Bishops of France

by Name

Bishops and Ordinaries of France (220)

Cardinals (8)

Cardinal Jean-Marc Noël Aveline (65)Aveline, Jean-Marc Noël (65), Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria ai Monti and Metropolitan Archbishop of Marseille (France)
Cardinal Philippe Christian Ignace Marie Barbarin (73)Barbarin, Philippe Christian Ignace Marie (73), Cardinal-Priest of SS. Trinità al Monte Pincio and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Lyon (France)
Cardinal François-Xavier Bustillo, O.F.M. Conv. (55)Bustillo, François-Xavier, O.F.M. Conv. (55), Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria Immacolata di Lourdes a Boccea and Bishop of Ajaccio (France)
Cardinal Dominique François Joseph Mamberti (72)Mamberti, Dominique François Joseph (72), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Spirito in Sassia, Prefect of Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura and President of Commission for Advocates
Cardinal Christophe Louis Yves Georges Pierre (78)Pierre, Christophe Louis Yves Georges (78), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Benedetto fuori Porta S. Paolo and Apostolic Nuncio to United States of America
Cardinal Paul Poupard (93)Poupard, Paul (93), Cardinal-Priest of S. Prassede and President emeritus of Pontifical Council for Culture
Cardinal Jean-Pierre Bernard Ricard (79)Ricard, Jean-Pierre Bernard (79), Cardinal-Priest of S. Agostino and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Bordeaux (France)
Cardinal André Armand Vingt-Trois (81)Vingt-Trois, André Armand (81), Cardinal-Priest of S. Luigi dei Francesi, Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Paris (France) and Ordinary emeritus of France of the Eastern Rite (France)

Archbishops (53)

Archbishop Bernard-Nicolas Aubertin, O. Cist. (79)Aubertin, Bernard-Nicolas, O. Cist. (79), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Tours (France)
Archbishop Michel Christian Alain Aupetit (73)Aupetit, Michel Christian Alain (73), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Paris (France) and Ordinary emeritus of France of the Eastern Rite (France)
Archbishop Philippe Ballot (67)Ballot, Philippe (67), Archbishop-Bishop of Metz (France)
Archbishop Jean-Louis Balsa (67)Balsa, Jean-Louis (67), Archbishop of Albi (France)
Archbishop Hubert Barbier (91)Barbier, Hubert (91), Archbishop emeritus of Bourges (France)
Archbishop Jérôme Daniel Beau (66)Beau, Jérôme Daniel (66), Archbishop of Bourges (France)
Archbishop Jean-Luc Marie Maurice Louis Bouilleret (70)Bouilleret, Jean-Luc Marie Maurice Louis (70), Metropolitan Archbishop of Besançon (France)
Archbishop Jean-Louis Bruguès, O.P. (80)Bruguès, Jean-Louis, O.P. (80), Archbishop ad personam and Bishop emeritus of Angers (France)
Archbishop Pierre-Marie Joseph Carré (76)Carré, Pierre-Marie Joseph (76), Apostolic Administrator of Agen (France) and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Montpellier (France)
Archbishop Jean-Pierre-Marie Cattenoz (78)Cattenoz, Jean-Pierre-Marie (78), Archbishop emeritus of Avignon (France)
Archbishop PierrePaul Oscar d’Ornellas (70)d’Ornellas, PierrePaul Oscar (70), Metropolitan Archbishop of Rennes (France)
Archbishop Olivier de Germay (63)de Germay, Olivier (63), Metropolitan Archbishop of Lyon (France)
Archbishop Guy André Marie de Kérimel (70)de Kérimel, Guy André Marie (70), Metropolitan Archbishop of Toulouse (France)
Archbishop Éric de Moulins-Beaufort (62)de Moulins-Beaufort, Éric (62), Metropolitan Archbishop of Reims (France) and President of Bishops’ Conference of France
Archbishop Gérard Denis Auguste Defois (93)Defois, Gérard Denis Auguste (93), Archbishop-Bishop emeritus of Lille (France)
Archbishop Pascal Michel Ghislain Delannoy (67)Delannoy, Pascal Michel Ghislain (67), Archbishop of Strasbourg (France)
Archbishop Christian Delarbre (59)Delarbre, Christian (59), Archbishop of Aix (France)
Archbishop Jean-Charles Marie Descubes (84)Descubes, Jean-Charles Marie (84), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Rouen (France)
Archbishop Jean-Michel di Falco Léandri (82)di Falco Léandri, Jean-Michel (82), Archbishop-Bishop emeritus of Gap (France)
