Cardinals Created by

Pope Pius V Details (21)

Consistory of 1566.03.06 (at the time of creation) (1)
1.Italy Fr. Michele Bonelli, O.P. (24)Fr. Michele Bonelli, O.P. (24)Cardinal-Priest
Consistory of 1568.03.24 (at the time of creation) (4)
1.Spain Fr. Diego Espinosa y Arévalo (65)Fr. Diego Espinosa y Arévalo (65), Grand Inquisitor of Commission of Roman and Universal InquisitionCardinal-Priest
2.France Abbot Jérôme Souchier, O. Cist. (60)Abbot Jérôme Souchier, O. Cist. (60), Abbot General of Order of Cistercians (Cistercians)Cardinal-Priest
3.Italy Mr. Gianpaolo Della Chiesa (47)Cardinal-Deacon
4.Italy Fr. Antonio Carafa (30)Fr. Antonio Carafa (30)Cardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1570.05.17 (at the time of creation) (16)
1.Italy Archbishop Marco Antonio Maffei (48)Archbishop Marco Antonio Maffei (48), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Chieti (Italy) and Datary of His Holiness emeritus of Apostolic DatariaCardinal-Priest
2.Spain Archbishop Gaspar Cervantes de Gaete (59)Archbishop Gaspar Cervantes de Gaete (59), Metropolitan Archbishop of Tarragona (Spain)Cardinal-Priest
3.Italy Archbishop Giulio Antonio Santorio (37)Archbishop Giulio Antonio Santorio (37), Metropolitan Archbishop of Santa Severina (Italy) and Apostolic Administrator of San LeoneCardinal-Priest
4.Italy Fr. Pierdonato Cesi (49)Fr. Pierdonato Cesi (49), former Apostolic Administrator of Narni (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
5.Italy Bishop Carlo Grassi (50)Bishop Carlo Grassi (50), Bishop of Corneto (Italy), Bishop of Montefiascone and Vice-Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church of Reverend Apostolic CameraCardinal-Priest
6.France Bishop Charles d’Angennes de Rambouillet (39)Bishop Charles d’Angennes de Rambouillet (39), Bishop of Le Mans (France)Cardinal-Priest
7.Italy Bishop Felice Peretti, O.F.M. Conv. (48)Bishop Felice Peretti, O.F.M. Conv. (48), Bishop of Sant’Agata de’ Goti (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
8.Italy Bishop Giovanni Aldobrandini (45)Bishop Giovanni Aldobrandini (45), Bishop of Imola (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
9.Italy Fr. Girolamo Rusticucci (33)Fr. Girolamo Rusticucci (33)Cardinal-Priest
10.Italy Mr. Giulio Acquaviva d’Aragona (24)Cardinal-Deacon
11.Spain Archbishop Gaspar de Zúñiga y Avellaneda (63)Archbishop Gaspar de Zúñiga y Avellaneda (63), Metropolitan Archbishop of Sevilla (Spain)Cardinal-Priest
12.France Archbishop Nicolas de Pellevé (54)Archbishop Nicolas de Pellevé (54), Metropolitan Archbishop of Sens (France)Cardinal-Priest
13.Italy Bishop Archangelo de’ Bianchi, O.P. (53)Bishop Archangelo de’ Bianchi, O.P. (53), Bishop of Teano (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
14.Italy Bishop Paolo Burali d’Arezzo, C.R. (59)Bishop Paolo Burali d’Arezzo, C.R. (59), Bishop of Piacenza (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
15.Greece Fr. Vincenzo Giustiniani, O.P. (50)Fr. Vincenzo Giustiniani, O.P. (50), Master of the Order of Order of Preachers (Dominicans)Cardinal-Priest
16.Italy Mr. Gian Girolamo Albani (66)Cardinal-Priest

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