Vallumbrosan Congregation of the Benedictine Order (O.S.B. Vall.)


Also known as: Congregazione Vallombrosana (Italiano) / Congregatio Vallis Umbrosæ Ordinis S. Benedicti (latine)


Type: Monastic Order of Pontifical Right (for Men)

Confederation: Benedictine Confederation of the Order of Saint Benedict (Benedictines)

Depends on: Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life


Contact Info

Address: Archicenobio, Via S. Benedetto 115, 50066 Vallombrosa, Italy



Abbot General:ItalyAbbot Giuseppe Casetta, O.S.B. Vall. (65)Abbot Giuseppe Casetta, O.S.B. Vall. (65) (2007.07 – ...)

Past Superiors

Abbot General:ItalyCardinal Tesauro dei Beccheria, O.S.B. Vall. (1252 – 1258.09.12)
Abbot General:ItalySaint Bishop Atto, O.S.B. Vall. (1120 – 1153.06.21)
Abbot General:ItalySaint Abbot Giovanni Gualberto Visdomini, O.S.B. Vall. (1039)

Living Bishops (1 Archbishop)

IndiaArchbishop Mathew Moolakkattu, O.S.B. Vall. (71)Archbishop Mathew Moolakkattu, O.S.B. Vall. (71), Metropolitan Archbishop of Kottayam of the Syro-Malabars (India)

Deceased Bishops (1 Antipope, 4 Cardinals, 1 Archbishop, 18 Bishops)

1790: ItalyBishop Clemente Maria Bardini, O.S.B. Vall., Bishop of Acquapendente

1732: ItalyBishop Colombino Bassi, O.S.B. Vall., Bishop of Prato (Italy) and Bishop of Pistoia (Italy)

1703: ItalyArchbishop Leone Strozzi, O.S.B. Vall., Metropolitan Archbishop of Firenze (Italy)

1653: ItalyBishop Flavio Galletti, O.S.B. Vall., Bishop of Anglona–Tursi

1567: ItalyBishop Matteo Grifoni, O.S.B. Vall., Bishop of Trivento (Italy)

>1471: ItalyBishop Placido de Pavanello, O.S.B. Vall., Bishop of Torcello

1454: ItalyBishop Simone Mancha, O.S.B. Vall., Bishop of Ottana

>1452: Bishop Nicola de Rochis de Musciolo, O.S.B. Vall., Titular Bishop of Augustopolis

1438: ItalyBishop Riccaro Del Frate, O.S.B. Vall., Bishop of Massa Marittima e Populonia (Italy)

>1432: ItalyBishop Silvestro de Benedetti, O.S.B. Vall., Titular Bishop of Castoria

1419: ItalyBishop Bartolomeo Casini, O.S.B. Vall., Bishop of Pesaro (Italy)

1405: ItalyBishop Luigi Francesco degli Alfani, O.S.B. Vall., Bishop of Jesi (Italy)

>1327: ItalyBishop Raniero, O.S.B. Vall., Bishop of Chiusi (Italy)

1258: ItalyCardinal Tesauro dei Beccheria, O.S.B. Vall., Abbot General of Vallumbrosan Congregation of the Benedictine Order (Vallombrosians)

1230: ItalyBishop Giovanni Tornielli, O.S.B. Vall., Bishop of Bergamo (Italy)

>1225: ItalyBishop Gregorio, O.S.B. Vall., Bishop of Aquino (Italy)

1180: HungaryAntipope Callixtus III, Pseudocardinal-Bishop of Albano and Antipope

>1158: ItalyBishop Ambrogio, O.S.B. Vall., Bishop of Firenze (Italy)

1153: ItalySaint Bishop Atto, O.S.B. Vall., Bishop of Pistoia (Italy) and Abbot General of Vallumbrosan Congregation of the Benedictine Order (Vallombrosians)

1144: ItalyCardinal Lucio Boezio, O.S.B. Vall., Cardinal-Priest of S. Clemente

1133: ItalySaint Cardinal Bernardo degli Uberti, O.S.B. Vall., Cardinal-Priest of S. Crisogono and Bishop of Parma (Italy)

1133: ItalyBishop Ildebrando Guidi, O.S.B. Vall., Bishop of Pistoia (Italy)

1107: ItalyBishop Pietro Guidi, O.S.B. Vall., Bishop of Pistoia (Italy)

1089: ItalyBlessed Cardinal Pietro Igneo Aldobrandini, O.S.B. Vall., Cardinal-Bishop of Albano

Saints (3)

1153: ItalySaint Atto, bishop

1133: ItalySaint Bernardo degli Uberti, cardinal

1073: ItalySaint Giovanni Gualberto Visdomini, abbot

Blesseds (2)

1107: ItalyBlessed Benedetto Ricasoli, religious

1089: ItalyBlessed Pietro Igneo Aldobrandini, cardinal

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Italy Italy

Statistics (2022.12.31)

Houses: 12

Members: 78 (54 priests)



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