Blessed Pope John Paul I

(Albino Luciani)

1978.08.26 – 1978.09.28

Bishop of Rome

Vicar of Jesus Christ

Successor of the Prince of the Apostles

Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church

Patriarch of the West

Primate of Italy Italy

Metropolitan Archbishop of the Province of Rome

Sovereign of the Vatican City State Vatican City State

Servant of the Servants of God

Episcopal Motto: Humilitas

Born:1912.10.17 (Canale d’Agordo, Italy)
Ordained Priest:1935.07.07
Consecrated Bishop:1958.12.27
Created Cardinal:1973.03.05
Elected as Supreme Pontiff:1978.08.26
Installed as Supreme Pontiff:1978.09.03
Died:1978.09.28 (Vatican City State † 65)

Priest of Belluno (Italy) (1935.07.07 – 1958.12.15)

Privy Chamberlain Supernumerary (1947.12.15 – 1958.12.15)

Bishop of Vittorio Veneto (Italy) (1958.12.15 – 1969.12.15)

Patriarch of Venezia (Italy) (1969.12.15 – 1978.08.26)

Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of Italy (1972.06.13 – 1975.06.05)

Cardinal-Priest of S. Marco (1973.03.05 – 1978.08.26)

Supreme Pontiff (1978.08.26 [1978.09.03] – 1978.09.28)

Documents Issued:
8 Documents 8 Documents

Buried at:
Crypt of Basilica Papale di San Pietro in Vaticano, Vatican City State (Sarcophagus)

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