Archbishop Vincent Dollmann (59)Dollmann, Vincent (59), Archbishop of Cambrai (France)
Archbishop Joseph Pierre Aimé Marie Doré, P.S.S. (87)Doré, Joseph Pierre Aimé Marie, P.S.S. (87), Archbishop emeritus of Strasbourg (France)
Archbishop Christophe Dufour (76)Dufour, Christophe (76), Archbishop emeritus of Aix (France)
Archbishop André Dupuy (84)Dupuy, André (84), Titular Archbishop of Selsey
Archbishop François Fonlupt (69)Fonlupt, François (69), Archbishop of Avignon (France)
Archbishop Maurice Marcel Gardès (79)Gardès, Maurice Marcel (79), Archbishop emeritus of Auch (France)
Archbishop Georges Edmond Robert Gilson (94)Gilson, Georges Edmond Robert (94), Archbishop emeritus of Sens (France) and Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Mission de France (France)
Archbishop Hervé Jean Robert Giraud (67)Giraud, Hervé Jean Robert (67), Bishop of Viviers (France), Bishop-Prelate of Mission de France (France) and Archbishop ad personam
Archbishop Jean-Paul Aimé Gobel (80)Gobel, Jean-Paul Aimé (80), Titular Archbishop of Galazia in Campania
Archbishop Jean-Pierre Grallet, O.F.M. (82)Grallet, Jean-Pierre, O.F.M. (82), Archbishop emeritus of Strasbourg (France)
Archbishop Antoine Hérouard (67)Hérouard, Antoine (67), Metropolitan Archbishop of Dijon (France), Delegate for the Shrine of Lourdes of Tarbes et Lourdes (France) and Vice-President of Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community
Archbishop Jean-Paul André Denis Marcel James (71)James, Jean-Paul André Denis Marcel (71), Metropolitan Archbishop of Bordeaux (France)
Archbishop Thierry Romain Camille Jordan (80)Jordan, Thierry Romain Camille (80), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Reims (France)
Archbishop Vincent Jordy (63)Jordy, Vincent (63), Metropolitan Archbishop of Tours (France) and Vice-President of Bishops’ Conference of France
Archbishop François Kalist (65)Kalist, François (65), Metropolitan Archbishop of Clermont (France)
Archbishop Bertrand Lacombe (57)Lacombe, Bertrand (57), Archbishop of Auch (France)
Archbishop Laurent Le Boulc’h (63)Le Boulc’h, Laurent (63), Metropolitan Archbishop of Lille (France)
Archbishop Robert Le Gall, O.S.B. (78)Le Gall, Robert, O.S.B. (78), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Toulouse (France)
Archbishop Dominique Lebrun (66)Lebrun, Dominique (66), Metropolitan Archbishop of Rouen (France)
Archbishop Jean-Marie-Henri Legrez, O.P. (75)Legrez, Jean-Marie-Henri, O.P. (75), Archbishop emeritus of Albi (France)
Archbishop Armand Maillard (80)Maillard, Armand (80), Archbishop emeritus of Bourges (France)
Archbishop Émile Marcus, P.S.S. (93)Marcus, Émile, P.S.S. (93), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Toulouse (France)
Archbishop Joël Mercier (79)Mercier, Joël (79), Titular Archbishop of Rota and Secretary emeritus of Congregation for Clergy
Archbishop Roland Minnerath (77)Minnerath, Roland (77), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Dijon (France)
Archbishop Yves François Patenôtre (84)Patenôtre, Yves François (84), Archbishop emeritus of Sens (France) and Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Mission de France (France)
Archbishop Georges Paul Pontier (80)Pontier, Georges Paul (80), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Marseille (France)
Archbishop Luc Ravel, C.R.S.V. (66)Ravel, Luc, C.R.S.V. (66), Archbishop emeritus of Strasbourg (France)
Archbishop Albert Jean-Marie Rouet (88)Rouet, Albert Jean-Marie (88), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Poitiers (France)
Archbishop Jean-Marie Speich (68)Speich, Jean-Marie (68), Titular Archbishop of Sulci, Apostolic Nuncio to Slovenia and Apostolic Delegate to Kosovo
Archbishop Guy Marie Alexandre Thomazeau (86)Thomazeau, Guy Marie Alexandre (86), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Montpellier (France)
Archbishop Norbert José Henri Turini (69)Turini, Norbert José Henri (69), Metropolitan Archbishop of Montpellier (France)
Archbishop Laurent Bernard Marie Ulrich (72)Ulrich, Laurent Bernard Marie (72), Metropolitan Archbishop of Paris (France) and Ordinary of France of the Eastern Rite (France)
