Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (C.I.C.M.)


Also known as: Congregación del Corazón Inmaculado de María (español) / Congrégation du Cœur Immaculé de Marie (Scheutistes) (français) / Congregazione del Cuore Immacolato di Maria (Italiano) / Congregatie van het Onbevlekte Hart van Maria (Nederlands) / 聖母聖心會 (正體中文) / Congregatio Immaculati Cordis Mariæ (latine) / 淳心会 (日本語)


Type: Clerical Religious Congregation of Pontifical Right (for Men)

Depends on: Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life



Contact Info

Address: Via S. Giovanni Eudes 95, 00163 Roma, Italy



Superior General:Congo-KinshasaFr. Charles Phukuta Khonde, C.I.C.M. (58)Fr. Charles Phukuta Khonde, C.I.C.M. (58) (2017.06.16 – ...)

Past Superiors

Superior General:USAFr. Timothy Atkin, C.I.C.M. (2011.06 – 2017.06.16)
Superior General:Congo-KinshasaFr. Edouard Tsimba Ngoma, C.I.C.M. (2005.07.23 – 2011.06)
Superior General:BelgiumFr. Jozef Lapauw, C.I.C.M. (1999.09.20 – 2005.07.23)
Superior General:Fr. Jacques Thomas, C.I.C.M. (1993 – 1999)
Superior General:Fr. Michel Decraene, C.I.C.M. (1987 – 1993)
Superior General:Fr. Paul Van Daelen, C.I.C.M. (1974 – 1987)
Superior General:Fr. Wim Goossens, C.I.C.M. (1967 – 1974)
Superior General:Fr. Omer Degrijse, C.I.C.M. (1961 – 1967)
Superior General:Fr. Frans Sercu, C.I.C.M. (1957 – 1961)
Superior General:Fr. Jozef Vandeputte, C.I.C.M. (1947 – 1957)
Superior General:BelgiumFr. Constantin Daems (湯執中), C.I.C.M. (1930.06.23 – 1934.12.11)
Superior General:Fr. Joseph Rutten, C.I.C.M. (1920 – 1930)
Superior General:Fr. Florent Mortier, C.I.C.M. (1909 – 1920)
Superior General:Fr. Albert Botty, C.I.C.M. (1908 – 1909)
Superior General:Fr. Adolf Van Hecke, C.I.C.M. (1898 – 1908)
Superior General:Fr. Jeroom Van Aertselaer, C.I.C.M. (1888 – 1898)
Superior General:Fr. Frans Vranckx, C.I.C.M. (1869 – 1888)
Superior General:NetherlandsFr. Teophiel Verbist (南懷義), C.I.C.M. (1862 – 1865)
Vicar General:Fr. Jozef Vandeputte, C.I.C.M. (1935 – 1947)


Founder:NetherlandsFr. Teophiel Verbist (南懷義), C.I.C.M. (1862)

Other Former Members (6)

1981: ChinaFr. Alphonse Van Buggenhout (范普厚), C.I.C.M., General Secretary of Chinese Bishops’ Conference

1948: IndonesiaFr. Gerardo Martino Uberto Martens, C.I.C.M., Prefect Apostolic of Makassar (Indonesia)

1947: PhilippinesFr. Giuseppe Billiet, C.I.C.M., Prefect Apostolic of Mountain Provinces (Philippines)

1945: ChinaFr. Gerard-Joseph Hoogers (高東升), C.I.C.M., Prefect Apostolic of Datongfu 大同府 (China)

1918: ChinaFr. Johannes Baptist Steeneman, C.I.C.M., Ecclesiastical Superior of I-li 伊犁 (China)

>1913: Congo-KinshasaFr. Eméry Cambier, C.I.C.M., Prefect Apostolic of Kasaï Supérieur (Congo-Kinshasa)

Living Bishops (4 Archbishops, 9 Bishops)

Congo-KinshasaArchbishop Godefroy Mukeng’a Kalond, C.I.C.M. (93)Archbishop Godefroy Mukeng’a Kalond, C.I.C.M. (93), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Kananga (Congo-Kinshasa)

CameroonArchbishop Faustin Ambassa Ndjodo, C.I.C.M. (59)Archbishop Faustin Ambassa Ndjodo, C.I.C.M. (59), Metropolitan Archbishop of Garoua (Cameroon)

