Basilica of the Blessed Virgin of Gethsemani

Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani

Trappist, Kentucky, USA


Jurisdiction: Metropolitan Archdiocese of Louisville

Served by: Trappists


Type: Roman-Rite Basilica Minor Basilica, Abbatial

Basilica Decree: 1949.04.22

Rite: Roman (Latin)


List: Trappist Monasteries in North America

History: monatery 1848.12.21; abbey 1851; abbey church 1866.11.15; ded. 1872.03.31; cons. 1886; ded. 1998.03.19

Patron: BVM Gethsemani


Location: 869PMF7C+Q8 Google Maps

Address: 3642 Monks Rd., Trappist, Kentucky 40051

Country: USA USA

Telephone: +1 (502) 549-3117


GCatholic Church ID: 666


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