Archbishop Thibault Verny (58)Verny, Thibault (58), Archbishop of Chambéry–Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne–Tarentaise (France) and Member of Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors
Archbishop Pascal Jean Marcel Wintzer (64)Wintzer, Pascal Jean Marcel (64), Metropolitan Archbishop of Poitiers (France)

Bishops (126)

Bishop Marc Aillet (66)Aillet, Marc (66), Bishop of Bayonne (France)
Bishop Éric Marie Pierre Henri Aumonier (78)Aumonier, Éric Marie Pierre Henri (78), Bishop emeritus of Versailles (France)
Bishop Guy Claude Bagnard (86)Bagnard, Guy Claude (86), Bishop emeritus of Belley–Ars (France)
Bishop Sylvain Bataille (59)Bataille, Sylvain (59), Bishop of Saint-Étienne (France)
Bishop Jean-Pierre Batut (69)Batut, Jean-Pierre (69), Titular Bishop of Maillezais and Auxiliary Bishop of Toulouse (France)
Bishop Yves Baumgarten (59)Baumgarten, Yves (59), Bishop of Le Puy-en-Velay (France)
Bishop Marc Beaumont (62)Beaumont, Marc (62), Bishop of Moulins (France)
Bishop Jacques Benoit-Gonnin (71)Benoit-Gonnin, Jacques (71), Bishop of Beauvais (France)
Bishop Benoît Bertrand (63)Bertrand, Benoît (63), Bishop of Mende (France)
Bishop Francis Victor Bestion (66)Bestion, Francis Victor (66), Bishop of Tulle (France)
Bishop Dominique Blanchet (58)Blanchet, Dominique (58), Bishop of Créteil (France) and Vice-President of Bishops’ Conference of France
Bishop Jacques André Blaquart (72)Blaquart, Jacques André (72), Bishop of Orléans (France)
Bishop François-Marie-Joseph Blondel (84)Blondel, François-Marie-Joseph (84), Bishop emeritus of Viviers (France)
Bishop Joseph Louis Jean Boishu (85)Boishu, Joseph Louis Jean (85), Titular Bishop of Gauriana and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Reims (France)
Bishop Yves Jean Marie Arsène Boivineau (77)Boivineau, Yves Jean Marie Arsène (77), Bishop emeritus of Annecy (France)
Bishop Jean Bondu (57)Bondu, Jean (57), Titular Bishop of Vaison and Auxiliary Bishop of Rennes (France)
Bishop Jean-Marie-Louis Bonfils, S.M.A. (94)Bonfils, Jean-Marie-Louis, S.M.A. (94), Bishop emeritus of Nice (France)
Bishop Jean-Claude Ézechiel Jean-Baptiste Boulanger (79)Boulanger, Jean-Claude Ézechiel Jean-Baptiste (79), Bishop emeritus of Bayeux (France)
Bishop Pierre-Antoine Bozo (58)Bozo, Pierre-Antoine (58), Bishop of Limoges (France)
Bishop Thierry Marie Jacques Brac de la Perrière (64)Brac de la Perrière, Thierry Marie Jacques (64), Titular Bishop of Senez and Auxiliary Bishop of Lyon (France)
Bishop Nicolas Brouwet (61)Brouwet, Nicolas (61), Bishop of Nîmes (France)
Bishop Jean-Luc Brunin (73)Brunin, Jean-Luc (73), Bishop of Le Havre (France)
Bishop Grégoire Cador (63)Cador, Grégoire (63), Bishop of Coutances (France)
Bishop Laurent Camiade (57)Camiade, Laurent (57), Bishop of Cahors (France)
Bishop Alain Castet (73)Castet, Alain (73), Bishop emeritus of Luçon (France)
Bishop Raymond Centène (66)Centène, Raymond (66), Bishop of Vannes (France)
Bishop Bernard Louis Marie Charrier (85)Charrier, Bernard Louis Marie (85), Bishop emeritus of Tulle (France)
Bishop Philippe Christory (66)Christory, Philippe (66), Bishop of Chartres (France)
Bishop Gérard Coliche (83)Coliche, Gérard (83), Titular Bishop of Alet and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Lille (France)
Bishop Georges Colomb, M.E.P. (70)Colomb, Georges, M.E.P. (70), Bishop of La Rochelle (France)
Bishop Luc Crepy, C.I.M. (65)Crepy, Luc, C.I.M. (65), Bishop of Versailles (France)
Bishop Claude Jean Pierre Dagens (83)Dagens, Claude Jean Pierre (83), Bishop emeritus of Angoulême (France)
Bishop Gérard Antoine Daucourt (82)Daucourt, Gérard Antoine (82), Bishop emeritus of Nanterre (France)
Bishop Olivier de Cagny (62)de Cagny, Olivier (62), Bishop of Évreux (France)
Bishop Renauld Dupont de Dinechin (66)de Dinechin, Renauld Dupont (66), Bishop of Soissons (France)
Bishop Joseph de Metz-Noblat (65)de Metz-Noblat, Joseph (65), Bishop of Langres (France)
Bishop Antoine de Romanet de Beaune (61)de Romanet de Beaune, Antoine (61), Military Ordinary of France (France)
Bishop Jacques Marie Sébastien de Saint-Blanquat (98)de Saint-Blanquat, Jacques Marie Sébastien (98), Bishop emeritus of Montauban (France)
Bishop Emmanuel Delmas (69)Delmas, Emmanuel (69), Bishop of Angers (France)