Congo-KinshasaArchbishop Ernest Ngboko Ngombe, C.I.C.M. (59)Archbishop Ernest Ngboko Ngombe, C.I.C.M. (59), Metropolitan Archbishop of Mbandaka–Bikoro (Congo-Kinshasa)

Congo-KinshasaArchbishop Félicien Ntambue Kasembe, C.I.C.M. (53)Archbishop Félicien Ntambue Kasembe, C.I.C.M. (53), Metropolitan Archbishop of Kananga (Congo-Kinshasa)

PhilippinesBishop Prudencio Padilla Andaya Jr., C.I.C.M. (65)Bishop Prudencio Padilla Andaya Jr., C.I.C.M. (65), Vicar Apostolic of Tabuk (Philippines) and Titular Bishop of Fuerteventura

JapanBishop Edgar Cuntapay Gacutan, C.I.C.M. (59)Bishop Edgar Cuntapay Gacutan (エドガル・ガクタン), C.I.C.M. (59), Bishop of Sendai 仙台 (Japan)

Congo-KinshasaBishop Léonard Kasanda Lumembu, C.I.C.M. (87)Bishop Léonard Kasanda Lumembu, C.I.C.M. (87), Bishop emeritus of Luiza (Congo-Kinshasa)

Congo-KinshasaBishop Cyprien Mbuka Nkuanga, C.I.C.M. (80)Bishop Cyprien Mbuka Nkuanga, C.I.C.M. (80), Bishop emeritus of Boma (Congo-Kinshasa)

Congo-KinshasaBishop Philippe Nkiere Keana, C.I.C.M. (86)Bishop Philippe Nkiere Keana, C.I.C.M. (86), Bishop emeritus of Inongo (Congo-Kinshasa)

Congo-KinshasaBishop Louis Nkinga Bondala, C.I.C.M. (86)Bishop Louis Nkinga Bondala, C.I.C.M. (86), Bishop emeritus of Lisala (Congo-Kinshasa)

Congo-KinshasaBishop Oscar Nkolo Kanowa, C.I.C.M. (66)Bishop Oscar Nkolo Kanowa, C.I.C.M. (66), Bishop of Mweka (Congo-Kinshasa)

Congo-KinshasaBishop Philibert Tembo Nlandu, C.I.C.M. (61)Bishop Philibert Tembo Nlandu, C.I.C.M. (61), Bishop of Budjala (Congo-Kinshasa)

Congo-KinshasaBishop Edouard Tsimba Ngoma, C.I.C.M. (66)Bishop Edouard Tsimba Ngoma, C.I.C.M. (66), Titular Bishop of Igilgili and Auxiliary Bishop of Kinshasa (Congo-Kinshasa)

Deceased Bishops (2 Cardinals, 6 Archbishops, 33 Bishops)

2023: CameroonArchbishop Roger Pirenne, C.I.C.M., Metropolitan Archbishop of Bertoua (Cameroon)

2019: PhilippinesBishop Carlito Joaquin Cenzon, C.I.C.M., Bishop of Baguio (Philippines)

2018: MongoliaBishop Wenceslao Selga Padilla (黃旭東), C.I.C.M., Prefect Apostolic of Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)

2016: Congo-KinshasaBishop Jan van Cauwelaert, C.I.C.M., Bishop of Inongo (Congo-Kinshasa)

2011: Congo-KinshasaBishop Ignace Matondo Kwa Nzambi, C.I.C.M., Bishop of Molegbe (Congo-Kinshasa)

2007: Congo-KinshasaCardinal Frédéric Etsou-Nzabi-Bamungwabi, C.I.C.M., Cardinal-Priest of S. Lucia a Piazza d’Armi and Metropolitan Archbishop of Kinshasa (Congo-Kinshasa)

2005: BelgiumCardinal Jan Pieter Schotte, C.I.C.M., Cardinal-Deacon of S. Giuliano dei Fiamminghi and President of Labour Office of the Apostolic See

2000: IndonesiaArchbishop Franciscus van Roessel, C.I.C.M., Metropolitan Archbishop of Ujung Pandang (Indonesia)

1997: Congo-KinshasaBishop André Jacques, C.I.C.M., Bishop of Boma (Congo-Kinshasa)

