Bishops of Malawi

by Name

Bishops and Ordinaries of Malawi (12)

Archbishops (2)

Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa, S.M.M. (62)Msusa, Thomas Luke, S.M.M. (62), Metropolitan Archbishop of Blantyre (Malawi) and Vice-President of Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa
Archbishop George Desmond Tambala, O.C.D. (55)Tambala, George Desmond, O.C.D. (55), Metropolitan Archbishop of Lilongwe (Malawi) and President of Episcopal Conference of Malawi

Bishops (10)

Bishop Alfred Mateyu Chaima (53)Chaima, Alfred Mateyu (53), Bishop of Zomba (Malawi) and General Secretary of Episcopal Conference of Malawi
Bishop Allan Chamgwera (95)Chamgwera, Allan (95), Bishop emeritus of Zomba (Malawi)
Bishop Peter Adrian Chifukwa (49)Chifukwa, Peter Adrian (49), Bishop of Dedza (Malawi)
Bishop Martin Anwel Mtumbuka (66)Mtumbuka, Martin Anwel (66), Bishop of Karonga (Malawi)
Bishop Peter Martin Musikuwa (72)Musikuwa, Peter Martin (72), Bishop of Chikwawa (Malawi)
Bishop Vincent Frederick Mwakhwawa (48)Mwakhwawa, Vincent Frederick (48), Titular Bishop of Aquæ Thibilitanæ and Auxiliary Bishop of Lilongwe (Malawi)
Bishop Yohane Suzgo Nyirenda (47)Nyirenda, Yohane Suzgo (47), Titular Bishop of Catrum and Auxiliary Bishop of Mzuzu (Malawi)
Bishop Alessandro Pagani, S.M.M. (87)Pagani, Alessandro, S.M.M. (87), Bishop emeritus of Mangochi (Malawi)
Bishop John Alphonsus Ryan, S.P.S. (72)Ryan, John Alphonsus, S.P.S. (72), Bishop of Mzuzu (Malawi)
Bishop Montfort Stima (66)Stima, Montfort (66), Bishop of Mangochi (Malawi) and Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of Malawi
Other Prelates related to Malawi (7)
ItalyArchbishop Orlando Antonini (79)Antonini, Orlando (79), Titular Archbishop of Formia
ItalyArchbishop Gianfranco Gallone (60)Gallone, Gianfranco (60), Titular Archbishop of Mottola and Apostolic Nuncio to Uruguay
ItalyArchbishop Nicola Girasoli (66)Girasoli, Nicola (66), Titular Archbishop of Egnazia Appula and Apostolic Nuncio to Slovakia
ItalyArchbishop Giuseppe Leanza (81)Leanza, Giuseppe (81), Titular Archbishop of Lilibeo
TurkiyeArchbishop Julio Murat (62)Murat, Julio (62), Titular Archbishop of Orange, Apostolic Nuncio to Norway, Apostolic Nuncio to Finland, Apostolic Nuncio to Denmark, Apostolic Nuncio to Sweden and Apostolic Nuncio to Iceland
ItalyArchbishop Gian Luca Perici (59)Perici, Gian Luca (59), Titular Archbishop of Bolsena, Apostolic Nuncio to Zambia and Apostolic Nuncio to Malawi
ItalyArchbishop Eugenio Sbarbaro (89)Sbarbaro, Eugenio (89), Titular Archbishop of Tiddi

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