Bishop Jacques Joseph Marie Despierre, Prado (95)Despierre, Jacques Joseph Marie, Prado (95), Bishop emeritus of Carcassonne (France)
Bishop Laurent Dognin (71)Dognin, Laurent (71), Bishop of Quimper (France)
Bishop Grégoire Drouot (48)Drouot, Grégoire (48), Bishop of Nevers (France)
Bishop Matthieu Dupont (50)Dupont, Matthieu (50), Bishop of Laval (France)
Bishop François Durand (50)Durand, François (50), Bishop of Valence (France)
Bishop Jean-Marc Eychenne (67)Eychenne, Jean-Marc (67), Bishop of Grenoble–Vienne (France)
Bishop Jean-Michel Faure (82)Faure, Jean-Michel (82)
Bishop Bruno Feillet (64)Feillet, Bruno (64), Bishop of Séez (France)
Bishop André Louis Fort (88)Fort, André Louis (88), Bishop emeritus of Orléans (France)
Bishop Lucien Fruchaud (89)Fruchaud, Lucien (89), Bishop emeritus of Saint-Brieuc (France)
Bishop Jean-Luc Garin (54)Garin, Jean-Luc (54), Bishop of Saint-Claude (France)
Bishop Hervé Gaschignard (64)Gaschignard, Hervé (64), Bishop emeritus of Aire et Dax (France)
Bishop Maroun-Nasser Gemayel (73)Gemayel, Maroun-Nasser (73) (Maronite Rite), Bishop of Notre-Dame du Liban de Paris of the Maronites (France) and Apostolic Visitator in Western and Northern Europe of the Maronites
Bishop Bernard Ginoux (76)Ginoux, Bernard (76), Bishop emeritus of Montauban (France)
Bishop Emmanuel Gobilliard (56)Gobilliard, Emmanuel (56), Bishop of Digne (France)
Bishop Hervé Gosselin (67)Gosselin, Hervé (67), Bishop of Angoulême (France)
Bishop Bruno Grua (77)Grua, Bruno (77), Bishop emeritus of Saint-Flour (France)
Bishop Benoît Gschwind, A.A. (60)Gschwind, Benoît, A.A. (60), Bishop of Pamiers (France)
Bishop Alain Guellec (63)Guellec, Alain (63), Bishop of Montauban (France)
Bishop Philippe Jean-Marie Joseph Gueneley (85)Gueneley, Philippe Jean-Marie Joseph (85), Bishop emeritus of Langres (France)
Bishop Paul-Marie Joseph André Guillaume (94)Guillaume, Paul-Marie Joseph André (94), Bishop emeritus of Saint-Dié (France)
Bishop Jean-Paul Gusching (68)Gusching, Jean-Paul (68), Bishop of Verdun (France)
Bishop Jacques Habert (63)Habert, Jacques (63), Bishop of Bayeux (France)
Bishop Hubert Marie Michel Marcel Herbreteau (75)Herbreteau, Hubert Marie Michel Marcel (75), Bishop emeritus of Agen (France)
Bishop Bernard Housset (83)Housset, Bernard (83), Bishop emeritus of La Rochelle (France)
Bishop Denis Jachiet (61)Jachiet, Denis (61), Bishop of Belfort–Montbéliard (France)
Bishop François Jacolin, M.D.P. (73)Jacolin, François, M.D.P. (73), Bishop of Luçon (France) and Apostolic Administrator sede plena of La Rochelle (France)
Bishop Jean-Paul Maurice Jaeger (79)Jaeger, Jean-Paul Maurice (79), Bishop emeritus of Arras (France)
Bishop Alexandre Joly (52)Joly, Alexandre (52), Bishop of Troyes (France)
Bishop Peter Karam (64)Karam, Peter (64) (Maronite Rite), Titular Bishop of Arca in Phœnicia of the Maronites, Apostolic Administrator sede plena of Notre-Dame du Liban de Paris of the Maronites (France), Member of Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors and Bishop of Curia of the Maronites
Bishop Christian George Nicolas Kratz (71)Kratz, Christian George Nicolas (71), Titular Bishop of Themisonium and Auxiliary Bishop of Strasbourg (France)
Bishop Jean Laffitte (72)Laffitte, Jean (72), Titular Bishop of Entrevaux and Prelate emeritus of Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta (Knights of Malta)
Bishop Loïc Lagadec (49)Lagadec, Loïc (49), Titular Bishop of Carpentras and Auxiliary Bishop of Lyon (France)
Bishop Jean-Christophe André Robert Lagleize (69)Lagleize, Jean-Christophe André Robert (69), Bishop emeritus of Metz (France)
Bishop Stanislas Lalanne (75)Lalanne, Stanislas (75), Bishop of Pontoise (France)
Bishop Maurice Le Bègue de Germiny (84)Le Bègue de Germiny, Maurice (84), Bishop emeritus of Blois (France)
Bishop Patrick Le Gal (71)Le Gal, Patrick (71), Titular Bishop of Arisitum and Auxiliary Bishop of Lyon (France)
Bishop Yves Le Saux (63)Le Saux, Yves (63), Bishop of Annecy (France)
Bishop Gérard Le Stang (60)Le Stang, Gérard (60), Bishop of Amiens (France)
Bishop Jean-Marie Le Vert (64)Le Vert, Jean-Marie (64), Titular Bishop of Briançonnet and Auxiliary Bishop of Bordeaux (France)