1993: PhilippinesBishop William Brasseur, C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Mountain Provinces (Philippines)

1992: Congo-KinshasaArchbishop Bernard Mels, C.I.C.M., Archbishop-Bishop of Luiza (Congo-Kinshasa)

1987: PhilippinesBishop Albert van Overbeke, C.I.C.M., Bishop of Bayombong (Philippines)

1982: IndonesiaArchbishop Nicolas Martinus Schneiders, C.I.C.M., Metropolitan Archbishop of Makassar (Indonesia)

1980: ChinaBishop Charles Joseph van Melckebeke (王守禮), C.I.C.M., Bishop of Ningxia 寧夏 (China)

1976: Congo-KinshasaBishop Frans van den Berghe, C.I.C.M., Bishop of Budjala (Congo-Kinshasa)

1972: Congo-KinshasaBishop Georges Kettel, C.I.C.M., Bishop of Kabinda (Congo-Kinshasa)

1971: ChinaArchbishop Louis Morel (穆清海), C.I.C.M., Metropolitan Archbishop of Suiyuan 綏遠 (China)

1971: ChinaBishop Joseph Julian Oste (德化隆), C.I.C.M., Bishop of Rehe 熱河 (China)

1969: Congo-KinshasaBishop Louis-Georges-Firmin Demol, C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Kasaï Supérieur (Congo-Kinshasa)

1967: Congo-KinshasaArchbishop Félix Scalais, C.I.C.M., Metropolitan Archbishop of Léopoldville (Congo-Kinshasa)

1952: PhilippinesBishop Constace Jurgens, C.I.C.M., Bishop of Tuguegarao (Philippines)

1952: Congo-KinshasaBishop Giorgio Six, C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Léopoldville (Congo-Kinshasa)

1951: ChinaBishop Leon-Jean-Marie De Smedt (石德懋), C.I.C.M., Bishop of Xiwanzi 西灣子 (China)

1950: ChinaBishop Louis Janssens (南阜民), C.I.C.M., Bishop of Rehe 熱河 (China)

1949: Congo-KinshasaBishop Joseph Vanderhoven, C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Boma (Congo-Kinshasa)

1948: ChinaBishop Francesco Joosten, C.I.C.M., Bishop of Datong 大同 (China)

1944: Congo-KinshasaBishop Egide de Boeck, C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Lisala (Congo-Kinshasa)

1944: ChinaBishop Gaspare Schotte (石揚休), C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Ningxia 寧夏 (China)

1942: ChinaBishop Conrad Abels (葉步司), C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Rehe 熱河 (China)

1939: Congo-KinshasaBishop Auguste De Clercq, C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Kasaï Supérieur (Congo-Kinshasa)

1938: ChinaBishop Hubert Otto (陶福音), C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Northern Kansu 甘肅北境 (China)

1938: Congo-KinshasaBishop Camille Van Ronslé, C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Léopoldville (Congo-Kinshasa)

1938: ChinaBishop Goffredo Frederix (費達德), C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Ningxia 寧夏 (China)

1937: ChinaBishop Louis van Dyck (葛崇德), C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Suiyuan 綏遠 (China)

1931: ChinaBishop Everard Ter Laak (蘭克複), C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Xiwanzi 西灣子 (China)

1924: ChinaBishop Jerome van Aertselaer (方濟眾), C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Chahaer 察哈爾 (China)

1915: ChinaBishop Alfonso Bermyn (閔玉清), C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Southwestern Mongolia 西南蒙古 (China)

1900: ChinaBishop Ferdinand Hubertus Hamer (韓默理), C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Southwestern Mongolia 西南蒙古 (China)

1896: ChinaBishop Théodore-Herman Rutjes (呂繼賢), C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Eastern Mongolia 東蒙古 (China)

1895: ChinaBishop Jacques Bax (巴耆賢), C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Central Mongolia 中蒙古 (China)

1888: ChinaBishop Alphonse de Voss (德玉明), C.I.C.M., Vicar Apostolic of Southwestern Mongolia 西南蒙古 (China)

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Hong Kong Hong Kong

Philippines Philippines

Taiwan Taiwan


Statistics (2021.12.31)

Houses: 57

Members: 779 (598 priests)



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