Bishops of Pakistan

by Name

Bishops and Ordinaries of Pakistan (11)

Cardinal (1)

Cardinal Joseph Coutts (78)Coutts, Joseph (78), Cardinal-Priest of S. Bonaventura da Bagnoregio and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Karachi (Pakistan)

Archbishops (5)

Archbishop Joseph Arshad (59)Arshad, Joseph (59), Bishop of Islamabad–Rawalpindi (Pakistan) and Archbishop ad personam
Archbishop Evarist Pinto (90)Pinto, Evarist (90), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Karachi (Pakistan)
Archbishop Lawrence John Saldanha (88)Saldanha, Lawrence John (88), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Lahore (Pakistan)
Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw, O.F.M. (66)Shaw, Sebastian Francis, O.F.M. (66), Metropolitan Archbishop of Lahore (Pakistan)
Archbishop Benny Mario Travas (57)Travas, Benny Mario (57), Metropolitan Archbishop of Karachi (Pakistan) and Vice-President of Pakistan Catholic Bishops’ Conference

Bishops (5)

Bishop Indrias Rehmat (57)Rehmat, Indrias (57), Bishop of Faisalabad (Pakistan)
Bishop Khalid Rehmat, O.F.M. Cap. (55)Rehmat, Khalid, O.F.M. Cap. (55), Vicar Apostolic of Quetta (Pakistan)
Bishop Max John Rodrigues (86)Rodrigues, Max John (86), Bishop emeritus of Hyderabad (Pakistan)
Bishop Samson Shukardin, O.F.M. (63)Shukardin, Samson, O.F.M. (63), Bishop of Hyderabad (Pakistan) and President of Pakistan Catholic Bishops’ Conference
Bishop Yousaf Sohan (65)Sohan, Yousaf (65), Bishop of Multan (Pakistan)
Other Prelates related to Pakistan (8)
AlgeriaArchbishop Ghaleb Moussa Abdalla Bader (72)Bader, Ghaleb Moussa Abdalla (72), Titular Archbishop of Mathara in Numidia and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Alger–Iulia Caesarea (Algeria)
ItalyArchbishop Luigi Bressan (84)Bressan, Luigi (84), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Trento (Italy)
ItalyArchbishop Alessandro D’Errico (73)D’Errico, Alessandro (73), Titular Archbishop of Carini
LebanonArchbishop Christophe Zakhia El-Kassis (55)El-Kassis, Christophe Zakhia (55) (Maronite Rite), Titular Archbishop of Roselle and Apostolic Nuncio to United Arab Emirates
ItalyArchbishop Renzo Fratini (80)Fratini, Renzo (80), Titular Archbishop of Botriana
VenezuelaArchbishop Edgar Peña Parra (64)Peña Parra, Edgar (64), Titular Archbishop of Thelepte, Substitute for General Affairs of Secretariat of State and Member of Interdicastery Commission for the Revision of the General Regulations of the Roman Curia
AngolaArchbishop Germano Penemote (54)Penemote, Germano (54), Titular Archbishop of Treia and Apostolic Nuncio to Pakistan
PhilippinesArchbishop Adolfo Tito Yllana (76)Yllana, Adolfo Tito (易福霖) (76), Titular Archbishop of Montecorvino, Apostolic Nuncio to Israel and Apostolic Delegate to Jerusalem and Palestine

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