Benedictine Congregation of Saint Ottilien (O.S.B.)

Missionary Benedictines

Also known as: Benediktinerkongregation von St. Ottilien (Deutsch) / Congrégation des bénédictins missionnaires de Sainte-Odile (français) / Congregazione Benedettina di Sant’Ottilia (Italiano) / 本篤會聖奧提來會 (正體中文)


Type: Monastic Order of Pontifical Right (for Men)

Confederation: Benedictine Confederation of the Order of Saint Benedict (Benedictines)

Depends on: Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life



Contact Info

Address: Erzabtei, D-86941 St. Ottilien, Germany

Phone: (08193) 71.800


President:GermanyArchabbot Jeremias Schröder, O.S.B. (59)Archabbot Jeremias Schröder, O.S.B. (59) (2012.10.13 – ...)

Past Superiors

Superior General:GermanyArchabbot Jeremias Schröder, O.S.B. (59)Archabbot Jeremias Schröder, O.S.B. (59) (2000.10.05 – 2012.10.13)
Superior General:GermanyArchabbot Notker D. Wolf, O.S.B. (later Abbot Primate) (1977.10.01 – 2000.09.07)
Superior General:GermanyArchabbot Viktor Josef Dammertz, O.S.B. (later Bishop) (1975 – 1977.09.22)
Superior General:GermanyArchabbot Heinrich Suso Brechter, O.S.B. (1957.07.16 – 1974)
Superior General:GermanyArchabbot Chrysostomus Schmid, O.S.B. (1931 – 1957.05.15)
Superior General:GermanyArchabbot Norbert Weber, O.S.B. (1902.12.18 – 1931)
Superior General:GermanyAbbot Ildefons Schober, O.S.B. (later Archabbot) (1896 – 1902)
Superior General:GermanyAbbot Andreas Amrhein, O.S.B. (1884 – 1895)

Other Present Members (1)

North KoreaAbbot Blasio Park Hyun-dong, O.S.B. (53)Abbot Blasio Park Hyun-dong (블라시오 박현동 / 朴賢東), O.S.B. (53), Apostolic Administrator of Tŏkwon 덕원 (North Korea)

Other Former Members (5)

>2013: North KoreaAbbot Simon Peter Ri Hyong-u (이형우 시몬베드로), O.S.B., Apostolic Administrator of Tŏkwon 덕원 (North Korea)

>2005: North KoreaAbbot Placidus Ri Tong-ho (이동호 플라치도), O.S.B., Apostolic Administrator of Hamhung 함흥 (North Korea) and Apostolic Administrator of Tŏkwon 덕원 (North Korea)

1990: ChinaFr. Timotheus Bitterli (이성도 디모테오 / 比特里), O.S.B., Apostolic Administrator of Yanji 延吉 (China) and Apostolic Administrator of Tŏkwon 덕원 (North Korea)

>1971: TanzaniaFr. Bruno Zwissler, O.S.B., Apostolic Administrator of Njombe (Tanzania)

>1922: TanzaniaFr. Villibrordo Lay, O.S.B., Prefect Apostolic of Lindi (Tanzania)

Living Bishops (1 Bishop)

GermanyBishop Dominicus Meier, O.S.B. (64)Bishop Dominicus Meier, O.S.B. (64), Titular Bishop of Castro di Sardegna and Auxiliary Bishop of Paderborn (Germany)

Deceased Bishops (8 Bishops)

2020: GermanyBishop Viktor Josef Dammertz, O.S.B., Bishop of Augsburg (Germany)

2015: TanzaniaBishop Placidus Gervasius Nkalanga, O.S.B., Bishop of Bukoba (Tanzania)

1990: TanzaniaBishop Eberhard Spiess, O.S.B., Abbot Ordinary of Peramiho (Tanzania)

1981: TanzaniaBishop Joachim Ammann, O.S.B., Abbot Ordinary of Ndanda (Tanzania)

1975: TanzaniaBishop Anthony Victor Hälg, O.S.B., Abbot Ordinary of Ndanda (Tanzania)

1966: TanzaniaBishop Gallus Steiger, O.S.B., Abbot Ordinary of Peramiho (Tanzania)

1950: North KoreaBishop Bonifatius Sauer (신상원 보니파시오), O.S.B., Abbot Ordinary of Tŏkugen (North Korea)

1950: ChinaBishop Theodor Breher (白化東 / 브레허 白화동 주교), O.S.B., Bishop of Yanji 延吉 (China)

Austria Austria

Germany Germany

North Korea North Korea

South Africa South Africa

South Korea South Korea

Switzerland Switzerland

Tanzania Tanzania


Venezuela Venezuela

Statistics (2021.12.31)

Houses: 55

Members: 1,046 (326 priests)



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