Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America (M.M.)

Maryknoll Fathers

Also known as: Maryknoll-Missionsorden (Deutsch) / Société de missions étrangères catholiques d’Amérique (français) / Società per le Missioni Estere degli Stati Uniti d’America (Italiano) / 瑪利諾外方傳教會 (正體中文) / 美國天主教傳教會 (正體中文) / Societas de Maryknoll pro missionibus exteris (latine)


Type: Society of Apostolic Life of Pontifical Right (for Men)

Depends on: Dicastery for Evangelisation



Contact Info

Address: P.O. Box 303, Maryknoll, NY 10545-0303, USA

Phone: +1 (914) 941-7590


Superior General:USAFr. Lance P. Nadeau, M.M. (76)Fr. Lance P. Nadeau, M.M. (76) (2021.07.28 – ...)

Past Superiors

Superior General:USAFr. Raymond J. Finch, M.M. (2014.11 – 2021.07.28)
Superior General:USAFr. Edward M. Dougherty, M.M. (2008.10 – 2014.11)
Superior General:USAFr. John C. Sivalon, M.M. (2002 – 2008.10)
Superior General:USAFr. Raymond J. Finch, M.M. (1996.10 – 2002)
Superior General:USAFr. Kenneth Thesing, M.M. (1990 – 1996)
Superior General:USAFr. William Boteler, M.M. (1984 – 1990)
Superior General:USAFr. James Noonan, M.M. (1978 – 1984)
Superior General:USAFr. Raymond Hill, M.M. (1972 – 1978)
Superior General:USAFr. John McCormack, M.M. (1966 – 1972)
Superior General:USABishop John William Comber, M.M. (1956.08.06 – 1966.08.07)
Superior General:ChinaBishop Raymond Aloysius Lane (林化東), M.M. (1946.08.07 – 1956.08.06)
Superior General:ChinaBishop James Edward Walsh (華理柱), M.M. (1935 – 1946.08.07)
Superior General:USABishop James Anthony Walsh, M.M. (1911 – 1935)


Founder:USAFr. Thomas Frederick Price, M.M. (1911)
Founder:USAFr. James Anthony Walsh, M.M. (later Bishop) (1911)

Other Former Members (7)

2009: USAFr. Edward F. Malone, M.M., Secretary General of Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences

1985: ChinaMsgr. John Angel Romaniello (羅民勞), M.M., Prefect Apostolic of Guilin 桂林 (China)

>1982: BoliviaFr. Thomas McBride, M.M., Apostolic Administrator of Pando (Bolivia)

>1977: BoliviaFr. Lawrence J. Burns, M.M., Apostolic Administrator of Pando (Bolivia)

1976: ChinaFr. Bernard Francis Mayer (馬奕猷), M.M., Prefect Apostolic of Wuzhou 梧州 (China)

>1975: North KoreaMsgr. George Carroll, M.M., Apostolic Administrator of Pyong-yang 평양 (North Korea)

1957: TanzaniaFr. Giuseppe Gerardo Grondin, M.M., Prefect Apostolic of Musoma (Tanzania)

Deceased Bishops (23 Bishops)

2022: American SamoaBishop John Quinn Weitzel, M.M., Bishop of Samoa–Pago Pago (American Samoa)

2020: South KoreaBishop William John McNaughton (나길모 굴리엘모), M.M., Bishop of Incheon 인천 (South Korea)

2002: USABishop James Richard Ham, M.M., Auxiliary Bishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis (USA)

1998: USABishop John William Comber, M.M., Superior General of Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America (Maryknoll Fathers)

1998: TaiwanBishop William Francis Kupfer (蔡文興), M.M., Bishop of Taichung 臺中 (Taiwan)

1997: BoliviaBishop Carlos Arturo Brown, M.M., Auxiliary Bishop of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia)

1996: USABishop Hugo Mark Gerbermann, M.M., Bishop of Huehuetenango (Guatemala) and Auxiliary Bishop of San Antonio (USA)

1995: TanzaniaBishop John James Rudin, M.M., Bishop of Musoma (Tanzania)

1994: PhilippinesBishop Joseph William Regan, M.M., Bishop-Prelate of Tagum (Philippines)

1988: ChinaBishop Frederic Anthony Donaghy (唐汝琪), M.M., Bishop of Wuzhou 梧州 (China)

1983: TanzaniaBishop Edward Aloysius McGurkin, M.M., Bishop of Shinyanga (Tanzania)

1983: South KoreaBishop James Vincent Pardy (파 야고보), M.M., Bishop of Cheongju 청주 (South Korea)

1981: ChinaBishop James Edward Walsh (華理柱), M.M., Vicar Apostolic of Jiangmen 江門 (China) and Superior General of Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America (Maryknoll Fathers)

1974: ChinaBishop Raymond Aloysius Lane (林化東), M.M., Bishop of Fushun 撫順 (China) and Superior General of Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America (Maryknoll Fathers)

1973: BoliviaBishop Thomas Patrick Collins, M.M., Vicar Apostolic of Pando (Bolivia)

1973: PeruBishop Edward Louis Fedders, M.M., Bishop-Prelate of Juli (Peru)

1968: ChinaBishop Adolph John Paschang (柏增), M.M., Bishop of Jiangmen 江門 (China)

1967: BoliviaBishop Alonso Manuel Escalante, M.M., Vicar Apostolic of Pando (Bolivia)

1959: BoliviaBishop Thomas Joseph Danehy, M.M., Titular Bishop of Bita and Apostolic Administrator sede plena of Pando (Bolivia)

1952: ChinaBishop Francis Xavier Ford (福爾德), M.M., Bishop of Jiaying 嘉應 (China)

1950: JapanBishop Patrick James Byrne (パトリック・バーン / 방 파트리치오), M.M., Prefect Apostolic of Kyoto 京都 (Japan)

1945: North KoreaBishop William Francis O’Shea, M.M., Vicar Apostolic of Heijo (North Korea)

1936: USABishop James Anthony Walsh, M.M., Superior General of Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America (Maryknoll Fathers)

Hong Kong Hong Kong

Statistics (2021.12.31)

Houses: 22

Members: 248 (203 priests)



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