesto José Fernández (58)Bishop Ernesto José Fernández (58), Titular Bishop of Deultum and Auxiliary Bishop of Rosario (Argentina)
2023.10.14Bishop Mauricio Alberto Landra (52)Bishop Mauricio Alberto Landra (52), Titular Bishop of Trisipa and Auxiliary Bishop of Mercedes–Luján (Argentina)
2023.11.03Bishop Horacio José Álvarez (67)Bishop Horacio José Álvarez (67), Titular Bishop of Cubda and Auxiliary Bishop of Córdoba (Argentina)
2023.11.03Bishop Alejandro Musolino, S.D.B. (52)Bishop Alejandro Musolino, S.D.B. (52), Titular Bishop of Ruspæ and Auxiliary Bishop of Córdoba (Argentina)
2024.03.02Bishop Juan Ignacio Liébana (47)Bishop Juan Ignacio Liébana (47), Bishop of Chascomús (Argentina)
Bishop Sergio Iván Dornelles (50)Bishop-elect Sergio Iván Dornelles (50), Titular Bishop of Eguga and Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Bishop Pedro Bernardo Cannavó (46)Bishop-elect Pedro Bernardo Cannavó (46), Titular Bishop of Idassa and Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Bishop Alejandro Daniel Pardo (46)Bishop-elect Alejandro Daniel Pardo (46), Titular Bishop of Fissiana and Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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