Metropolitan Archdiocese of


England England


Continent: West Europe

Rite: Roman (Latin)

Type: Metropolitan Archdiocese Metr. Archdiocese

Name: Southwark / Southvarcen(sis) (Latin)

Suffragan Sees: Arundel and Brighton, Plymouth, Portsmouth

Depends on: Dicastery for Bishops



Patron Saint: Our Blessed Lady, Conceived Without Sin (December 8), Saint Thomas Becket (December 29), Saint Augustine of Canterbury (May 27)

Cathedral Dedication Anniversary: November 7 (1958)

Liturgical Calendar ๐Ÿ“…


Contact Info

Address: Archbishopโ€™s House, 150 St. Georgeโ€™s Road, Southwark, London SE1 6HX, England

Phone: (020)7928-5592

Papal Visits

Present Prelates

Metropolitan Archbishop (2019.06.10 โ€“ ...):Archbishop John Wilson (55)Archbishop John Wilson (55)
Auxiliary Bishop (2005.12.28 โ€“ ...):Bishop Paul Joseph Hendricks (68)Bishop Paul Joseph Hendricks (68)

Titular Bishop of Rosemarkie

Auxiliary Bishop (2022.11.28 โ€“ ...):Bishop Philip Moger (69)Bishop Philip Moger (69)

Titular Bishop of Glastonbury


Metropolitan Archbishops of Southwark (Roman Rite)

Archbishop John Wilson (55)Archbishop John Wilson (55)
(2019.06.10 โ€“ ...)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Southwark (England)

Born:1968.07.04 (Sheffield, England)
Ordained Priest:1995.07.29
Consecrated Bishop:2016.01.25

Priest of Leeds (England) (1995.07.29 โ€“ 2015.11.24)

Titular Bishop of Lindisfarne (2015.11.24 โ€“ 2019.06.10)

Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster (England) (2015.11.24 โ€“ 2019.06.10)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Southwark (England) (2019.06.10 โ€“ ...)

Archbishop Peter David Gregory Smith
(2010.04.30 โ€“ 2019.06.10)

Legis Plenitudo Caritas

Born:1943.10.20 (Battersea, England)
Ordained Priest:1972.07.15
Consecrated Bishop:1995.05.27
Died:2020.03.06 (Chelsea, England โ€  76)

Bishop of East Anglia (England) (1995.03.21 โ€“ 2001.10.26)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Cardiff (Wales) (2001.10.26 โ€“ 2010.04.30)

Vice-President of Bishopsโ€™ Conference of England and Wales (2009.04.30 โ€“ 2019.05.13)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Southwark (England) (2010.04.30 โ€“ 2019.06.10)

Apostolic Administrator of Arundel and Brighton (England) (2010.10.04 โ€“ 2015.03.21)

Archbishop Kevin John Patrick McDonald (76)Archbishop Kevin John Patrick McDonald (76)
(2003.11.06 โ€“ 2009.12.04)

Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Southwark (England)

Dabo vobis cor novum

Born:1947.08.18 (Stoke-On-Trent, England)
Ordained Priest:1974.07.20
Consecrated Bishop:2001.05.02

Priest of Birmingham (England) (1974.07.20 โ€“ 2001.03.29)

Bishop of Northampton (England) (2001.03.29 โ€“ 2003.11.06)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Southwark (England) (2003.11.06 โ€“ 2009.12.04)

Archbishop Michael George Bowen
(1977.03.28 โ€“ 2003.11.06)

Born:1930.04.23 (Gibraltar)
Ordained Priest:1958.07.06
Consecrated Bishop:1970.06.27
Died:2019.10.17 (London, England โ€  89)

Titular Bishop of Lamsorti (1970.05.18 โ€“ 1971.03.14)

Coadjutor Bishop of Arundel and Brighton (England) (1970.05.18 โ€“ 1971.03.14)

Bishop of Arundel and Brighton (England) (1971.03.14 โ€“ 1977.03.28)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Southwark (England) (1977.03.28 โ€“ 2003.11.06)

