Bishops of Tunisia

by Name

Bishops and Ordinaries of Tunisia (2)

Archbishops (2)

Archbishop Ilario Antoniazzi (76)Antoniazzi, Ilario (76), Archbishop emeritus of Tunis (Tunisia)
Archbishop Nicolas Lhernould (49)Lhernould, Nicolas (49), Archbishop of Tunis (Tunisia) and Vice-President of Regional Episcopal Conference of North Africa
Other Prelates related to Tunisia (7)
UgandaArchbishop Augustine Kasujja (78)Kasujja, Augustine (78), Titular Archbishop of Cesarea in Numidia
PalestineArchbishop Maroun Elias Nimeh Lahham (75)Lahham, Maroun Elias Nimeh (75), Titular Archbishop of Medaba and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Jerusalem (Palestine)
ItalyArchbishop Luciano Russo (60)Russo, Luciano (60), Titular Archbishop of Monteverde and Secretary for Pontifical Representations of Secretariat of State
ItalyArchbishop Antonio Sozzo (82)Sozzo, Antonio (82), Titular Archbishop of Concordia
PalestinePatriarch Fouad Twal (83)Twal, Fouad (83), Patriarch emeritus of Jerusalem (Palestine), former President of Conference of the Latin Bishops of the Arab Regions, former President of Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land and Grand Prior emeritus of Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (Knights of the Holy Sepulchre)
IndiaArchbishop Kurian Mathew Vayalunkal (57)Vayalunkal, Kurian Mathew (57) (Syro-Malabar Rite), Titular Archbishop of Ratiaria, Apostolic Nuncio to Tunisia and Apostolic Nuncio to Algeria
TaiwanArchbishop Thomas Yeh Sheng-nan (82)Yeh Sheng-nan, Thomas (葉勝男) (82), Titular Archbishop of Leptis Magna

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