Society of the Divine Saviour (S.D.S.)


Also known as: Salvatorianer (Deutsch) / Société du Divin Sauveur (français) / Società del Divin Salvatore (Italiano) / Towarzystwa Boskiego Zbawiciela (Salwatorianie) (polski) / 救主會 (正體中文) / Societas Divini Salvatoris (latine)


Type: Clerical Religious Congregation of Pontifical Right (for Men)

Depends on: Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life



Contact Info

Address: Via della Conciliazione 51, 00193 Roma, Italy



Superior General:BrazilFr. Milton Zonta, S.D.S. (63)Fr. Milton Zonta, S.D.S. (63) (2012.10.17 – ...)

Past Superiors

Superior General:PolandFr. Andrzej Urbanski, S.D.S. (1999 – 2012.10.17)
Superior General:GermanyFr. Karl Hoffmann, S.D.S. (1993 – 1999)
Superior General:EnglandFr. Malachy McBride, S.D.S. (1987 – 1993)
Superior General:PolandFr. Gerard Rogowski, S.D.S. (1975 – 1987)
Superior General:USAFr. Earl Donald Skwor, S.D.S. (1969 – 1975)
Superior General:GermanyFr. Maurinus Rast, S.D.S. (1965 – 1969)
Superior General:GermanyFr. Bonaventura Schweizer, S.D.S. (1953 – 1965)
Superior General:SwitzerlandFr. Franz Emmenegger, S.D.S. (1947 – 1953)
Superior General:SlovakiaFr. Facundus Peterek, S.D.S. (1945 – 1947)
Superior General:GermanyFr. Pancratius Pfeiffer, S.D.S. (1915 – 1945.05.12)
Superior General:SwitzerlandBlessed Fr. Franziskus Maria vom Kreuze Jordan (Francis Mary of the Cross / Johann Baptist), S.D.S. (1881.12.08 – 1915)


Founder:SwitzerlandBlessed Fr. Franziskus Maria vom Kreuze Jordan (Francis Mary of the Cross / Johann Baptist), S.D.S. (1881.12.08)

Other Former Members (7)

>2010: ComorosFr. Jan Geerits, S.D.S., Apostolic Administrator of Comores (Comoros)

>2006: ComorosFr. Jan Szpilka, S.D.S., Apostolic Administrator of Comores (Comoros)

1967: ChinaFr. Heribert Aloysius Theodor Winkler (溫崇德), S.D.S., Ecclesiastical Superior of Shaowu 邵武 (China)

1964: ChinaFr. Inigo Maximilian König (王德俊), S.D.S., Prefect Apostolic of Shaowu 邵武 (China)

1957: IndiaFr. Angelus Münzloher, S.D.S., Prefect Apostolic of Assam (India)

1937: IndiaFr. Cristoforo Becker, S.D.S., Prefect Apostolic of Assam (India)

1890: IndiaFr. Otto Hopfenmüller, S.D.S., Prefect Apostolic of Assam (India)

Living Bishops (5 Bishops)

BrazilBishop Valter Carrijo, S.D.S. (90)Bishop Valter Carrijo, S.D.S. (90), Bishop emeritus of Brejo (Brazil)

ColombiaBishop Tulio Duque Gutiérrez, S.D.S. (89)Bishop Tulio Duque Gutiérrez, S.D.S. (89), Bishop emeritus of Pereira (Colombia)

AustraliaBishop Karol Kulczycki, S.D.S. (57)Bishop Karol Kulczycki, S.D.S. (57), Bishop of Port Pirie (Australia)

ComorosBishop Charles Mahuza Yava, S.D.S. (63)Bishop Charles Mahuza Yava, S.D.S. (63), Vicar Apostolic of Archipel des Comores (Comoros) and Titular Bishop of Apisa maius

TanzaniaBishop Lazarus Vitalis Msimbe, S.D.S. (60)Bishop Lazarus Vitalis Msimbe, S.D.S. (60), Bishop of Morogoro (Tanzania)

Deceased Bishops (3 Bishops)

2006: BrazilBishop Mário Teixeira Gurgel, S.D.S., Bishop of Itabira–Fabriciano (Brazil)

1998: TanzaniaBishop Arnold Ralph Cotey, S.D.S., Bishop of Nachingwea

1994: BrazilBishop Afonso de Oliveira Lima, S.D.S., Bishop of Brejo (Brazil)

Blesseds (1)

1918: SwitzerlandBlessed Francis Mary of the Cross (Franziskus Maria vom Kreuze / Johann Baptist Jordan), priest

Australia Australia

Brazil Brazil

Canada Canada

England England

Germany Germany

Italy Italy

Romania Romania


Statistics (2018.12.31)

Houses: 176

Members: 1,140 (829 priests)



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