Archbishop Cyril Conrad Cowderoy
(1965.05.28 โ€“ 1976.10.10)

In omnibus labora

Born:1905.05.05 (England)
Ordained Priest:1931.05.30
Consecrated Bishop:1949.12.21
Died:1976.10.10 (โ€  71)

Bishop of Southwark (England) (1949.12.12 โ€“ 1965.05.28)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Southwark (England) (1965.05.28 โ€“ 1976.10.10)

Bishops of Southwark (Roman Rite)

Bishop Cyril Conrad Cowderoy (later Archbishop)
(1949.12.12 โ€“ 1965.05.28)

(see above)

Archbishop Peter Emmanuel Amigo
(1904.03.12 โ€“ 1949.10.01)

Age pro viribus

Born:1864.05.26 (Gibraltar)
Ordained Priest:1888.02.25
Consecrated Bishop:1904.03.25
Died:1949.10.01 (โ€  85)

Bishop of Southwark (England) (1904.03.12 โ€“ 1949.10.01)

Archbishop ad personam (1937.12.18 โ€“ 1949.10.01)

Bishop Francis Alphonsus Bourne (later Cardinal)
(1897.04.09 โ€“ 1903.09.11)

Ne cede malis

Born:1861.03.23 (Claphan, England)
Ordained Priest:1884.06.11
Consecrated Bishop:1896.05.01
Created Cardinal:1911.11.27
Died:1935.01.01 (London, England โ€  73)

Titular Bishop of Epiphania (1896.03.27 โ€“ 1897.04.09)

Coadjutor Bishop of Southwark (England) (1896.03.27 โ€“ 1897.04.09)

Bishop of Southwark (England) (1897.04.09 โ€“ 1903.09.11)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Westminster (England) (1903.09.11 โ€“ 1935.01.01)

Cardinal-Priest of S. Pudenziana (1911.11.30 โ€“ 1935.01.01)

Bishop John Baptist Butt
(1885.06.26 โ€“ 1897.04.12)

Born:1826.04.20 (England)
Consecrated Bishop:1885.01.29
Died:1899.11.01 (โ€  73)

Titular Bishop of Milos (Greece) (1884.12.18 โ€“ 1885.06.26)

Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark (England) (1884.12.18 โ€“ 1885.06.26)

Bishop of Southwark (England) (1885.06.26 โ€“ 1897.04.12)

Titular Bishop of Sebastopolis (1897.04.12 โ€“ 1899.11.01)

Bishop Robert Aston Coffin, C.SS.R.
(1882.05.25 โ€“ 1885.04.06)

Born:1819.07.19 (England)
Ordained Priest:1847.10.31
Consecrated Bishop:1882.06.11
Died:1885.04.06 (โ€  65)

Bishop of Southwark (England) (1882.05.25 โ€“ 1885.04.06)

Bishop James Danell
(1871.01.10 โ€“ 1881.06.14)

Born:1821.07.14 (England)
Consecrated Bishop:1871.03.25
Died:1881.06.14 (โ€  59)

Bishop of Southwark (England) (1871.01.10 โ€“ 1881.06.14)

Bishop Thomas Grant
(1851.06.27 โ€“ 1870.05.31)

Born:1816.11.25 (France)
Ordained Priest:1841.11.28
Consecrated Bishop:1851.07.06
Died:1870.05.31 (โ€  53)

Bishop of Southwark (England) (1851.06.27 โ€“ 1870.05.31)

Cardinal Nicholas Patrick Stephen Wiseman
(Apostolic Administrator 1850.09.29 โ€“ 1851.06.27)

Former Prelates

Special Churches

Churches by City (224)

Arundel and Brighton (โ†™), Westminster (โ†–), Brentwood (โ†—), Arras (โ†˜)

Statistics (2022.12.31)

Area: 4,596 kmยฒ

Population: 398,600 Catholics (8.0% of 4,994,000 total)

Pastoral Centres: 175 parishes, 2 missions

Personnel: 362 priests (259 diocesan, 103 religious), 91 deacons, 427 religious (109 brothers, 318 sisters), 4 seminarians


Pastoral Centres





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