Congregation of Missionaries of the Holy Family (M.S.F.)

Also known as: Missionare von der Heiligen Familie (Deutsch) / Missionari della Sacra Famiglia (Italiano) / Congregatio Missionariorum a S. Familia (latine)


Type: Clerical Religious Congregation of Pontifical Right (for Men)

Depends on: Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life



Contact Info

Address: Via Odoardo Beccari 41, 00154 Roma, Italy

Phone: 06.575.51.92


Moderator Supremus:IndonesiaFr. Agustinus Purnama Sastrawijaya, M.S.F. (68)Fr. Agustinus Purnama Sastrawijaya, M.S.F. (68) (2019.09.23 – ...)

Past Superiors

Moderator Supremus:PolandFr. Edmund Jan Michalski, M.S.F. (2007.10.10 – 2019.09.23)
Moderator Supremus:NetherlandsFr. Wim van der Weiden, M.S.F. (1995.10.03 – 2007.10.10)


Founder:FranceFr. Jean-Baptiste Berthier, M.S. (1895)

Other Former Members (2)

1949: IndonesiaFr. Giacomo Giovanni M. Kusters, M.S.F., Prefect Apostolic of Bandjarmasin (Indonesia)

1939: NorwayFr. Giovanni Starcke, M.S.F., Ecclesiastical Superior of Northern Norway (Norway)

Living Bishops (1 Archbishop, 5 Bishops)

IndonesiaArchbishop Justinus Harjosusanto, M.S.F. (70)Archbishop Justinus Harjosusanto, M.S.F. (70), Metropolitan Archbishop of Samarinda (Indonesia)

Papua New GuineaBishop Dariusz Piotr Kałuża, M.S.F. (56)Bishop Dariusz Piotr Kałuża, M.S.F. (56), Bishop of Bougainville (Papua New Guinea)

IndonesiaBishop Paulinus Yan Olla, M.S.F. (60)Bishop Paulinus Yan Olla, M.S.F. (60), Bishop of Tanjung Selor (Indonesia)

MadagascarBishop Zygmunt Robaszkiewicz, M.S.F. (65)Bishop Zygmunt Robaszkiewicz, M.S.F. (65), Bishop of Mahajanga (Madagascar)

IndonesiaBishop Aloysius Maryadi Sutrisnaatmaka, M.S.F. (71)Bishop Aloysius Maryadi Sutrisnaatmaka, M.S.F. (71), Bishop of Palangkaraya (Indonesia)

BrazilBishop Guilherme Antônio Werlang, M.S.F. (73)Bishop Guilherme Antônio Werlang, M.S.F. (73), Bishop of Lages (Brazil)

Deceased Bishops (1 Archbishop, 15 Bishops)

2020: MexicoBishop José Luis Castro Medellín, M.S.F., Bishop of Tacámbaro (Mexico)

2019: MexicoBishop Miguel Patiño Velázquez, M.S.F., Bishop of Apatzingán (Mexico)

2016: MadagascarBishop Alwin Albert Hafner, M.S.F., Bishop of Morombe (Madagascar)

2015: IndonesiaBishop Franciscus Xaverius Rocharjanta Prajasuta, M.S.F., Bishop of Banjarmasin (Indonesia)

2013: IndonesiaArchbishop Florentinus Sului Hajang Hau, M.S.F., Metropolitan Archbishop of Samarinda (Indonesia)

2012: IndonesiaBishop Wilhelmus Joannes Demarteau, M.S.F., Bishop of Banjarmasin (Indonesia)

2011: BrazilBishop Anselmo Müller, M.S.F., Bishop of Januária (Brazil)

2006: NorwayBishop Gerhard Ludwig Goebel, M.S.F., Bishop-Prelate of Tromsø (Norway)

1994: BrazilBishop Francisco Xavier Nierhoff, M.S.F., Bishop of Floresta (Brazil)

1994: IndonesiaBishop Yulius Aloysius Husin, M.S.F., Bishop of Palangkaraya (Indonesia)

1992: IndonesiaBishop Michael Cornelis C. Coomans, M.S.F., Bishop of Samarinda (Indonesia)

1988: MadagascarBishop Joseph Zimmermann, M.S.F., Bishop of Morombe (Madagascar)

1986: IndonesiaBishop Jacques Henri Romeijn, M.S.F., Bishop of Samarinda (Indonesia)

1984: BrazilBishop João Batista Przyklenk, M.S.F., Bishop of Januária (Brazil)

1980: NorwayBishop Johann Wember, M.S.F., Vicar Apostolic of Northern Norway (Norway)

1953: IndonesiaBishop Giovanni Groen, M.S.F., Vicar Apostolic of Bandjarmasin (Indonesia)

Brazil Brazil

Canada Canada

Italy Italy

Norway Norway

Philippines Philippines

Poland Poland

Statistics (2022.12.31)

Houses: 69

Members: 760 (554 priests)



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