British Isles (6)

Iceland, → Netherlands, ↘ Belgium, ↓ France

Former Basilica of Corpus Christi Locate

Manchester, Manchester, England England

Former Minor Basilica1904.05.17

Basilica of St Patrick Locate

Lough Derg, Donegal (Dún na nGall), Ulster, Ireland Ireland

Minor Basilica1931.05.13

Downside Abbey of St Gregory the Great Locate

Stratton on the Fosse, Somerset, England England

Minor Basilica, Abbatial, Shrine1935.04.10

Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of St Chad Locate

Birmingham, Birmingham, England England

Minor Basilica, Cathedral1941.05.07

Basilica Shrine of Our Lady of Knock Queen of Ireland Locate

Knock, Mayo (Maigh Eo), Connachta, Ireland Ireland

Minor Basilica, International Shrine1979.07.18
6East Anglia

National Shrine and Basilica of Our Lady Locate

Little Walsingham, Norfolk, England England

Minor Basilica, National Shrine2015.12.22

Last updated on 2021.12.31

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