Bishop Olivier Leborgne (60)Leborgne, Olivier (60), Bishop of Arras (France)
Bishop Guillaume Leschallier de Lisle (52)Leschallier de Lisle, Guillaume (52), Titular Bishop of Pisita and Auxiliary Bishop of Meaux (France)
Bishop François-Xavier Jacques Marie Loizeau (84)Loizeau, François-Xavier Jacques Marie (84), Bishop emeritus of Digne (France)
Bishop Hlib Borys Sviatoslav Lonchyna, M.S.U. (70)Lonchyna, Hlib Borys Sviatoslav, M.S.U. (70) (Ukrainian Rite), Apostolic Administrator of Saint-Vladimir-le-Grand de Paris of the Ukrainians (France) and Bishop emeritus of Holy Family of London of the Ukrainians (England)
Bishop Gilbert Louis (83)Louis, Gilbert (83), Bishop emeritus of Châlons (France)
Bishop Xavier Malle (58)Malle, Xavier (58), Bishop of Gap–Embrun (France)
Bishop André Marceau (77)Marceau, André (77), Bishop emeritus of Nice (France)
Bishop Philippe André Yves Marsset (66)Marsset, Philippe André Yves (66), Titular Bishop of Thibica and Auxiliary Bishop of Paris (France)
Bishop Jean-Paul Mathieu (83)Mathieu, Jean-Paul (83), Bishop emeritus of Saint-Dié (France)
Bishop François-Paul-Marie Maupu (84)Maupu, François-Paul-Marie (84), Bishop emeritus of Verdun (France)
Bishop Luc Meyer (55)Meyer, Luc (55), Bishop of Rodez (France)
Bishop Jean-Marc Micas, P.S.S. (60)Micas, Jean-Marc, P.S.S. (60), Bishop of Tarbes et Lourdes (France)
Bishop Pierre-Yves Michel (64)Michel, Pierre-Yves (64), Bishop of Nancy (France)
Bishop Pierre Jean Marie Marcel Molères (91)Molères, Pierre Jean Marie Marcel (91), Bishop emeritus of Bayonne (France)
Bishop Michel Pierre Marie Mouïsse (84)Mouïsse, Michel Pierre Marie (84), Bishop emeritus of Périgueux (France)
Bishop Philippe Mousset (68)Mousset, Philippe (68), Bishop of Périgueux (France)
Bishop Denis Moutel (72)Moutel, Denis (72), Bishop of Saint-Brieuc (France)
Bishop Jean-Yves Nahmias (66)Nahmias, Jean-Yves (66), Bishop of Meaux (France)
Bishop Jean-Philippe Nault, S.J.M.V. (58)Nault, Jean-Philippe, S.J.M.V. (58), Bishop of Nice (France)
Bishop Didier Noblot (58)Noblot, Didier (58), Bishop of Saint-Flour (France)
Bishop Christian Nourrichard (75)Nourrichard, Christian (75), Bishop emeritus of Évreux (France)
Bishop Michel Pansard (68)Pansard, Michel (68), Bishop of Évry–Corbeil-Essonnes (France)
Bishop Jean-Louis-Henri-Maurice Papin (76)Papin, Jean-Louis-Henri-Maurice (76), Bishop emeritus of Nancy (France)
Bishop Laurent Percerou (62)Percerou, Laurent (62), Bishop of Nantes (France)
Bishop Jacques Jean Joseph Jules Perrier (87)Perrier, Jacques Jean Joseph Jules (87), Bishop emeritus of Tarbes et Lourdes (France)
Bishop Alain Émile Baptiste Planet (75)Planet, Alain Émile Baptiste (75), Bishop emeritus of Carcassonne et Narbonne (France)
Bishop Gilles Reithinger, M.E.P. (51)Reithinger, Gilles, M.E.P. (51), Titular Bishop of Saint-Papoul and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Strasbourg (France)
Bishop Dominique Marie Jean Rey (71)Rey, Dominique Marie Jean (71), Bishop of Fréjus–Toulon (France)
Bishop Benoît Rivière (69)Rivière, Benoît (69), Bishop of Autun (France)
Bishop Pascal Roland (73)Roland, Pascal (73), Bishop of Belley–Ars (France)
Bishop Matthieu Rougé (58)Rougé, Matthieu (58), Bishop of Nanterre (France)
Bishop Louis Albert Joseph Roger Sankalé (77)Sankalé, Louis Albert Joseph Roger (77), Bishop emeritus of Nice (France)
Bishop Michel Léon Émile Santier (76)Santier, Michel Léon Émile (76), Bishop emeritus of Créteil (France)
Bishop Thierry Marie Scherrer (65)Scherrer, Thierry Marie (65), Bishop of Perpignan–Elne (France)
Bishop Claude-Pierre-Charles Schockert (84)Schockert, Claude-Pierre-Charles (84), Bishop emeritus of Belfort–Montbéliard (France)
Bishop Georges Pierre Soubrier, P.S.S. (90)Soubrier, Georges Pierre, P.S.S. (90), Bishop emeritus of Nantes (France)
Bishop Nicolas Jean-Marie Souchu (65)Souchu, Nicolas Jean-Marie (65), Bishop of Aire et Dax (France)
Bishop Marc Camille Michel Stenger (77)Stenger, Marc Camille Michel (77), Bishop emeritus of Troyes (France)
Bishop Jean Teyrouz, I.C.P.B. (82)Teyrouz, Jean, I.C.P.B. (82) (Armenian Rite), Bishop emeritus of Sainte-Croix-de-Paris of the Armenians (France)
Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais, S.S.P.X. (78)Tissier de Mallerais, Bernard, S.S.P.X. (78)
