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India India


Continent: South and East Asia

Rite: Roman (Latin)

Type: Diocese Diocese

Name: Belgaum / Belgaumen(sis) (Latin)

Ecclesiastical Province: Bangalore

Depends on: Dicastery for Evangelisation


Patron Saint: Our Lady of the Family Rosary of Fatima

Liturgical Calendar (National) ๐Ÿ“…


Present Prelates

Bishop (2019.05.01 โ€“ ...):Bishop Derek Fernandes (70)Bishop Derek Fernandes (70)


Bishops of Belgaum (Roman Rite)

Bishop Derek Fernandes (70)Bishop Derek Fernandes (70)
(2019.05.01 โ€“ ...)

Bishop of Belgaum (India)

Mittite in dexteram navigii rete

Born:1954.05.14 (Sirsi, India)
Ordained Priest:1979.05.05
Consecrated Bishop:2007.04.20

Priest of Belgaum (India) (1979.05.05 โ€“ 2007.02.24)

Bishop of Karwar (India) (2007.02.24 โ€“ 2019.05.01)

Apostolic Administrator of Karwar (India) (2019.05.01 โ€“ 2024.01.13)

Bishop of Belgaum (India) (2019.05.01 โ€“ ...)

Archbishop Peter Machado (69)Bishop Peter Machado (69) (later Archbishop)
(2006.02.02 โ€“ 2018.03.19)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Bangalore (India)

Christ peace reigns over us

Born:1954.05.26 (Honavar, India)
Ordained Priest:1978.12.08
Consecrated Bishop:2006.03.30

Priest of Belgaum (India) (1978.12.08 โ€“ 2006.02.02)

Bishop of Belgaum (India) (2006.02.02 โ€“ 2018.03.19)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Bangalore (India) (2018.03.19 โ€“ ...)

Archbishop Bernard Blasius Moras (82)Bishop Bernard Blasius Moras (82) (later Archbishop)
(1996.11.30 โ€“ 2004.07.22)

Apostolic Administrator of Mysore (India)
Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Bangalore (India)

In thee we hopeโ€“Mary our Mother

Born:1941.08.10 (Kuppepadavu, India)
Ordained Priest:1967.12.06
Consecrated Bishop:1997.02.25

Priest of Mangalore (India) (1967.12.06 โ€“ 1996.11.30)

Bishop of Belgaum (India) (1996.11.30 โ€“ 2004.07.22)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Bangalore (India) (2004.07.22 โ€“ 2018.03.19)

Apostolic Administrator of Bellary (India) (2006.11.18 โ€“ 2008.03.15)

Apostolic Administrator of Mysore (India) (2023.01.07 โ€“ ...)

Bishop Ignatius P. Lobo
(1967.09.26 โ€“ 1994.12.01)

Born:1919.04.27 (India)
Ordained Priest:1947.12.21
Consecrated Bishop:1968.06.02
Died:2010.02.17 (โ€  90)

Bishop of Belgaum (India) (1967.09.26 โ€“ 1994.12.01)

Bishop Fortunato da Veiga Coutinho
(1964.03.15 โ€“ 1967.02.08)

Born:1920.10.13 (Portugal)
Ordained Priest:1944.10.26
Consecrated Bishop:1962.09.03
Died:1967.02.08 (โ€  46)

Titular Bishop of Sagalassus (1962.07.02 โ€“ 1964.03.15)

Coadjutor Bishop of Belgaum (India) (1962.07.02 โ€“ 1964.03.15)

Bishop of Belgaum (India) (1964.03.15 โ€“ 1967.02.08)

Bishop Michael Rodrigues
(1953.09.19 โ€“ 1964.03.15)

Born:1894.10.19 (India)
Ordained Priest:1919.12.19
Consecrated Bishop:1953.11.30
Died:1964.10.12 (โ€  69)

Bishop of Belgaum (India) (1953.09.19 โ€“ 1964.03.15)

Titular Bishop of Equizetum (1964.03.15 โ€“ 1964.10.12)

Former Prelates

Special Churches

Karwar (โ†™), Sindhudurg (โ†), Poona (โ†‘), Gulbarga (โ†—), Bellary (โ†’)

Statistics (2022.12.31)

Area: 33,747 kmยฒ

Population: 25,205 Catholics (0.2% of 11,357,894 total)

Pastoral Centres: 69 parishes, 1 mission

Personnel: 163 priests (88 diocesan, 75 religious), 521 religious (112 brothers, 409 sisters), 11 seminarians


Pastoral Centres





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