in a.d. 2026

01.01Founding of Australia (1901)World Event125 years
01.11Establishment of the Catholic hierarchy in South Africa (1951)Church Event75 years
01.23First diocese in the Far East (1576)Church Event450 years
01.28Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster (1986)World Event40 years
02.21Creation of Jorge Bergoglio as Cardinal (2001)Pope25 years
02.25Founding of the first diocese in Brazil (1551)Church Event475 years
03.02Birth of Pope Pius XII (1876)Pope150 years
03.27Death of Mother Angelica (2016)Person10 years
04.11Establishment of the Catholic hierarchy in China (1946)Church Event80 years
04.26Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster (1986)World Event40 years
05.01Founding of the Illuminati in Bavaria (1776)World Event250 years
06.10Death of Antoni Gaudí (1926)Person100 years
06.11Reconsecration of Poland to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (2021)Church Event5 years
06.29Sacerdotal Ordination of Pope Benedict XVI (1951)Pope75 years
07.04Founding of the United States of America (1776)World Event250 years
07.15Signing of Concordat between Napoleon and Pope Pius VII (1801)Church Event225 years
07.22Death of Pope Clement X (1676)Pope350 years
07.26Murder of Fr. Jacques Hamel in Rouen (2016)World Event10 years
07.28Earthquake at Tangshan (1976)World Event50 years
08.05Founding of the first diocese in Botswana (1966)Church Event60 years
09.09Death of Mao Zedong (1976)Person50 years
09.11September 11 attacks (2001)World Event25 years
09.21Election of Pope Innocent XI (1676)Pope350 years
11.01Sacerdotal Ordination of Pope John Paul II (1946)Pope80 years
11.15Establishment of the Catholic hierarchy in Papua New Guinea (1966)Church Event60 years
11.18Consecration of Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican (1626)Church Event400 years
11.25Death of Fidel Castro (2016)Person10 years
11.28First Apparition of Our Lady of Kibeho (1981)Marian Apparition45 years
12.17Birth of Pope Francis (1936)Pope90 years
12.30Execution of Saddam Hussein (2006)World Event20 years

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