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England England


Continent: West Europe

Rite: Roman (Latin)

Type: Diocese Diocese

Name: Northampton / Northantonien(sis) (Latin)

Ecclesiastical Province: Westminster

Depends on: Dicastery for Bishops



Patron Saint: Our Blessed Lady Immaculate (December 8), Saint Thomas Becket (December 29)

Cathedral Dedication Anniversary: June 22 (1960)

Liturgical Calendar (National) ๐Ÿ“…


Contact Info

Address: Bishopโ€™s House, Marriott St., Northampton NN2 6AW, England

Phone: (01604)715.635

Present Prelates

Bishop (2020.01.08 โ€“ ...):Bishop David James Oakley (68)Bishop David James Oakley (68)


Bishops of Northampton (Roman Rite)

Bishop David James Oakley (68)Bishop David James Oakley (68)
(2020.01.08 โ€“ ...)

Bishop of Northampton (England)

Beati pauperes spiritu

Born:1955.11.28 (Stourbridge, England)
Ordained Priest:1980.07.05
Consecrated Bishop:2020.03.19

Priest of Birmingham (England) (1980.07.05 โ€“ 2020.01.08)

Bishop of Northampton (England) (2020.01.08 โ€“ ...)

Bishop Peter John Haworth Doyle (80)Bishop Peter John Haworth Doyle (80)
(2005.05.24 โ€“ 2020.01.08)

Bishop emeritus of Northampton (England)

Facere judicium et diligere caritatem

Born:1944.05.03 (Wilpshire, England)
Ordained Priest:1968.06.08
Consecrated Bishop:2005.06.28

Priest of Portsmouth (England) (1968.06.08 โ€“ 2005.05.24)

Prelate of Honour of His Holiness (2001.07.09 โ€“ 2005.05.24)

Bishop of Northampton (England) (2005.05.24 โ€“ 2020.01.08)

Archbishop Kevin John Patrick McDonald (76)Bishop Kevin John Patrick McDonald (76) (later Archbishop)
(2001.03.29 โ€“ 2003.11.06)

Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Southwark (England)

Dabo vobis cor novum

Born:1947.08.18 (Stoke-On-Trent, England)
Ordained Priest:1974.07.20
Consecrated Bishop:2001.05.02

Priest of Birmingham (England) (1974.07.20 โ€“ 2001.03.29)

Bishop of Northampton (England) (2001.03.29 โ€“ 2003.11.06)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Southwark (England) (2003.11.06 โ€“ 2009.12.04)

Bishop Patrick Leo McCartie
(1990.02.20 โ€“ 2001.03.29)

Born:1925.09.05 (Harborne, England)
Ordained Priest:1949.07.17
Consecrated Bishop:1977.05.20
Died:2020.04.23 (Birmingham, England โ€  94)

Titular Bishop of Elmham (1977.04.13 โ€“ 1990.02.20)

Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham (England) (1977.04.13 โ€“ 1990.02.20)

Bishop of Northampton (England) (1990.02.20 โ€“ 2001.03.29)

Bishop Francis Gerard Thomas
(1982.08.27 โ€“ 1988.12.25)

Born:1930.05.20 (England)
Ordained Priest:1955.06.05
Consecrated Bishop:1982.09.29
Died:1988.12.25 (โ€  58)

Bishop of Northampton (England) (1982.08.27 โ€“ 1988.12.25)

Bishop Alan Charles Clark
(Apostolic Administrator 1969.03.31 โ€“ 1976.04.26)

Bishop Charles Alexander Grant
(1967.03.14 โ€“ 1982.02.16)

Born:1906.10.25 (England)
Ordained Priest:1935.06.16
Consecrated Bishop:1961.04.25
Died:1989.04.24 (โ€  82)

Titular Bishop of Alinda (1961.02.06 โ€“ 1967.03.14)

Auxiliary Bishop of Northampton (England) (1961.02.06 โ€“ 1967.03.14)

Bishop of Northampton (England) (1967.03.14 โ€“ 1982.02.16)

Bishop Thomas Leo Parker
(1940.12.14 โ€“ 1967.01.17)

Deus providebit

Born:1887.12.21 (England)
Ordained Priest:1915.05.29
Consecrated Bishop:1941.02.11
Died:1975.03.25 (โ€  87)

Bishop of Northampton (England) (1940.12.14 โ€“ 1967.01.17)

Titular Bishop of Magarmel (1967.01.17 โ€“ 1970.12.07)

Bishop Laurence William Youens
(1933.06.16 โ€“ 1939.11.14)

Born:1873.12.14 (England)
Ordained Priest:1901.06.30
Consecrated Bishop:1933.07.25
Died:1939.11.14 (โ€  65)

Bishop of Northampton (England) (1933.06.16 โ€“ 1939.11.14)

Bishop Dudley Charles Cary-Elwes
(1921.11.21 โ€“ 1932.05.01)

Ordained Priest:1896.05.30
Consecrated Bishop:1921.12.15
Died:1932.05.01 (โ€  64)

Bishop of Northampton (England) (1921.11.21 โ€“ 1932.05.01)

Bishop Frederick William Keating (later Archbishop)
(1908.02.05 โ€“ 1921.06.13)

Born:1859.06.13 (England)
Ordained Priest:1882.10.20
Consecrated Bishop:1908.02.25
Died:1928.02.07 (โ€  68)

Bishop of Northampton (England) (1908.02.05 โ€“ 1921.06.13)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Liverpool (England) (1921.06.13 โ€“ 1928.02.07)

Bishop Arthur George Riddell
(1880.04.27 โ€“ 1907.09.15)

Born:1836.09.15 (France)
Ordained Priest:1858.09.24
Consecrated Bishop:1880.06.09
Died:1907.09.15 (โ€  71)

Bishop of Northampton (England) (1880.04.27 โ€“ 1907.09.15)

Bishop Francis Kerril Amherst
(1858.05.14 โ€“ 1879.10.16)

Born:1819.03.21 (England)
Ordained Priest:1846.06.06
Consecrated Bishop:1858.07.04
Died:1883.08.21 (โ€  64)

Bishop of Northampton (England) (1858.05.14 โ€“ 1879.10.16)

Titular Bishop of Sozusa (1880.07.02 โ€“ 1883.08.21)

Bishop William Wareing
(1850.09.29 โ€“ 1858.12.21)

Born:1791.02.14 (England)
Ordained Priest:1815.09.28
Consecrated Bishop:1840.09.21
Died:1865.12.26 (โ€  74)

Titular Bishop of Areopolis (1840.06.05 โ€“ 1850.09.29)

Bishop of Eastern District (England) (1840.06.05 โ€“ 1850.09.29)

Bishop of Northampton (England) (1850.09.29 โ€“ 1858.12.21)

Titular Bishop of Rhithymna (1858.12.21 โ€“ 1865.12.26)

Bishops of Eastern District (Roman Rite)

Bishop William Wareing
(1840.06.05 โ€“ 1850.09.29)

(see above)

Former Prelates

Special Churches

Churches by City (99)

Birmingham (โ†), Nottingham (โ†‘), East Anglia (โ†’), Westminster (โ†˜), Portsmouth (โ†“)

Statistics (2022.12.31)

Area: 3,419 kmยฒ

Population: 180,560 Catholics (8.1% of 2,218,590 total)

Pastoral Centres: 70 parishes, 26 missions

Personnel: 103 priests (76 diocesan, 27 religious), 42 deacons, 125 religious (27 brothers, 98 sisters), 3 seminarians


Pastoral Centres





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