Changes in Ecclesiastical Jurisdictions

in Moldova

1630.10.24Archdiocese of Lviv (Armenian Rite) was established (without ecclesiastical province)
1848.07.03Diocese of Cherson was established (from Metropolitan Archdiocese of Mohilev and became suffragan of Mohilev)
1852Diocese of Cherson was renamed as Diocese of Tiraspol
1921Diocese of Tiraspol lost territory to Diocese of Iaşi
1991.01.16Diocese of Tiraspol lost territory to Diocese of Kamyanets-Podilsky
1993.10.28Apostolic Administration of Moldova was established (from Diocese of Iaşi and Diocese of Tiraspol)
2001.10.27Apostolic Administration of Moldova was promoted as Diocese of Chişinău (without ecclesiastical province)
2002.02.11Diocese of Tiraspol was suppressed (to Diocese of Saint Clement at Saratov)

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