Metropolitan Archdiocese of


Colombia Colombia


Continent: South America

Rite: Roman (Latin)

Type: Metropolitan Archdiocese Metr. Archdiocese

Name: Barranquilla / Barranquillen(sis) (Latin)

Suffragan Sees: El Banco, Riohacha, Santa Marta, Valledupar

Depends on: Dicastery for Bishops



Liturgical Calendar (National) ­čôů


Papal Visits

Present Prelates

Metropolitan Archbishop (2017.11.14 ÔÇô ...):Archbishop Pablo Emiro Salas Anteliz (67)Archbishop Pablo Emiro Salas Anteliz (67)
Auxiliary Bishop (2024.05.15 ÔÇô ...):Bishop Edgar Jes├║s Mej├şa Orozco (48)Bishop-elect Edgar Jes├║s Mej├şa Orozco (48)

Titular Bishop of Zattara


Metropolitan Archbishops of Barranquilla (Roman Rite)

Archbishop Pablo Emiro Salas Anteliz (67)Archbishop Pablo Emiro Salas Anteliz (67)
(2017.11.14 ÔÇô ...)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Barranquilla (Colombia)

Born:1957.06.09 (Valledupar, Colombia)
Ordained Priest:1984.12.02
Consecrated Bishop:2007.12.02

Priest of Valledupar (Colombia) (1984.12.02 ÔÇô 2007.10.24)

Bishop of Espinal (Colombia) (2007.10.24 ÔÇô 2014.08.18)

Bishop of Armenia (Colombia) (2014.08.18 ÔÇô 2017.11.14)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Barranquilla (Colombia) (2017.11.14 ÔÇô ...)

Archbishop Jairo Jaramillo Monsalve (83)Archbishop Jairo Jaramillo Monsalve (83)
(2010.11.13 ÔÇô 2017.11.14)

Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Barranquilla (Colombia)

Omnibus omnia factus

Born:1940.12.02 (Rionegro, Colombia)
Ordained Priest:1966.07.26
Consecrated Bishop:1988.09.09

Priest of Sons├│nÔÇôRionegro (Colombia) (1966.07.26 ÔÇô 1988.07.16)

Bishop of Riohacha (Colombia) (1988.07.16 ÔÇô 1995.06.10)

Bishop of Santa Rosa de Osos (Colombia) (1995.06.10 ÔÇô 2010.11.13)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Barranquilla (Colombia) (2010.11.13 ÔÇô 2017.11.14)

Bishop Luis Antonio Nova Rocha
(Apostolic Administrator 2010.08 ÔÇô 2010.11.13)

Cardinal Rub├ęn Salazar G├│mez (81)Archbishop Rub├ęn Salazar G├│mez (81) (later Cardinal)
(1999.03.18 ÔÇô 2010.07.08)

Cardinal-Priest of S. Gerardo Maiella
Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Bogotá (Colombia)

Tunc dixi ecce venio

Born:1942.09.22 (Bogotá, Colombia)
Ordained Priest:1967.05.20
Consecrated Bishop:1992.03.25
Created Cardinal:2012.11.24

Priest of Ibagu├ę (Colombia) (1967.05.20 ÔÇô 1992.02.11)

Bishop of C├║cuta (Colombia) (1992.02.11 ÔÇô 1999.03.18)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Barranquilla (Colombia) (1999.03.18 ÔÇô 2010.07.08)

President of Episcopal Conference of Colombia (2008.07.03 ÔÇô 2014.07.09)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Bogot├í (Colombia) (2010.07.08 ÔÇô 2020.04.25)

First Vice-President of Latin American Episcopal Council (2011.05.19 ÔÇô 2015.05.13)

Cardinal-Priest of S. Gerardo Maiella (2012.11.24 [2013.04.28] ÔÇô ...)

