Cardinals Created by

Pope Eugene III Details (38)

Consistory of 1145 (at the time of creation) (8)
1.Italy Fr. Bernardo, C.R.L.Fr. Bernardo, C.R.L.Cardinal-Priest
2.Italy Mr. Giordano BoboneCardinal-Priest
3.France Mr. GuyCardinal-Deacon
4.Italy Mr. Raniero MarescottiCardinal-Deacon
5.Mr. CinzioCardinal-Deacon
6.Mr. BercarcoCardinal-Deacon
7.Belgium Mr. GerardoCardinal-Deacon
8.Mr. GuidoCardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1146 (at the time of creation) (3)
1.England Fr. Nicholas Breakspear, C.R.S.A. (45)Fr. Nicholas Breakspear, C.R.S.A. (45)Cardinal-Bishop
2.Italy Fr. Bernard, O.S.B. Cas.Cardinal-Priest
3.Mr. GregorioCardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1149 (at the time of creation) (6)
1.Fr. GuidoFr. GuidoCardinal-Bishop
2.Mr. GiovanniCardinal-Priest
3.Mr. GrecoCardinal-Deacon
4.Italy Mr. Gerardo CaccianemiciCardinal-Deacon
5.Wales Fr. Geoffrey of MonmouthFr. Geoffrey of MonmouthCardinal-Deacon
6.Mr. GualterioCardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1150 (at the time of creation) (14)
1.France Bishop Hughes, O. Cist.Blessed Bishop Hughes, O. Cist.Cardinal-Bishop
2.Italy Fr. Giovanni ContiFr. Giovanni ContiCardinal-Priest
3.Fr. GerardoFr. GerardoCardinal-Priest
4.Italy Bishop CenzioBishop CenzioCardinal-Priest
5.Italy Fr. Rolando Bandinelli, C.R.L. (49)Fr. Rolando Bandinelli, C.R.L. (49)Cardinal-Deacon
6.Italy Fr. Errico Moricotti, O. Cist.Fr. Errico Moricotti, O. Cist.Cardinal-Priest
7.Italy Fr. Giovanni MerconeFr. Giovanni MerconeCardinal-Priest
8.Mr. CenzioCardinal-Deacon
9.Italy Mr. GiovanniCardinal-Deacon
10.Italy Fr. Sylvester, O.S.B. Cas.Cardinal-Priest
11.France Fr. Jean, O.S.B. Clun.Cardinal-Deacon
12.Italy Bishop Ardizzone, Bishop of Como (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
13.Fr. MatteoFr. MatteoCardinal-Priest
14.Italy Fr. Guido di Crema (39)Fr. Guido di Crema (39)Cardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1151 (at the time of creation) (2)
1.Italy Mr. AlbertoCardinal-Deacon
2.France Mr. Bernard, O. Cist.Cardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1152 (at the time of creation) (5)
1.Italy Fr. Ildebrando Grassi, C.R.S.M.R.Fr. Ildebrando Grassi, C.R.S.M.R., Apostolic Administrator of Modena (Italy)Cardinal-Deacon
2.Italy Mr. OttoneCardinal-Deacon
3.Mr. IldebrandoCardinal-Deacon
4.Mr. OdoneCardinal-Deacon
5.Mr. GregorioCardinal-Deacon

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