Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (S.S.S.)


Also known as: Kongregation vom Allerheiligsten Sakrament (Deutsch) / Congrégation du Saint-Sacrement (français) / Congregazione del Santissimo Sacramento (Sacramentini) (Italiano) / Congregação do Santíssimo Sacramento (Português) / Congregatio Sanctissimi Sacramenti (latine) / Congregación del Santísimo Sacramento (Sacramentinos) (español) / Congregatie van het Allerheiligst Sacrament (Nederlands)


Type: Clerical Religious Congregation of Pontifical Right (for Men)

Depends on: Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life



Contact Info

Address: Via G. B. De Rossi 46, 00161 Roma, Italy



Superior General:IndiaFr. Benzy Philip Romician, S.S.S.Fr. Benzy Philip Romician, S.S.S. (2023.11.20 – ...)

Past Superiors

Superior General:BrazilBishop Eugênio Barbosa Martins, S.S.S. (63)Fr. Eugênio Barbosa Martins, S.S.S. (63) (later Bishop) (2011 – 2023.11.20)
Superior General:ItalyFr. Fiorenzo Salvi, S.S.S. (1999.05.21 – 2011)
Superior General:USAFr. Norman Pelletier, S.S.S. (1993 – 1999.05.21)
Superior General:AustraliaFr. Anthony McSweeney, S.S.S. (1981 – 1993)
Superior General:NetherlandsFr. Harrie Verhoeven, S.S.S. (1969.10.21 – 1981)


Founder:FranceSaint Fr. Pierre-Julien Eymard, S.S.S. (1856.05.13)

Other Former Members (1)

>2008: ItalyFr. Ferdinand Pratzner, S.S.S., Secretary of Pontifical Committee for International Eucharistic Congresses

Living Bishops (8 Bishops)

BrazilBishop Jorge Alves Bezerra, S.S.S. (69)Bishop Jorge Alves Bezerra, S.S.S. (69), Bishop of Paracatu (Brazil)

PhilippinesBishop Sofronio Aguirre Bancud, S.S.S. (75)Bishop Sofronio Aguirre Bancud, S.S.S. (75), Bishop of Cabanatuan (Philippines)

BrazilBishop Eugênio Barbosa Martins, S.S.S. (63)Bishop Eugênio Barbosa Martins, S.S.S. (63), Bishop of São João da Boa Vista (Brazil)

SenegalBishop Martin Boucar Tine, S.S.S. (57)Bishop Martin Boucar Tine, S.S.S. (57), Bishop of Kaolack (Senegal)

Sri LankaBishop Julian Winston Sebastian Fernando, S.S.S. (79)Bishop Julian Winston Sebastian Fernando, S.S.S. (79), Bishop emeritus of Badulla (Sri Lanka)

Congo-KinshasaBishop Édouard Kisonga Ndinga, S.S.S. (77)Bishop Édouard Kisonga Ndinga, S.S.S. (77), Titular Bishop of Grumentum and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Kinshasa (Congo-Kinshasa)

BrazilBishop Hernaldo Pinto Farias, S.S.S. (59)Bishop Hernaldo Pinto Farias, S.S.S. (59), Bishop of Bonfim (Brazil)

NetherlandsBishop Johannes Gerardus Maria van Burgsteden, S.S.S. (88)Bishop Johannes Gerardus Maria van Burgsteden, S.S.S. (88), Titular Bishop of Thibilis and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Haarlem–Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Deceased Bishops (2 Archbishops, 3 Bishops)

2020: BrazilArchbishop Aldo di Cillo Pagotto, S.S.S., Metropolitan Archbishop of Paraíba (Brazil)

2019: MozambiqueBishop Paulo Mandlate, S.S.S., Bishop of Tete (Mozambique)

2012: BrazilArchbishop Joviano de Lima Júnior, S.S.S., Metropolitan Archbishop of Ribeirão Preto (Brazil)

2010: USABishop Donald Edmond Pelotte, S.S.S., Bishop of Gallup (USA)

1928: IrelandBishop Abraham Brownrigg, S.S.S., Bishop of Ossory (Ireland)

Saints (1)

1868: FranceSaint Pierre-Julien Eymard, priest

Argentina Argentina

Australia Australia

Belgium Belgium

Brazil Brazil

Italy Italy

Philippines Philippines

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka

Statistics (2022.12.31)

Houses: 135

Members: 878 (610 priests)



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