Bishops of Equatorial Guinea

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Equatorial Guinea
Bishops and Ordinaries of Equatorial Guinea (8)

Archbishops (2)

Archbishop Ildefonso Obama Obono (86)Ildefonso Obama Obono (86), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Malabo (Equatorial Guinea)
Archbishop Juan Nsue Edjang Mayé (66)Juan Nsue Edjang Mayé (66), Metropolitan Archbishop of Malabo (Equatorial Guinea)

Bishops (5)

Bishop Calixto Paulino Esono Abaga Obono (55)Calixto Paulino Esono Abaga Obono (55), Bishop of Evinayong (Equatorial Guinea)
Bishop Juan Matogo Oyana, C.M.F. (75)Juan Matogo Oyana, C.M.F. (75), Bishop of Bata (Equatorial Guinea)
Bishop Juan Domingo-Beka Esono Ayang, C.M.F. (55)Juan Domingo-Beka Esono Ayang, C.M.F. (55), Bishop of Mongomo (Equatorial Guinea) and President of Episcopal Conference of Equatorial Guinea
Bishop Miguel Angel Nguema Bee, S.D.B. (54)Miguel Angel Nguema Bee, S.D.B. (54), Bishop of Ebebiyín (Equatorial Guinea) and Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of Equatorial Guinea
Bishop Simon T. Faddoul (66)Simon T. Faddoul (66) (Maronite Rite), Bishop of Annunciation of Ibadan of the Maronites (Nigeria) and Apostolic Visitator in Southern Africa of the Maronites

Other Prelates (1)

Fr.  Cristino Ela Engonga Mboo Cristino Ela Engonga Mboo, General Secretary of Episcopal Conference of Equatorial Guinea
Other Prelates related to Equatorial Guinea (5)
ItalyArchbishop Eliseo Antonio Ariotti (75)Eliseo Antonio Ariotti (75), Titular Archbishop of Vibiana
CanadaArchbishop José Avelino Bettencourt (62)José Avelino Bettencourt (62), Titular Archbishop of Novigrad, Apostolic Nuncio to Equatorial Guinea and Apostolic Nuncio to Cameroon
TurkiyeArchbishop Julio Murat (62)Julio Murat (62), Titular Archbishop of Orange, Apostolic Nuncio to Norway, Apostolic Nuncio to Finland, Apostolic Nuncio to Denmark, Apostolic Nuncio to Sweden and Apostolic Nuncio to Iceland
ItalyArchbishop Piero Pioppo (63)Piero Pioppo (63), Titular Archbishop of Torcello, Apostolic Nuncio to Indonesia and Apostolic Nuncio to Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
SpainCardinal Santos Abril y Castelló (88)Santos Abril y Castelló (88), Cardinal-Priest of S. Ponziano pro hac vice Title and Apostolic Commissioner for Institute of the Incarnate Word

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