Consolata Missionaries (I.M.C.)

Also known as: Misioneros de la Consolata (español) / Missionnaires de la Consolata (français) / Istituto Missioni Consolata (Italiano) / Missionário da Consolata (Português) / Institutum Missionum a Consolata (latine)


Type: Clerical Religious Congregation of Pontifical Right (for Men)

Depends on: Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life



Contact Info

Address: Viale della Mura Aurelie 11-13, 00165 Roma, Italy



Superior General:KenyaFr. James Bhola Lengarin, I.M.C. (52)Fr. James Bhola Lengarin, I.M.C. (52) (2023.06.12 – ...)

Past Superiors

Superior General:ItalyFr. Stefano Camerlengo, I.M.C. (2011.06.08 – 2023.06.12)
Superior General:ItalyFr. Aquileo Fiorentini, I.M.C. (71)Fr. Aquileo Fiorentini, I.M.C. (71) (2005.05.10 – 2011.06.08)
Superior General:ItalyFr. Pietro Trabucco, I.M.C. (1993 – 2005.05.10)
Superior General:Fr. Domenico Fiorina, I.M.C. (1949.09.01 – 1969)
Superior General:KenyaBishop Filippo Perlo, I.M.C. (1926.02.16 – 1929.01.11)


Founder:ItalyBlessed Fr. Giuseppe Allamano, I.M.C. (1901.01.29)

Other Former Members (5)

>2019: MozambiqueFr. Sandro Faedi, I.M.C., Apostolic Administrator of Tete (Mozambique)

>2017: ItalyFr. Alberto Trevisiol, I.M.C., Rector Magnificus of Pontifical Urbaniana University

1935: TanzaniaFr. Francesco Cagliero, I.M.C., Prefect Apostolic of Iringa (Tanzania)

1933: EthiopiaFr. Gaudenzio Barlassina, I.M.C., Prefect Apostolic of Kaffa (Ethiopia)

1930: KenyaFr. Giuseppe Balbo, I.M.C., Prefect Apostolic of Meru (Kenya)

Living Bishops (1 Cardinal, 2 Archbishops, 11 Bishops)

MongoliaCardinal Giorgio Marengo, I.M.C. (49)Cardinal Giorgio Marengo, I.M.C. (49), Cardinal-Priest of S. Giuda Taddeo Apostolo and Prefect Apostolic of Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)

ColombiaArchbishop Francisco Javier Múnera Correa, I.M.C. (67)Archbishop Francisco Javier Múnera Correa, I.M.C. (67), Metropolitan Archbishop of Cartagena (Colombia)

MozambiqueArchbishop Inácio Saure, I.M.C. (64)Archbishop Inácio Saure, I.M.C. (64), Metropolitan Archbishop of Nampula (Mozambique) and President of Episcopal Conference of Mozambique

MozambiqueBishop Osório Citora Afonso, I.M.C. (51)Bishop Osório Citora Afonso, I.M.C. (51), Titular Bishop of Putia in Numidia and Auxiliary Bishop of Maputo (Mozambique)

BrazilBishop Giovanni Crippa, I.M.C. (65)Bishop Giovanni Crippa, I.M.C. (65), Bishop of Ilhéus (Brazil)

MozambiqueBishop Diamantino Guapo Antunes, I.M.C. (57)Bishop Diamantino Guapo Antunes, I.M.C. (57), Bishop of Tete (Mozambique)

KenyaBishop Anthony Ireri Mukobo, I.M.C. (74)Bishop Anthony Ireri Mukobo, I.M.C. (74), Bishop of Isiolo (Kenya)

KenyaBishop Hieronymus Emusugut Joya, I.M.C. (58)Bishop Hieronymus Emusugut Joya, I.M.C. (58), Bishop of Maralal (Kenya)

KenyaBishop Peter Kihara Kariuki, I.M.C. (70)Bishop Peter Kihara Kariuki, I.M.C. (70), Bishop of Marsabit (Kenya)