President of Latin American Episcopal Council (2015.05.13 ÔÇô 2019.05.15)

Archbishop F├ęlix Mar├şa Torres Parra
(1987.05.11 ÔÇô 1999.03.18)

Born:1923.07.12 (Colombia)
Ordained Priest:1946.06.09
Consecrated Bishop:1966.07.24
Died:2007.04.03 (ÔÇá 83)

Titular Bishop of Cell├Ž in Proconsulari (1966.06.04 ÔÇô 1969.04.25)

Auxiliary Bishop of Cartagena (Colombia) (1966.06.04 ÔÇô 1969.04.25)

Bishop of Sincelejo (Colombia) (1969.04.25 ÔÇô 1980.12.11)

Bishop of Santa Marta (Colombia) (1980.12.11 ÔÇô 1987.05.11)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Barranquilla (Colombia) (1987.05.11 ÔÇô 1999.03.18)

Archbishop Germán Villa Gaviria, C.I.M.
(1969.04.25 ÔÇô 1987.05.11)

Born:1911.04.21 (Colombia)
Ordained Priest:1935.07.07
Consecrated Bishop:1957.02.10
Died:1992.06.18 (ÔÇá 81)

Titular Bishop of Lamdia (1956.11.10 ÔÇô 1959.02.03)

Auxiliary Bishop of Cartagena (Colombia) (1956.11.10 ÔÇô 1959.02.03)

Bishop of Barranquilla (Colombia) (1959.02.03 ÔÇô 1969.04.25)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Barranquilla (Colombia) (1969.04.25 ÔÇô 1987.05.11)

Bishops of Barranquilla (Roman Rite)

Bishop Germán Villa Gaviria, C.I.M. (later Archbishop)
(1959.02.03 ÔÇô 1969.04.25)

(see above)

Bishop Francisco Gallego P├ęrez
(1953.02.03 ÔÇô 1958.12.18)

Born:1903.04.01 (Colombia)
Ordained Priest:1925.11.30
Consecrated Bishop:1953.03.19
Died:1960.05.21 (ÔÇá 57)

Bishop of Barranquilla (Colombia) (1953.02.03 ÔÇô 1958.12.18)

Bishop of Cali (Colombia) (1958.12.18 ÔÇô 1960.05.21)

Bishop Jes├║s Antonio Castro Becerra
(1948.08.19 ÔÇô 1952.12.18)

Born:1908.06.26 (Colombia)
Ordained Priest:1933.12.23
Consecrated Bishop:1948.10.31
Died:1991.04.01 (ÔÇá 82)

Bishop of Barranquilla (Colombia) (1948.08.19 ÔÇô 1952.12.18)

Bishop of Palmira (Colombia) (1952.12.18 ÔÇô 1983.08.20)

Bishop Julio Caicedo T├ęllez, S.D.B.
(1942.06.26 ÔÇô 1948.02.23)

Born:1884.04.16 (Colombia)
Ordained Priest:1907.04.30
Consecrated Bishop:1942.08.16
Died:1958.09.24 (ÔÇá 74)

Bishop of Barranquilla (Colombia) (1942.06.26 ÔÇô 1948.02.23)

Bishop of Cali (Colombia) (1948.02.23 ÔÇô 1958.09.24)

Bishop Luis Calixto Leiva Charry
(1933.11.21 ÔÇô 1939.05.16)

Born:1891.03.24 (Colombia)
Consecrated Bishop:1934.04.08
Died:1939.05.16 (ÔÇá 48)

Bishop of Barranquilla (Colombia) (1933.11.21 ÔÇô 1939.05.16)

Former Prelates

Special Churches

Churches by City (159)

Santa Marta (Ôćĺ), Cartagena (Ôćô)

Statistics (2021.12.31)

Area: 3,386 km┬▓

Population: 2,375,000 Catholics (79.8% of 2,978,000 total)

Pastoral Centres: 159 parishes, 4 missions

Personnel: 221 priests (158 diocesan, 63 religious), 303 religious (79 brothers, 224 sisters), 34 seminarians


Pastoral Centres




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