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India India


Continent: South and East Asia

Rite: Roman (Latin)

Type: Diocese Diocese

Name: Guntur / Gunturen(sis) (Latin)

Ecclesiastical Province: Visakhapatnam

Depends on: Dicastery for Evangelisation


Patron Saint: Saint Thรฉrรจse of the Child Jesus

Liturgical Calendar (National) ๐Ÿ“…


Present Prelates

Bishop (2016.06.25 โ€“ ...):Bishop Bhagyaiah Chinnabathini (67)Bishop Bhagyaiah Chinnabathini (67)


Bishops of Guntur (Roman Rite)

Bishop Bhagyaiah Chinnabathini (67)Bishop Bhagyaiah Chinnabathini (67)
(2016.06.25 โ€“ ...)

Bishop of Guntur (India)

Wisdom and fortitude

Born:1956.09.19 (Motakondur-Yadagirigutta Mandal, India)
Ordained Priest:1983.05.03
Consecrated Bishop:2016.09.08

Priest of Nalgonda (India) (1983.05.03 โ€“ 2016.06.25)

Bishop of Guntur (India) (2016.06.25 โ€“ ...)

Bishop Bali Gali (85)Bishop Bali Gali (85)
(1984.07.02 โ€“ 2016.06.25)

Apostolic Administrator of Cuddapah (India)
Bishop emeritus of Guntur (India)

Christ is my passion

Born:1939.04.29 (Patibandla, India)
Ordained Priest:1964.12.19
Consecrated Bishop:1984.10.23

Priest of Guntur (India) (1964.12.19 โ€“ 1984.07.02)

Bishop of Guntur (India) (1984.07.02 โ€“ 2016.06.25)

Apostolic Administrator of Cuddapah (India) (2018.12.10 โ€“ ...)

Bishop Mariadas Kagithapu, M.S.F.S. (later Archbishop)
(1974.12.19 โ€“ 1982.09.10)

To Christ for the world

Born:1936.09.07 (India)
Ordained Priest:1961.06.10
Consecrated Bishop:1977.05.05
Died:2018.02.26 (โ€  81)

Bishop of Guntur (India) (1974.12.19 โ€“ 1982.09.10)

Bishop of Visakhapatnam (India) (1982.09.10 โ€“ 2001.10.16)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Visakhapatnam (India) (2001.10.16 โ€“ 2012.07.03)

Bishop Balashoury Thanugundla
(1973.11.26 โ€“ 1974.09.25)

Born:1928.04.19 (India)
Ordained Priest:1957.12.07
Consecrated Bishop:1974.03.12
Died:1974.09.25 (โ€  46)

Bishop of Guntur (India) (1973.11.26 โ€“ 1974.09.25)

Bishop Ignatius Mummadi
(1943.07.13 โ€“ 1973.11.26)

Born:1899.03.11 (India)
Ordained Priest:1925.12.03
Consecrated Bishop:1943.10.28
Died:1983.04.02 (โ€  84)

Bishop of Guntur (India) (1943.07.13 โ€“ 1973.11.26)

Bishop Thomas Pothacamury (later Archbishop)
(1940.04.09 โ€“ 1942.10.15)

Born:1889.09.02 (India)
Ordained Priest:1916.12.17
Consecrated Bishop:1940.06.29
Died:1968.05.18 (โ€  78)

Bishop of Guntur (India) (1940.04.09 โ€“ 1942.10.15)

Bishop of Bangalore (India) (1942.10.15 โ€“ 1953.09.19)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Bangalore (India) (1953.09.19 โ€“ 1968.01.11)

Titular Archbishop of Thimida regia (1968.01.11 โ€“ 1968.05.18)

Special Churches

Nalgonda (โ†–), Vijayawada (โ†—), Nellore (โ†“)

Statistics (2021.12.31)

Area: 12,803 kmยฒ

Population: 539,000 Catholics (8.1% of 6,645,000 total)

Pastoral Centres: 107 parishes

Personnel: 196 priests (122 diocesan, 74 religious), 812 religious (89 brothers, 723 sisters), 30 seminarians


Pastoral Centres




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