Bishop Emmanuel Tois (58)Tois, Emmanuel (58), Titular Bishop of Vertara and Auxiliary Bishop of Paris (France)
Bishop François Touvet (58)Touvet, François (58), Coadjutor Bishop of Fréjus–Toulon (France) and Bishop emeritus of Châlons (France)
Bishop Bruno Valentin (52)Valentin, Bruno (52), Bishop of Carcassonne et Narbonne (France)
Bishop Étienne Vetö, I.C.N. (59)Vetö, Étienne, I.C.N. (59), Titular Bishop of Thérouanne and Auxiliary Bishop of Reims (France)
Bishop Jean-Pierre Vuillemin (57)Vuillemin, Jean-Pierre (57), Bishop of Le Mans (France)
Bishop Robert Léon Wattebled (77)Wattebled, Robert Léon (77), Bishop emeritus of Nîmes (France)
Bishop Elie Yéghia Yéghiayan, I.C.P.B. (73)Yéghiayan, Elie Yéghia, I.C.P.B. (73) (Armenian Rite), Bishop of Sainte-Croix-de-Paris of the Armenians (France) and Apostolic Visitator in Western Europe of the Armenians

Other Prelates (33)

Fr. Jean-Michel Amouriaux, C.I.M. (56)Amouriaux, Jean-Michel, C.I.M. (56), Superior General of Congregation of Jesus and Mary (Eudists)
Becquart, Nathalie, X.M.C.J. (54), Undersecretary of Synod of Bishops
Msgr. Michel Berger (88)Berger, Michel (88), Priest of Digne (France) and Protonotary Apostolic Supernumerary
Fr. Serge-Thomas Bonino, O.P. (62)Bonino, Serge-Thomas, O.P. (62), President of Pontifical Academy of Saint Thomas Aquinas
Msgr. Philippe Bordeyne (64)Bordeyne, Philippe (64), President of Pontifical John Paul II Theological Institute for Matrimonial and Family Science, Priest of Nanterre (France) and Chaplain of His Holiness
Fr. Michel Brondino, S.C.J.Brondino, Michel, S.C.J., Superior General of Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Timon David Fathers)
Fr. Philippe Caratgé, S.J.M.V.Caratgé, Philippe, S.J.M.V., Moderator of Society of Saint John Mary Vianney
Fr. François-Xavier Cazali, C.S.J. (49)Cazali, François-Xavier, C.S.J. (49), General Prior of Community of Saint John
Fr. Gérard Chabanon, M. Afr. (76)Chabanon, Gérard, M. Afr. (76), Superior General emeritus of Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) and former Vice-Grand Chancellor of Pontifical Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies
Msgr. Philippe Curbelié (55)Curbelié, Philippe (55), Priest of Toulouse (France), Undersecretary of Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith and Chaplain of His Holiness
de Franssu, Jean-Baptiste Douville (60), President of Institute for Works of Religion
Fr. Dysmas de Lassus, O. Cart. (67)de Lassus, Dysmas, O. Cart. (67), Minister General of Carthusian Order (Carthusians)
Fr. Thierry de Roucy (66)de Roucy, Thierry (66), Founder of Heart’s Home
de Vregille, Michel-Bernard (61), General Moderator of Emmanuel Community
Fr. Hugues de Woillemont (54)de Woillemont, Hugues (54), Priest of Nanterre (France) and General Secretary of Bishops’ Conference of France
Fr. Michel Delannoy, Prado (64)Delannoy, Michel, Prado (64), Superior General of Prado Institute
Abbot Philippe Dupont, O.S.B.Dupont, Philippe, O.S.B., President of Solesmes Congregation
Fr. André Fétis, S.M. (62)Fétis, André, S.M. (62), Superior General of Society of Mary (Marianists)
Flye-Sainte-Marie, Isabelle, Bethléem, Prioress General of Monastic Family of Bethlehem, of the Assumption of the Virgin and of Saint Bruno (Monks and Sisters of Bethlehem)
Fr. Michel Jean-Paul GuillaudGuillaud, Michel Jean-Paul, Priest of Lyon (France) and General Secretary of Regional Episcopal Conference of North Africa
Houssay, Yannick, F.I.C.P. (74), Superior General emeritus of Brothers of Christian Instruction of Ploërmel
Laffitte-Catta, Martine (81), Founder of Emmanuel Community
Abbot Emmanuel-Marie de Saint-Jean Lefébure du Bus, C.R.M.D.Lefébure du Bus, Emmanuel-Marie de Saint-Jean, C.R.M.D., Abbot of Canons Regular of the Mother of God
Massy, Françoise, F.M.M. (77), Superior General of Franciscan Missionaries of Mary
Fr. Bruno Maurel, O.J.J.A.Maurel, Bruno, O.J.J.A., Superior General of Institute of the Work of Youth
Fr. François Michon, I.C.N. (57)Michon, François, I.C.N. (57), Superior General of Chemin Neuf Institute
Msgr. Maurice Monier (71)Monier, Maurice (71), Prelate Auditor of Tribunal of the Roman Rota
