Bishops of Liberia

by Name

Bishops and Ordinaries of Liberia (5)

Archbishop (1)

Archbishop Gabriel Blamo Snosio Jubwe (65)Jubwe, Gabriel Blamo Snosio (65), Metropolitan Archbishop of Monrovia (Liberia)

Bishops (3)

Bishop Anthony Fallah Borwah (57)Borwah, Anthony Fallah (57), Bishop of Gbarnga (Liberia) and President of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Liberia
Bishop Simon T. Faddoul (66)Faddoul, Simon T. (66) (Maronite Rite), Bishop of Annunciation of Ibadan of the Maronites (Nigeria) and Apostolic Visitator in Southern Africa of the Maronites
Bishop Andrew Jagaye Karnley (57)Karnley, Andrew Jagaye (57), Bishop of Cape Palmas (Liberia)

Other Prelates (1)

Fr. Dennis Cephas Nimene Nimene , Dennis Cephas, General Secretary of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Liberia
Other Prelates related to Liberia (7)
PolandArchbishop Mirosław Adamczyk (61)Adamczyk, Mirosław (61), Titular Archbishop of Otricoli and Apostolic Nuncio to Argentina
IndiaArchbishop George Antonysamy (72)Antonysamy, George (72), Metropolitan Archbishop of Madras and Mylapore (India), Vice-President of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India and Vice-President of Conference of Catholic Bishops of India
ItalyArchbishop Alberto Bottari de Castello (81)Bottari de Castello, Alberto (アルベルト・ボッターリ・デ・カステッロ) (81), Titular Archbishop of Oderzo
Costa RicaArchbishop Dagoberto Campos Salas (58)Campos Salas, Dagoberto (58), Titular Archbishop of Forontoniana and Apostolic Nuncio to Panama
ItalyArchbishop Walter Erbì (56)Erbì, Walter (56), Titular Archbishop of Nepi, Apostolic Nuncio to Gambia, Apostolic Nuncio to Sierra Leone and Apostolic Nuncio to Liberia
ItalyArchbishop Antonio Lucibello (82)Lucibello, Antonio (82), Titular Archbishop of Thurio
ItalyArchbishop Luigi Travaglino (84)Travaglino, Luigi (84), Titular Archbishop of Lettere

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