Roman Pontiffs (Popes)

Gloriously reigning: PopePope Francis
Supreme PontiffPontificatePlace of
1Saint Peter42 – 67IsraelPeter, the Prince of the Apostles, received from Jesus Christ supreme pontifical power to be transmitted to his successors. Peter resided first at Antioch, and then governed Rome for 25 years, where he was martyred in 64 or 67.
2Saint Linus68 – 79Italy
3Saint Anacletus (Cletus)80 – 92Italy
4Saint Clement I92 – 99Italy
5Saint Evaristus99 – 108Israel
6Saint Alexander I108 – 116Italy
7Saint Sixtus I117 – 126Italy
8Saint Telesphorus127 – 137Greece
9Saint Hyginus138 – 142Greece
10Saint Pius I142 – 157Italy
11Saint Anicetus157 – 168Syria
12Saint Soter168 – 170Italy
13Saint Eleuterus171 – 185Greece
14Saint Victor I186 – 197Algeria
15Saint Zephyrinus198 – 217Italy
Saint Antipope Hippolytus(217 – 235)Italy
16Saint Callixtus I218 – 222Italy
17Saint Urban I222 – 230.05Italy
18Saint Pontian230.07 – 235.09Italy
19Saint Anterus235.11 – 236.01Greece
20Saint Fabian236 – 250.01Italy
Antipope Novatian(251 – 258)Italy
21Saint Cornelius251.03 – 253.06Italy
22Saint Lucius I253.06 – 254.03Italy
23Saint Stephen I254.03 – 257.08Italy
24Saint Sixtus II257.08 – 258.08Greece
25Saint Dionysius259.07 – 268.12Italy
26Saint Felix I269.01 – 274.12Italy
27Saint Eutychian275.01 – 283.12Italy
28Saint Caius283.12 – 296.04Croatia
29Saint Marcellinus296.06 – 304.10Italy
30Saint Marcellus I308.05 – 309.01Italy
31Saint Eusebius309.04 – 309.08Italy
32Saint Miltiades311.07 – 314.01Algeria
33Saint Sylvester I314.01 – 335.12Italy1st Ecumenical Council (325):
Nicaea I (Arianism)
34Saint Mark336.01 – 336.10Italy
35Saint Julius I337.02 – 352.04Italy
36Liberius352.05 – 366.09Italy
Saint Antipope Felix II(355 – 365.11)Italy
Antipope Ursicinus(366.09 – 367)Italy
37Saint Damasus I366.10 – 384.12Portugal2nd Ecumenical Council (381):
Constantinople I (Apollinarism)
38Saint Siricius384.12 – 399.11Italy
39Saint Anastasius I399.11 – 401.12Italy
40Saint Innocent I401.12 – 417.03Italy
41Saint Zosimus417.03 – 418.12Italy
Antipope Eulalius(418.12 – 419.04)Italy
42Saint Boniface I418.12 – 422.09Italy
43Saint Celestine I422.09 – 432.07Italy3rd Ecumenical Council (431):
Ephesus (Nestorianism)
44Saint Sixtus III432.07 – 440.08Italy
45Saint Leo I440.09 – 461.09Italy4th Ecumenical Council (451):
Chalcedon (Eutychianism)
46Saint Hilarius461.11 – 468.02Italy
47Saint Simplicius468.03 – 483.03Italy
48Saint Felix III (II)483.03 – 492.02Italy
49Saint Gelasius I492.03 – 496.11Algeria
50Anastasius II496.11 – 498.11Italy
Antipope Laurentius(498.11 – 499)Italy
51Saint Symmachus498.11 – 514.07Italy
Antipope Laurentius(502 – 506)Italy(again)
52Saint Hormisdas514.07 – 523.08Italy
53Saint John I523.08 – 526.05Italy
54Saint Felix IV (III)526.07 – 530.09Italy
55Boniface II530.09 – 532.10Italy
Antipope Dioscorus(530.09 – 530.10)Egypt
56John II532.12 – 535.05ItalyThe first pope to change his name
57Saint Agapetus I535.05 – 536.04Italy
58Saint Silverius536.06 – 537ItalySilverius was violently deposed and abdicated in 537. His successor, Vigilius, was not recognized as pope by all Roman clergy until his abdication.

