Diocese of


England England, Guernsey Guernsey, Jersey Jersey


Continent: West Europe

Rite: Roman (Latin)

Type: Diocese Diocese

Name: Portsmouth / Portus magni (Latin)

Ecclesiastical Province: Southwark

Depends on: Dicastery for Bishops



Patron Saint: Our Blessed Lady, Conceived Without Sin (December 8), Saint Edmund of Abingdon (November 16)

Cathedral Dedication Anniversary: May 19 (1887)

Liturgical Calendar ๐Ÿ“…


Contact Info

Address: St. Edmund House, Bishop Crispian Way, Portsmouth PO1 3QA, England

Phone: (023)9282-5430

Present Prelates

Bishop (2012.07.11 โ€“ ...):Bishop Philip Anthony Egan (68)Bishop Philip Anthony Egan (68)


Bishops of Portsmouth (Roman Rite)

Bishop Philip Anthony Egan (68)Bishop Philip Anthony Egan (68)
(2012.07.11 โ€“ ...)

Bishop of Portsmouth (England)

In corde Jesu

Born:1955.11.14 (Altrincham, England)
Ordained Priest:1984.08.04
Consecrated Bishop:2012.09.24

Priest of Shrewsbury (England) (1984.08.04 โ€“ 2012.07.11)

Bishop of Portsmouth (England) (2012.07.11 โ€“ ...)

Bishop Roger Francis Crispian Hollis (87)Bishop Roger Francis Crispian Hollis (87)
(1988.12.06 โ€“ 2012.07.11)

Bishop emeritus of Portsmouth (England)

Per ducatum evangelii

Born:1936.11.17 (Bristol, England)
Ordained Priest:1965.07.11
Consecrated Bishop:1987.05.05

Priest of Clifton (England) (1965.07.11 โ€“ 1987.02.13)

Titular Bishop of Cincari (1987.02.13 โ€“ 1988.12.06)

Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham (England) (1987.02.13 โ€“ 1988.12.06)

Bishop of Portsmouth (England) (1988.12.06 โ€“ 2012.07.11)

Bishop Anthony Joseph Emery
(1976.09.13 โ€“ 1988.04.05)

Sinite parvulos venire

Born:1918.05.17 (England)
Ordained Priest:1953.05.30
Consecrated Bishop:1968.03.08
Died:1988.04.05 (โ€  69)

Titular Bishop of Tamallula (1967.12.06 โ€“ 1976.09.13)

Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham (England) (1967.12.06 โ€“ 1976.09.13)

Bishop of Portsmouth (England) (1976.09.13 โ€“ 1988.04.05)

Bishop Derek John Worlock (later Archbishop)
(1965.10.18 โ€“ 1976.02.07)

Caritas Christi eluceat

Born:1920.02.04 (England)
Ordained Priest:1944.06.03
Consecrated Bishop:1965.12.21
Died:1996.02.06 (โ€  76)

Bishop of Portsmouth (England) (1965.10.18 โ€“ 1976.02.07)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Liverpool (England) (1976.02.07 โ€“ 1996.02.06)

Archbishop John Henry King
(1941.06.04 โ€“ 1965.03.23)

Born:1880.09.16 (England)
Ordained Priest:1904.11.20
Consecrated Bishop:1938.07.15
Died:1965.03.23 (โ€  84)

Titular Bishop of Opus (1938.05.28 โ€“ 1941.06.04)

Auxiliary Bishop of Portsmouth (England) (1938.05.28 โ€“ 1941.06.04)

Bishop of Portsmouth (England) (1941.06.04 โ€“ 1965.03.23)

Archbishop ad personam (1954.06.06 โ€“ 1965.03.23)

Bishop William Timothy Cotter
(1910.11.24 โ€“ 1940.10.24)

Non recuso laborem

Born:1866.12.21 (Ireland)
Ordained Priest:1892.06.19
Consecrated Bishop:1905.03.19
Died:1940.10.24 (โ€  73)

Titular Bishop of Clazomenรฆ (1905.02.14 โ€“ 1910.11.24)

Auxiliary Bishop of Portsmouth (England) (1905.02.14 โ€“ 1910.11.24)

Bishop of Portsmouth (England) (1910.11.24 โ€“ 1940.10.24)

Bishop John Baptist Cahill
(1900.08.30 โ€“ 1910.08.02)

In Domino confido

Born:1841.09.02 (England)
Ordained Priest:1864
Consecrated Bishop:1900.05.01
Died:1910.08.02 (โ€  68)

Titular Bishop of Thagura (1900.03.21 โ€“ 1900.08.30)

Auxiliary Bishop of Portsmouth (England) (1900.03.21 โ€“ 1900.08.30)

Bishop of Portsmouth (England) (1900.08.30 โ€“ 1910.08.02)

Bishop John Vertue
(1882.06.03 โ€“ 1900.05.23)

Born:1826.04.28 (England)
Ordained Priest:1851.12.20
Consecrated Bishop:1882.07.25
Died:1900.05.23 (โ€  74)

Bishop of Portsmouth (England) (1882.06.03 โ€“ 1900.05.23)

Former Prelates

Special Churches

Churches by City (128)

Plymouth (โ†), Clifton (โ†–), Birmingham (โ†‘), Northampton (โ†—), Arundel and Brighton (โ†’), Coutances (โ†“)

Statistics (2020.12.31)

Area: 6,339 kmยฒ

Population: 232,800 Catholics (6.7% of 3,472,000 total)

Pastoral Centres: 89 parishes

Personnel: 242 priests (149 diocesan, 93 religious), 55 deacons, 379 religious (119 brothers, 260 sisters), 14 seminarians


Pastoral Centres





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