Changes in Ecclesiastical Jurisdictions

in Iceland

1056Diocese of Skálholt was established (became suffragan of Hamburg)
1106Diocese of Hólar was established (from Diocese of Skálholt and became suffragan of Lund)
1542Diocese of Skálholt was suppressed
1550Diocese of Hólar was suppressed
1855.12.08Apostolic Prefecture of North Pole was established (from Metropolitan Archdiocese of Québec, Diocese of Saint-Boniface, Apostolic Vicariate of Nordic Missions and Apostolic Vicariate of Sweden)
1866.03.20Apostolic Prefecture of North Pole was renamed as Apostolic Prefecture of North Pole
1869.08.17Apostolic Prefecture of North Pole was suppressed (to Diocese of Saint-Boniface, Diocese of Saint-Germain de Rimouski, Apostolic Vicariate of Athabaska Mackenzie, Apostolic Vicariate of Northern District of Scotland, Apostolic Vicariate of Sweden and Apostolic Prefecture of Denmark)
1923.06.12Apostolic Prefecture of Islanda was established (from Apostolic Vicariate of Denmark)
1929Titular Episcopal See of Hólar was restored
1929.06.06Apostolic Prefecture of Islanda was promoted as Apostolic Vicariate of Islanda
1968Titular Episcopal See of Skálholt was restored
1968.10.18Apostolic Vicariate of Islanda was promoted as Diocese of Reykjavík (without ecclesiastical province)

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