Cardinals Created by

Pope Paul IV Details (19)

Consistory of 1555.06.07 (at the time of creation) (1)
1.Italy Mr. Carlo Carafa (38)Cardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1555.12.20 (at the time of creation) (7)
1.Spain Archbishop Juan Martínez Silíceo (69)Archbishop Juan Martínez Silíceo (69), Metropolitan Archbishop of Toledo (Spain)Cardinal-Priest
2.Italy Fr. Gianbernardino Scotti, C.R. (77)Fr. Gianbernardino Scotti, C.R. (77)Cardinal-Priest
3.Italy Bishop Diomede Carafa (63)Bishop Diomede Carafa (63), Bishop of Ariano (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
4.Italy Bishop Scipione Rebiba (51)Bishop Scipione Rebiba (51), Apostolic Administrator of MottolaCardinal-Priest
5.France Fr. Jean Suau (52)Fr. Jean Suau (Jean Reuman Suavius) (52)Cardinal-Priest
6.Germany Mr. Johann Gropper (52)Cardinal-Deacon
7.Italy Fr. Gianantonio Capizzuchi (40)Fr. Gianantonio Capizzuchi (40)Cardinal-Priest
Consistory of 1557.03.15 (at the time of creation) (10)
1.Italy Archbishop Taddeo Gaddi (37)Archbishop Taddeo Gaddi (37), Metropolitan Archbishop of Cosenza (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
2.France Bishop Antonio Trivulzio (43)Bishop Antonio Trivulzio (43), Bishop of Toulon (France)Cardinal-Priest
3.France Bishop Lorenzo Strozzi (33)Bishop Lorenzo Strozzi (33), Bishop of Béziers (France)Cardinal-Priest
4.Italy Bishop Virgilio Rosario (58)Bishop Virgilio Rosario (58), Bishop of Ischia (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
5.France Bishop Jean Bertrand (75)Bishop Jean Bertrand (75), Bishop emeritus of Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges (France)Cardinal-Priest
6.Italy Bishop Antonio-Michele Ghislieri, O.P. (53)Bishop Antonio-Michele Ghislieri, O.P. (53), Bishop of Sutri and Bishop of NepiCardinal-Priest
7.Italy Fr. Clemente d’Olera, O.F.M. Obs. (55)Fr. Clemente d’Olera, O.F.M. Obs. (55), Minister General of Order of Observant Friars MinorCardinal-Priest
8.Italy Mr. Alfonso Carafa (16), Apostolic Administrator of Benevento (Italy)Cardinal-Deacon
9.France Bishop Vitellozzo Vitelli (26)Bishop Vitellozzo Vitelli (26), Bishop of Città di Castello (Italy)Cardinal-Deacon
10.Italy Fr. Giovanni Battista Consiglieri (66)Fr. Giovanni Battista Consiglieri (66)Cardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1557.06.14 (at the time of creation) (1)
1.England Bishop William Petow, O.F.M. Obs. (72)Bishop William Petow, O.F.M. Obs. (72), Bishop of Salisbury (England)Cardinal-Priest

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