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Inter eximia episcopalis français (French) Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin) español (Spanish)
Revising the Privilege Regarding the Concession of the Pallium


Motu ProprioSaint Pope Paul VI1978.05.11
Per Instructionem English
On the reform of choral vesture


InstructionSacred Congregation for Clergy1970.10.30
Ut sive sollicite English latine (Latin)
On the vesture, titles and coat-of-arms of cardinals, bishops and lesser prelates

 bishop   cardinal   insignia   vesture 

InstructionSecretariat of State1969.03.31
Pontificalis ritus
On the simplification of pontifical rites and insignia

 insignia   liturgy   vesture 

InstructionSacred Congregation of Rites1968.06.21
Pontificalis Domus Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
Reorganizing the Pontifical Household

 Roman Curia   vesture 

Motu ProprioSaint Pope Paul VI1968.03.28
On the vesture of cardinals, supressing the silk cassock, manteletta, mozetta and the gold tassels on the sash

 cardinal   vesture 

Circular LetterSaint Pope Paul VI1965.02
Valde solliciti latine (Latin)
Modified the cardinals’ vestments

 cardinal   vesture 

Motu ProprioPope Pius XII1952.11.30
Crux pectoralis
Granting non-bishop cardinals the use of the pectoral cross

 cardinal   vesture 

Motu ProprioSaint Pope Pius X1905.05.24

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