KenyaBishop Virgilio Pante, I.M.C. (78)Bishop Virgilio Pante, I.M.C. (78), Bishop emeritus of Maralal (Kenya)

ColombiaBishop Joaquín Humberto Pinzón Güiza, I.M.C. (54)Bishop Joaquín Humberto Pinzón Güiza, I.M.C. (54), Vicar Apostolic of Puerto Leguízamo–Solano (Colombia) and Titular Bishop of Otočac

EswatiniBishop José Luís Gerardo Ponce de León, I.M.C. (62)Bishop José Luís Gerardo Ponce de León, I.M.C. (62), Bishop of Manzini (Eswatini)

BrazilBishop Elio Rama, I.M.C. (70)Bishop Elio Rama, I.M.C. (70), Bishop of Pinheiro (Brazil)

VenezuelaBishop Lisandro Alirio Rivas Durán, I.M.C. (54)Bishop Lisandro Alirio Rivas Durán, I.M.C. (54), Titular Bishop of Dardanus and Auxiliary Bishop of Caracas (Venezuela)

Deceased Bishops (1 Archbishop, 19 Bishops)

2022: ColombiaArchbishop Luis Augusto Castro Quiroga, I.M.C., Metropolitan Archbishop of Tunja (Colombia)

2020: BrazilBishop Aldo Mongiano, I.M.C., Bishop of Roraima (Brazil)

2020: KenyaBishop Ambrogio Ravasi, I.M.C., Bishop of Marsabit (Kenya)

2019: BrazilBishop Walmir Alberto Valle, I.M.C., Bishop of Joaçaba (Brazil)

2019: MozambiqueBishop Francisco Lerma Martínez, I.M.C., Bishop of Gurué (Mozambique)

2018: TanzaniaBishop Evaristo Marc Chengula, I.M.C., Bishop of Mbeya (Tanzania)

2016: BrazilBishop Carillo Gritti, I.M.C., Bishop-Prelate of Itacoatiara (Brazil)

2014: BrazilBishop Servílio Conti, I.M.C., Bishop-Prelate of Roraima (Brazil)

2014: ColombiaBishop José Luis Serna Alzate, I.M.C., Bishop of Líbano–Honda (Colombia)

2012: ColombiaBishop Angelo Cuniberti, I.M.C., Vicar Apostolic of Florencia (Colombia)

1990: KenyaBishop Carlo Maria Cavallera, I.M.C., Bishop of Marsabit (Kenya)

1978: ItalyBishop Carlo Re, I.M.C., Bishop of Civita–Tempio (Italy) and Bishop of Ampurias (Italy)

1976: KenyaBishop Lawrence Victor Bessone, I.M.C., Bishop of Meru (Kenya)

1966: BrazilBishop José Nepote-Fus, I.M.C., Bishop-Prelate of Roraima (Brazil)

1965: TanzaniaBishop Attilio Beltramino, I.M.C., Bishop of Iringa (Tanzania)

1960: ColombiaBishop Antonio Torasso, I.M.C., Vicar Apostolic of Florencia (Colombia)

1953: ItalyBishop Luigi Santa, I.M.C., Bishop of Rimini (Italy)

1948: KenyaBishop Filippo Perlo, I.M.C., Vicar Apostolic of Kenya (Kenya) and Superior General of Consolata Missionaries

1948: SomaliaBishop Gabriele Perlo, I.M.C., Vicar Apostolic of Mogadishu (Somalia)

1944: KenyaBishop Giuseppe Perrachon, I.M.C., Vicar Apostolic of Nyeri (Kenya)

Blesseds (1)

1926: ItalyBlessed Giuseppe Allamano, priest

Argentina Argentina

Brazil Brazil

Canada Canada

Eswatini Eswatini

Italy Italy

South Africa South Africa

Statistics (2021.12.31)

Houses: 241

Members: 917 (718 priests)



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