5th Ecumenical Council (553):
Constantinople II (Three Chapters Controversy)
59Vigilius537.03 – 555.06Italy
60Pelagius I556.04 – 561.03Italy
61John III561.07 – 574.07Italy
62Benedict I575.06 – 579.07Italy
63Pelagius II579.11 – 590.07Italy
64Saint Gregory I590.09 – 604.03Italy
65Sabinian604.03 – 606.02Italy
66Boniface III607.02 – 607.11Italy
67Saint Boniface IV608.08 – 615.05Italy
68Saint Adeodatus I615.10 – 618.11Italy
69Boniface V619.12 – 625.10Italy
70Honorius I625.10 – 638.10Italy
71Severinus638.10 – 640.08Italy
72John IV640.08 – 642.10Croatia
73Theodore I642.10 – 649.05Israel
74Saint Martin I649.07 – 655.09Italy
75Saint Eugene I654.08 – 657.06Italy
76Saint Vitalian657.07 – 672.01Italy
77Adeodatus II672.04 – 676.06Italy
78Donus676.11 – 678.04Italy
79Saint Agatho678.06 – 681.01Italy6th Ecumenical Council (680-1):
Constantinople III (Monothelitism)
80Saint Leo II681.01 – 683.07Italy
81Saint Benedict II684.06 – 685.05Italy
82John V685.07 – 686.08Turkiye
83Conon686.10 – 687.09Syria
Antipope Theodore (II)(687 – 687)Italy
Antipope Paschal (I)(687 – 687)Italy
84Saint Sergius I687.12 – 701.09Italy
85John VI701.10 – 705.01Turkiye
86John VII705.03 – 707.10Italy
87Sisinnius708.01 – 708.02Syria
88Constantine708.03 – 715.04Syria
89Saint Gregory II715.05 – 731.02Italy
90Saint Gregory III731.03 – 741.11Syria
91Saint Zachary741.12 – 752.03GreeceA Roman priest named Stephen was elected to succeed Zachary, but died before consecration as bishop of Rome. Another Stephen was elected to succeed Zachary as Stephen II.
92Stephen II (III)752.03 – 757.04Italy
93Saint Paul I757.04 – 767.06Italy
Antipope Constantine II(767.06 – 768.07)Italy
94Stephen III (IV)768.01 – 772.01Italy
Antipope Philip(768.07 – 768.07)Italy
95Adrian I772.01 – 795.12Italy7th Ecumenical Council (787):
Nicaea II (Iconoclasm)
96Saint Leo III795.12 – 816.06Italy
97Stephen IV (V)816.06 – 817.01Italy
98Saint Paschal I817.01 – 824.02Italy
99Eugene II824.02 – 827.08Italy
100Valentine827.08 – 827.09Italy
101Gregory IV827.09 – 844.01Italy
Antipope John VIII(844.01 – 844.01)Italy
102Sergius II844.01 – 847.01Italy
103Saint Leo IV847.01 – 855.07Italy
104Benedict III855.07 – 858.04Italy
Antipope Anastasius III(855.09 – 855.09)Italy
105Saint Nicholas I858.04 – 867.11Italy
106Adrian II867.12 – 872.11Italy8th Ecumenical Council (869-70):
Constantinople IV (Photian Schism)
107John VIII872.12 – 882.12Italy
108Marinus I882.12 – 884.05Italy
109Saint Adrian III884.05 – 885.08Italy
110Stephen V (VI)885.09 – 891.09Italy
111Formosus891.10 – 896.04Italy
112Boniface VI896.04 – 896.04Italy
113Stephen VI (VII)896.05 – 897.07Italy
114Romanus897.07 – 897.11Italy
115Theodore II897.12 – 897.12Italy
116John IX897.12 – 900.01Italy
117Benedict IV900.01 – 903.07Italy
118Leo V903.07 – 903.09Italy
Antipope Christopher(903.09 – 904.01)Italy
119Sergius III904.01 – 911.04Italy
120Anastasius III911.06 – 913.06Italy
121Lando913.07 – 914.03Italy
122John X914.03 – 928.05Italy
123Leo VI928.05 – 928.12Italy
124Stephen VII (VIII)929.01 – 931.02Italy
125John XI931.03 – 936.01Italy
126Leo VII936.01 – 939.07Italy
127Stephen VIII (IX)939.07 – 942.10Italy
128Marinus II942.10 – 946.05Italy
129Agapetus II946.05 – 955.12Italy
130John XII955.12 – 964.05Italy
131Leo VIII963.12 – 965.03ItalyJohn XII was deposed in 963 by a Roman council. If this deposition was invalid, Leo was an antipope. If the deposition was valid, Leo was the legitimate pope and Benedict was an antipope.