Abbot Hugues Paulze d’Ivoy, C.R.S.V. (57)Paulze d’Ivoy, Hugues, C.R.S.V. (57), Abbot General of Canons Regular of the Congregation of Saint Victor
Fr. François Picart, C.O.I. (59)Picart, François, C.O.I. (59), Superior General of Oratory of France (Oratorians of France)
Msgr. Dominique Rézeau (76)Rézeau, Dominique (76), Priest of Luçon (France) and Prelate of Honour of His Holiness
Fr. Vincent Sénéchal, M.E.P. (51)Sénéchal, Vincent, M.E.P. (51), Superior General of Paris Foreign Missions Society
Fr. Ephrem Tenaud, M.D.P.Tenaud, Ephrem, M.D.P., Superior General of Missionaries of the Plain
Msgr. Gilles Wach, I.C.R.S.S. (67)Wach, Gilles, I.C.R.S.S. (67), Prior General of Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest
Other Prelates born in France (35)
KuwaitBishop Aldo Berardi, O.SS.T. (60)Berardi, Aldo, O.SS.T. (60), Vicar Apostolic of Northern Arabia (Kuwait)
GabonBishop Dominique Bonnet, C.S.Sp. (84)Bonnet, Dominique, C.S.Sp. (84), Bishop emeritus of Mouila (Gabon)
New CaledoniaArchbishop Michel-Marie-Bernard Calvet, S.M. (80)Calvet, Michel-Marie-Bernard, S.M. (80), Metropolitan Archbishop of Nouméa (New Caledonia)
NigerArchbishop Michel Christian Cartatéguy, S.M.A. (72)Cartatéguy, Michel Christian, S.M.A. (72), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Niamey (Niger)
French PolynesiaBishop Guy André Dominique Marie Chevalier, SS.CC. (85)Chevalier, Guy André Dominique Marie, SS.CC. (85), Bishop emeritus of Taiohae (French Polynesia)
CambodiaFr. Bruno Cosme, M.E.P. (61)Cosme, Bruno, M.E.P. (61), Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of Laos and Cambodia
French PolynesiaArchbishop Jean-Pierre Cottanceau, SS.CC. (71)Cottanceau, Jean-Pierre, SS.CC. (71), Metropolitan Archbishop of Papeete (French Polynesia) and Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of the Pacific
ChadBishop Henri Coudray, S.J. (81)Coudray, Henri, S.J. (81), Titular Bishop of Silli and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Mongo (Chad)
AustraliaBishop Terence Robert Curtin (78)Curtin, Terence Robert (78), Titular Bishop of Cabarsussi and Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne (Australia)
MonacoArchbishop Dominique-Marie David (60)David, Dominique-Marie (60), Archbishop of Monaco (Monaco)
BrazilBishop Xavier Gilles de Maupeou d’Ableiges (89)de Maupeou d’Ableiges, Xavier Gilles (89), Bishop emeritus of Viana (Brazil)
Wallis and FutunaBishop Ghislain Marie Raoul Suzanne de Rasilly, S.M. (80)de Rasilly, Ghislain Marie Raoul Suzanne, S.M. (80), Bishop emeritus of Wallis et Futuna (Wallis and Futuna)
AlgeriaArchbishop Paul Desfarges, S.J. (79)Desfarges, Paul, S.J. (79), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Alger–Iulia Caesarea (Algeria)
South KoreaBishop René Marie Albert Dupont, M.E.P. (94)Dupont, René Marie Albert, M.E.P. (두봉 레나도) (94), Bishop emeritus of Andong 안동 (South Korea)
Saint Pierre and MiquelonBishop Lucien Prosper Ernest Fischer, C.S.Sp. (90)Fischer, Lucien Prosper Ernest, C.S.Sp. (90), Titular Bishop of Avioccala and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Îles Saint-Pierre et Miquelon (Saint Pierre and Miquelon)
Congo-BrazzavilleBishop Jean Gardin, C.S.Sp. (82)Gardin, Jean, C.S.Sp. (82), Bishop emeritus of Impfondo (Congo-Brazzaville)
Saint Pierre and MiquelonBishop Pierre-Marie Gaschy, C.S.Sp. (82)Gaschy, Pierre-Marie, C.S.Sp. (82), Titular Bishop of Usinaza and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Îles Saint-Pierre et Miquelon (Saint Pierre and Miquelon)
AlgeriaBishop Alphonse Émile Georger (87)Georger, Alphonse Émile (87), Bishop emeritus of Oran (Algeria)
EstoniaBishop Philippe Jean-Charles Jourdan (63)Jourdan, Philippe Jean-Charles (63), Apostolic Administrator of Estonia (Estonia) and Titular Bishop of Pertusa
GabonBishop Joseph Koerber, C.S.Sp. (80)Koerber, Joseph, C.S.Sp. (80), Titular Bishop of Siccenna and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Makokou (Gabon)
French GuianaBishop Emmanuel Marie Philippe Louis Lafont (78)Lafont, Emmanuel Marie Philippe Louis (78), Bishop emeritus of Cayenne (French Guiana)
TunisiaArchbishop Nicolas Lhernould (49)Lhernould, Nicolas (49), Archbishop of Tunis (Tunisia) and Vice-President of Regional Episcopal Conference of North Africa
