Order of Saint Benedict (O.S.B.)

Benedictine Nuns

Also known as: Suore Benedettine (Italiano)

Type: Religious Order or Institute with independent houses of Pontifical Right (for Women)

Depends on: Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life

Saints (37)

1301: GermanySaint Gertrude of Helfta (Gertrud von Helfta), religious

1298: GermanySaint Mechthild von Hackeborn, religious

1179: GermanySaint Hildegard von Bingen, abbess

1170: BelgiumSaint Wivine de Grand-Bigard, abbess

1152: ItalySaint Chelidonia, religious

1018: EnglandSaint Osburh of Coventry, abbess

1015: GermanySaint Adelaide of Vilich (Adelheid von Vilich), abbess

982: PortugalSaint Senhorinha de Basto, abbess

790: GermanySaint Thecla of Kitzingen, abbess

782: GermanySaint Leoba (Lioba von Tauberbischofsheim), abbess

750: BelgiumSaint Relindis van Maaseik, abbess

730: EnglandSaint Mildrith of Minster-in-Thanet, abbess

727: EnglandSaint Mildburh of Wenlock, abbess

725: EnglandSaint Cuthburh, abbess

718: AustriaSaint Erentrudis von Salzburg, abbess

716: EnglandSaint Hildelith of Barking, abbess

705: GermanySaint Irmina von Trier, abbess

705: FranceSaint Madelberte de Maubeuge, abbess

704: FranceSaint Austreberthe de Pavilly, abbess

700: EnglandSaint Osgyth, abbess

VII century: FranceSaint Ségolène de Troclar, religious

699: EnglandSaint Werburgh, abbess

696: FranceSaint Aldetrude de Maubeuge, abbess

692: FranceSaint Ada du Mans (Adreilde), abbess

687: FranceSaint Rictrude de Marchiennes, abbess

686: EnglandSaint Æthelburh of Barking, abbess

684: FranceSaint Aldegonde de Maubeuge, abbess

676: EnglandSaint Mildgyth, abbess

664: FranceSaint Æthelburh de Faremoutiers, abbess

660: FranceSaint Eusébie d’Hamage, abbess

659: BelgiumSaint Gertrude de Nivelles, abbess

659: GermanySaint Modesta von Oeren, abbess

649: FranceSaint Gertrude d’Hamage, abbess

610: FranceSaint Glossinde de Metz, abbess

588: FranceSaint Agnès de Poitiers, abbess

580: ItalySaint Liberata di Como, religious

580: ItalySaint Faustina di Como, religious

Blesseds (10)

1926: ItalyBlessed Janina (Colomba Matylda Gabriel), abbess

1922: ItalyBlessed Maria Fortunata (Anna Felicia Viti), religious

1794: FranceBlessed Marie-Rose (Suzanne-Agathe Deloye), religious and martyr

1794: FranceBlessed Saint-Celeste (Rosalie du Verdier de la Sorinière), religious and martyr

1469: ItalyBlessed Eustochio (Lucrezia Bellini), religious

1319: ItalyBlessed Giustina Francucci Bezzoli, religious

1262: ItalyBlessed Giuliana di Collalto, abbess

1262: ItalyBlessed Beatrice d’Este, religious

1250: PortugalBlessed Teresa de Portugal, religious

866: GermanyBlessed Irmgard von Chiemsee, abbess

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Statistics (2022.12.31)

Houses: 148

Members: 1,626



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