132Benedict V964.05 – 964.06Italy
133John XIII965.10 – 972.09Italy
134Benedict VI972.12 – 974.07Italy
Antipope Boniface VII(974.06 – 974.07)Italy
135Benedict VII974.10 – 983.07Italy
136John XIV983.11 – 984.08Italy
Antipope Boniface VII(984.08 – 985.07)Italy(again)
137John XV985.08 – 996.02Italy
138Gregory V996.05 – 999.02Germany
Antipope John XVI(997.02 – 998.05)Italy
139Sylvester II999.04 – 1003.05France
140John XVII1003.05 – 1003.11Italy
141John XVIII1003.12 – 1009.07Italy
142Sergius IV1009.07 – 1012.05ItalySergius IV began the regular practice of changing one's name on election to the papacy.
143Benedict VIII1012 – 1024.04Italy
Antipope Gregory VI(1012.05 – 1012.12)Italy
144John XIX1024.04 – 1032Italy
145Benedict IX1032.08 – 1044.09Italy
146Sylvester III1045.01 – 1045.03ItalySylvester III was an antipope if the forcible removal of Benedict IX in 1044 was illegitimate.
147Benedict IX1045.03 – 1045.05Italy(again)
148Gregory VI1045.05 – 1046.12Italy
149Clement II1046.12 – 1047.10Germany
150Benedict IX1047.10 – 1048.07Italy(again)
151Damasus II1047.12 – 1048.08Germany
152Saint Leo IX1049.02 – 1054.04France
153Victor II1054.09 – 1057.07Germany
154Stephen IX (X)1057.08 – 1058.03France
Antipope Benedict X(1058.04 – 1059.01)Italy
155Nicholas II1058.12 – 1061.07France
156Alexander II1061.09 – 1073.04Italy
Antipope Honorius II(1061.10 – 1064.05)Italy
157Saint Gregory VII1073.04 – 1085.05ItalyBeatified by Gregory XIII (1584)
Canonised by Paul V (1606)
Antipope Clement III(1080.06 – 1100.09)Italy
158Blessed Victor III1086.05 – 1087.09ItalyCult recognized around 1100
159Blessed Urban II1088.03 – 1099.07FranceCult recognized by Leo XIII (1881.07.14)
160Paschal II1099.08 – 1118.01Italy
Antipope Theodoric(1100.09 – 1101.01)Italy
Antipope Albert(1101.02 – 1101.05)Italy
Antipope Sylvester IV(1105.11 – 1111.04)Italy
161Gelasius II1118.01 – 1119.01Italy
Antipope Gregory VIII(1118.03 – 1121.04)France
162Callixtus II1119.02 – 1124.12France9th Ecumenical Council (1123):
Lateran I (Investiture Controversy)
Antipope Celestine II(1124.12 – 1124.12)Italy
163Honorius II1124.12 – 1130.02Italy
Antipope Anacletus II(1130.02 – 1138.01)Italy
164Innocent II1130.02 – 1143.09Italy10th Ecumenical Council (1139):
Lateran II (Arnold of Brescia, etc.)
Antipope Victor IV(1138.03 – 1138.03)Italy
165Celestine II1143.09 – 1144.03Italy
166Lucius II1144.03 – 1145.02Italy
167Blessed Eugene III1145.02 – 1153.07ItalyCult recognized by Pius IX (1872.10.03)
168Anastasius IV1153.07 – 1154.12Italy
169Adrian IV1154.12 – 1159.09England
Antipope Victor IV(1159.09 – 1164.04)Italy
170Alexander III1159.09 – 1181.08Italy11th Ecumenical Council (1179):
Lateran III (Papal Elections, etc.)