MartiniqueArchbishop David Macaire, O.P. (54)Macaire, David, O.P. (54), Metropolitan Archbishop of Fort-de-France–Saint-Pierre (Martinique)
Congo-BrazzavilleBishop Yves Marie Monot, C.S.Sp. (79)Monot, Yves Marie, C.S.Sp. (79), Bishop emeritus of Ouesso (Congo-Brazzaville)
ItalyMsgr. Fernando Ocáriz Braña (79)Ocáriz Braña, Fernando (79), Prelate of Opus Dei (Italy), Priest of Opus Dei (Italy), Grand Chancellor of Pontifical University of the Holy Cross and Protonotary Apostolic Supernumerary
TurkiyeBishop Louis-Armel Pelâtre, A.A. (83)Pelâtre, Louis-Armel, A.A. (83), Titular Bishop of Sasima, Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Istanbul (Turkiye), former Apostolic Administrator of Istanbul of the Greeks (Turkiye) and former Patriarchal Administrator of Istanbul of the Greek-Melkites (Turkiye)
AlgeriaBishop Claude Jean Narcisse Rault, M. Afr. (83)Rault, Claude Jean Narcisse, M. Afr. (83), Bishop emeritus of Laghouat (Algeria)
GuadeloupeBishop Jean-Yves Riocreux (78)Riocreux, Jean-Yves (78), Bishop emeritus of Basse-Terre et Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe)
CambodiaBishop Olivier Michel Marie Schmitthaeusler, M.E.P. (53)Schmitthaeusler, Olivier Michel Marie, M.E.P. (53), Vicar Apostolic of Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and Titular Bishop of Catabum castra
ItalyArchbishop Nicolas Henry Marie Denis Thévenin (65)Thévenin, Nicolas Henry Marie Denis (65), Titular Archbishop of Eclano, Apostolic Nuncio to Oman, Apostolic Nuncio to Egypt and Delegate to League of Arab States (LAS)
CanadaBishop Pierre-Olivier Tremblay, O.M.I. (53)Tremblay, Pierre-Olivier, O.M.I. (53), Bishop of Hearst–Moosonee (Canada)
PhilippinesBishop Mel Rey Mingoa Uy (56)Uy, Mel Rey Mingoa (56), Bishop of Lucena (Philippines)
ChadArchbishop Charles Louis Joseph Vandame, S.J. (95)Vandame, Charles Louis Joseph, S.J. (95), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of N’Djaména (Chad)
AlgeriaArchbishop Jean-Paul Vesco, O.P. (62)Vesco, Jean-Paul, O.P. (62), Metropolitan Archbishop of Alger–Iulia Caesarea (Algeria)
BrazilBishop Dominique Marie Jean Denis You (68)You, Dominique Marie Jean Denis (68), Bishop of Santíssima Conceição do Araguaia (Brazil)
Other Prelates related to France (13)
ItalyArchbishop Luigi Bressan (84)Bressan, Luigi (84), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Trento (Italy)
French GuianaBishop Michel Marie Jacques Dubost, C.I.M. (81)Dubost, Michel Marie Jacques, C.I.M. (81), Bishop emeritus of Évry–Corbeil-Essonnes (France)
EnglandArchbishop Paul Richard Gallagher (70)Gallagher, Paul Richard (70), Titular Archbishop of Hodelm, Secretary for Relations with States of Secretariat of State and Secretary of Interdicastery Commission for the Church in Eastern Europe
ItalyMsgr. Marco Ganci (47)Ganci, Marco (47), Permanent Observer to Council of Europe, Priest of Catanzaro–Squillace (Italy) and Prelate of Honour of His Holiness
USAArchbishop Borys Andrij Gudziak (63)Gudziak, Borys Andrij (63) (Ukrainian Rite), Metropolitan Archbishop of Philadelphia of the Ukrainians (USA)
GuadeloupeBishop Philippe Guiougou (50)Guiougou, Philippe (50), Bishop of Basse-Terre et Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe)
ItalyArchbishop Celestino Migliore (71)Migliore, Celestino (71), Titular Archbishop of Canosa and Apostolic Nuncio to France
PalestineBishop Rafic Nahra (65)Nahra, Rafic (65), Titular Bishop of Verbe and Auxiliary Bishop of Jerusalem (Palestine)
ItalyArchbishop Vito Rallo (70)Rallo, Vito (70), Titular Archbishop of Alba
ItalyArchbishop Paolo Rudelli (53)Rudelli, Paolo (53), Titular Archbishop of Mesembria and Apostolic Nuncio to Colombia
BeninMsgr. Eric Soviguidi (53)Soviguidi, Eric (53), Permanent Observer to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Priest of Cotonou (Benin) and Prelate of Honour of His Holiness
ItalyArchbishop Luigi Ventura (79)Ventura, Luigi (79), Titular Archbishop of Equilio
ItalyArchbishop Carlo Maria Viganò (83)Viganò, Carlo Maria (83), Titular Archbishop of Ulpiana and Secretary General emeritus of Governorate of Vatican City State

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