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India India


Continent: South and East Asia

Rite: Roman (Latin)

Type: Diocese Diocese

Name: Daltonganj / Daltonganien(sis) (Latin)

Ecclesiastical Province: Ranchi

Depends on: Dicastery for Evangelisation


Patron Saint: Shanti Ki Maharani

Liturgical Calendar (National) ๐Ÿ“…


Present Prelates

Bishop (2023.11.30 โ€“ ...):Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, S.F.X. (63)Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, S.F.X. (63)


Bishops of Daltonganj (Roman Rite)

Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, S.F.X. (63)Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, S.F.X. (63)
(2023.11.30 โ€“ ...)

Bishop of Daltonganj (India)

Born:1960.11.09 (Camurlim, India)
Ordained Priest:1988.04.24
Consecrated Bishop:2014.08.30

Titular Bishop of Lysinia (2014.07.09 โ€“ 2023.11.30)

Auxiliary Bishop of Ranchi (India) (2014.07.09 โ€“ 2023.11.30)

General Secretary of Catholic Bishopsโ€™ Conference of India (2016.03 โ€“ 2020.02.18)

Apostolic Administrator of Daltonganj (India) (2021.12.08 โ€“ 2023.11.30)

Bishop of Daltonganj (India) (2023.11.30 โ€“ ...)

Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, S.F.X. (63)Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, S.F.X. (63)
(Apostolic Administrator 2021.12.08 โ€“ 2023.11.30)

Bishop Anand Jojo (65)Bishop Anand Jojo (65)
(Apostolic Administrator 2016.07.07 โ€“ 2021.12.08)

Bishop Gabriel Kujur, S.J. (78)Bishop Gabriel Kujur, S.J. (78)
(1997.03.03 โ€“ 2016.07.07)

Bishop emeritus of Daltonganj (India)

Heart to heart

Born:1945.07.07 (Mahuadanr, India)
Ordained Priest:1978.05.08
Consecrated Bishop:1998.01.08

Bishop of Daltonganj (India) (1997.03.03 โ€“ 2016.07.07)

Bishop Charles Soreng, S.J.
(1989.10.23 โ€“ 1995.04.01)

We need a merciful Father

Born:1934.08.18 (Chirratoli, India)
Ordained Priest:1969.03.24
Consecrated Bishop:1990.02.09
Died:2019.01.11 (Ranchi, India โ€  84)

Bishop of Daltonganj (India) (1989.10.23 โ€“ 1995.04.01)

Bishop of Hazaribag (India) (1995.04.01 โ€“ 2012.09.08)

Bishop George Victor Saupin, S.J.
(1971.06.05 โ€“ 1987.11.30)

Born:1923.08.20 (India)
Ordained Priest:1958.03.24
Consecrated Bishop:1971.10.13
Died:1993.08.02 (โ€  69)

Bishop of Daltonganj (India) (1971.06.05 โ€“ 1987.11.30)

Bishop of Bhagalpur (India) (1987.11.30 โ€“ 1993.08.02)

Special Churches

Ambikapur (โ†™), Allahabad (โ†–), Buxar (โ†‘), Patna (โ†—), Hazaribag (โ†’), Ranchi (โ†˜), Gumla (โ†˜)

Statistics (2021.12.31)

Area: 2,750 kmยฒ

Population: 70,700 Catholics (2.1% of 3,426,000 total)

Pastoral Centres: 23 parishes, 1 mission

Personnel: 146 priests (66 diocesan, 80 religious), 127 religious (113 brothers, 14 sisters), 12 seminarians


Pastoral Centres




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