Antipope Paschal III(1164.04 – 1168.09)Italy
Antipope Callixtus III(1168.11 – 1178.08)Hungary
Antipope Innocent III(1179.09 – 1180.01)Italy
171Lucius III1181.09 – 1185.11Italy
172Urban III1185.11 – 1187.10Italy
173Gregory VIII1187.10 – 1187.12Italy
174Clement III1187.12 – 1191.03Italy
175Celestine III1191.04 – 1198.01Italy
176Innocent III1198.01 – 1216.07Italy12th Ecumenical Council (1215):
Lateran IV (Waldenses, etc.)
177Honorius III1216.07 – 1227.03Italy
178Gregory IX1227.03 – 1241.08Italy
179Celestine IV1241.10 – 1241.11Italy
180Innocent IV1243.06 – 1254.12Italy13th Ecumenical Council (1245):
Lyons I (Frederick II)
181Alexander IV1254.12 – 1261.05Italy
182Urban IV1261.08 – 1264.10France
183Clement IV1265.02 – 1268.11France
184Blessed Gregory X1271.09 – 1276.01Italy14th Ecumenical Council (1274):
Lyons II (Reunion, etc.)
Cult recognized by Clement XI (1713.09.12)
185Blessed Innocent V1276.01 – 1276.06FranceCult recognized by Leo XIII (1898.03.14)
186Adrian V1276.07 – 1276.08Italy
187John XXI1276.09 – 1277.05PortugalElimination was made of the name of John XX in an effort to rectify the numerical designation of popes named John. The error dates back to the time of John XV.
188Nicholas III1277.11 – 1280.08Italy
189Martin IV1281.02 – 1285.03FranceThe names of Marinus I (882-84) and Marinus II (942-46) were construed as Martin. In view of these two pontificates and the earlier reign of St. Martin I (649-55), this pope was called Martin IV.
190Honorius IV1285.04 – 1287.04Italy
191Nicholas IV1288.02 – 1292.04Italy
192Saint Celestine V1294.07 – 1294.12ItalyCanonised by Clement V (1313.05.05)
193Boniface VIII1294.12 – 1303.10Italy
194Blessed Benedict XI1303.10 – 1304.07ItalyBeatified by Clement XII (1736.04.24)
195Clement V1305.06 – 1314.04France15th Ecumenical Council (1311-12):
Vienne (Templars)
196John XXII1316.08 – 1334.12FranceFrom 1309-77 Avignon was the residence of a series of French popes during a period of power struggles between the rulers of France, Bavaria and England and the Church. Despite positive achievements it was the prologue to the Western Schism which began in 1378.

Urban V's cult recognized by Pius IX (1870.03.10)
Antipope Nicholas V(1328.05 – 1330.08)Italy
197Benedict XII1334.12 – 1342.04France
198Clement VI1342.05 – 1352.12France
199Innocent VI1352.12 – 1362.09France
200Blessed Urban V1362.09 – 1370.12France
201Gregory XI1370.12 – 1378.03France
202Urban VI1378.04 – 1389.10Italy
Antipope Clement VII(1378.09 – 1394.09)France
203Boniface IX1389.11 – 1404.10Italy
Antipope Benedict XIII(1394.09 – 1423.05)Spain
204Innocent VII1404.10 – 1406.11Italy
205Gregory XII1406.11 – 1415.07ItalyGregory XII resigned voluntarily, bringing to an end the Western Schism.

