Congregation of the Augustinians of the Assumption (A.A.)


Also known as: Assumptionisten (Deutsch) / Asuncionistas (español) / Congrégation des Augustins de l’Assomption (français) / Agostiniani dell’Assunzione (Italiano) / Congregatio Augustinianorum ab Assumptione (latine)

Type: Clerical Religious Congregation of Pontifical Right (for Men)

Depends on: Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life



Contact Info

Address: Via San Pio V 55, 00165 Roma, Italy

Phone: 06.662.39.98


Superior General:Congo-KinshasaFr. Ngoa Ya Tshihemba, A.A. (53)Fr. Ngoa Ya Tshihemba, A.A. (53) (2023.06.12 – ...)

Past Superiors

Superior General:FranceFr. Benoît Grière, A.A. (2011.05.11 – 2023.06.12)
Superior General:USAFr. Richard E. Lamoureux, A.A. (1999.05.11 – 2011.05.11)
Superior General:Fr. Claude Maréchal, A.A. (1987 – 1999)
Superior General:Fr. Hervé Stéphan, A.A. (1975 – 1987)
Superior General:Fr. Paul Charpentier, A.A. (1969 – 1975)
Superior General:USAFr. Wilfrid Dufault, A.A. (1952 – 1969)
Superior General:Fr. Gervais Quenard, A.A. (1923 – 1952)
Superior General:Fr. Emmauel Bailly, A.A. (1903 – 1917)
Superior General:Fr. François Picard, A.A. (1880 – 1903)
Superior General:FranceFr. Emmanuel d’Alzon, A.A. (1845 – 1880)
Vicar General:Fr. Joseph Maubon, A.A. (1918 – 1922)


Founder:FranceFr. Emmanuel d’Alzon, A.A. (1845)

Living Bishops (2 Bishops)

FranceBishop Benoît Gschwind, A.A. (60)Bishop Benoît Gschwind, A.A. (60), Bishop of Pamiers (France)

TurkiyeBishop Louis-Armel Pelâtre, A.A. (83)Bishop Louis-Armel Pelâtre, A.A. (83), Titular Bishop of Sasima, Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Istanbul (Turkiye), former Apostolic Administrator of Istanbul of the Greeks (Turkiye) and former Patriarchal Administrator of Istanbul of the Greek-Melkites (Turkiye)

Deceased Bishops (5 Archbishops, 7 Bishops)

2022: BrazilBishop José Geraldo da Cruz, A.A., Bishop of Juazeiro (Brazil)

2007: GreeceArchbishop Antónios Varthalítis, A.A., Metropolitan Archbishop of Corfu–Zakynthos–Kefalonia (Greece)

2006: BulgariaArchbishop Metodi Dimitrov Stratiev, A.A., Apostolic Exarch of Sofia of the Bulgarians (Bulgaria)

2005: Congo-KinshasaArchbishop Charles Kambale Mbogha, A.A., Metropolitan Archbishop of Bukavu (Congo-Kinshasa)

2000: RomaniaBishop Vasile Cristea, A.A., Titular Bishop of Lebedus

1998: BulgariaBishop Samuel Seraphimov Djoundrine, A.A., Bishop of Nikopol (Bulgaria)

1991: MadagascarBishop Michel-Henri Canonne, A.A., Bishop of Tuléar (Madagascar)

1979: BrazilBishop Arturo Gerrit João Hermanus Maria Horsthuis, A.A., Bishop of Jales (Brazil)

1978: EnglandArchbishop George Andrew Beck, A.A., Metropolitan Archbishop of Liverpool (England)

1975: Congo-KinshasaBishop Henri Joseph Marius Piérard, A.A., Bishop of Beni (Congo-Kinshasa)

1968: GreeceArchbishop Antonio Gregorio Vuccino, A.A., Metropolitan Archbishop of Corfu–Zakynthos–Kefalonia (Greece)

1946: FranceBishop Pie Eugène Joseph Neveu, A.A., Titular Bishop of Citrus

Blesseds (3)

1952: BulgariaBlessed Kamen (Petăr Vichev / Петър Камен Вичев), priest and martyr

1952: BulgariaBlessed Pavel (Josif Džidžov / Йосиф Павел Джиджов), priest and martyr

1952: BulgariaBlessed Josafat (Robert Matej Šiškov / Роберт Матей Йосафат Шишков), priest and martyr

Brazil Brazil

England England

Greece Greece

Palestine Palestine

Russia Russia

Statistics (2021.12.31)

Houses: 126

Members: 948 (539 priests)



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