16th Ecumenical Council (1414-17):
Constance (Great Schism; the ecumenicity of the Council before the election of Martin V is disputed)
Antipope Alexander V(1409.06 – 1410.05)Greece
Antipope John XXIII(1410.05 – 1415.05)Italy
206Martin V1417.11 – 1431.02Italy
207Eugene IV1431.03 – 1447.02Italy17th Ecumenical Council (1431-35):
Basle-Florence (Reform and Union with the Greeks)
Antipope Felix V(1439.11 – 1449.04)France
208Nicholas V1447.03 – 1455.03Italy
209Callixtus III1455.04 – 1458.08Spain
210Pius II1458.08 – 1464.08Italy
211Paul II1464.08 – 1471.07Italy
212Sixtus IV1471.08 – 1484.08Italy
213Innocent VIII1484.08 – 1492.07Italy
214Alexander VI1492.08 – 1503.08Spain
215Pius III1503.09 – 1503.10Italy
216Julius II1503.11 – 1513.02Italy18th Ecumenical Council (1512-17):
Lateran V (Reform)
217Leo X1513.03 – 1521.12Italy
218Adrian VI1522.01 – 1523.09Netherlands
219Clement VII1523.11 – 1534.09Italy
220Paul III1534.10 – 1549.11Italy19th Ecumenical Council (1545-63):
Trent (Protestantism and Reform)
221Julius III1550.02 – 1555.03Italy
222Marcellus II1555.04 – 1555.05Italy
223Paul IV1555.05 – 1559.08Italy
224Pius IV1559.12 – 1565.12Italy
225Saint Pius V1566.01 – 1572.05ItalyCanonised by Clement XI (1712.05.22)
226Gregory XIII1572.05 – 1585.04Italy
227Sixtus V1585.04 – 1590.08Italy
228Urban VII1590.09 – 1590.09Italy
229Gregory XIV1590.12 – 1591.10Italy
230Innocent IX1591.10 – 1591.12Italy
231Clement VIII1592.01 – 1605.03Italy
232Leo XI1605.04 – 1605.04Italy
233Paul V1605.05 – 1621.01Italy
234Gregory XV1621.02 – 1623.07Italy
235Urban VIII1623.08 – 1644.07Italy
236Innocent X1644.09 – 1655.01Italy
237Alexander VII1655.04 – 1667.05Italy
238Clement IX1667.06 – 1669.12Italy
239Clement X1670.04 – 1676.07Italy
240Blessed Innocent XI1676.09 – 1689.08ItalyBeatified by Pius XII (1956.10.07)
241Alexander VIII1689.10 – 1691.02Italy
242Innocent XII1691.07 – 1700.09Italy
243Clement XI1700.11 – 1721.03Italy
244Innocent XIII1721.05 – 1724.03Italy
245Benedict XIII1724.05 – 1730.02Italy
246Clement XII1730.07 – 1740.02Italy
247Benedict XIV1740.08 – 1758.05Italy
248Clement XIII1758.07 – 1769.02Italy
249Clement XIV1769.05 – 1774.09Italy
250Pius VI1775.02 – 1799.08Italy
251Pius VII1800.03 – 1823.08Italy
252Leo XII1823.09 – 1829.02Italy
253Pius VIII1829.03 – 1830.11Italy
254Gregory XVI1831.02 – 1846.06Italy
255Blessed Pius IX1846.06 – 1878.02ItalyBeatified by John Paul II (2000.09.03)

20th Ecumenical Council (1869-70):
Vatican I (Papal Infallibility, etc.)
256Leo XIII1878.02 – 1903.07Italy
257Saint Pius X1903.08 – 1914.08ItalyBeatified by Pius XII (1951.06.03)
Canonised by Pius XII (1954.05.29)
258Benedict XV1914.09 – 1922.01Italy
259Pius XI1922.02 – 1939.02Italy
260Pius XII1939.03 – 1958.10Italy
261Saint John XXIII1958.10 – 1963.06ItalyJohn XXIII was beatified by John Paul II (2000.09.03) and canonized by Francis (2014.04.27).
Paul VI was beatified (2014.10.19) and canonized (2018.10.14) by Francis.

21st Ecumenical Council (1962-65):
Vatican II (Renewal of the Church)
262Saint Paul VI1963.06 – 1978.08Italy
263Blessed John Paul I1978.08 – 1978.09ItalyBeatified by Francis (2022.09.04)
264Saint John Paul II1978.10 – 2005.04PolandBeatified by Benedict XVI (2011.05.01)
Canonised by Francis (2014.04.27)
265Benedict XVI2005.04 – 2013.02GermanyResigned voluntarily (2013.02.28)
266Pope Francis (87)Francis2013.03 – ...Argentina

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