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Territory of French Polynesia (French Polynesia)

(Overseas Collectivitity of France France)

French Polynesia

Also known as: Französisch-Polynesien (Deutsch), Polinesia Francesa (español), Polynésie française (français), Polinesia francese (Italiano), Polinezja Francuska (polski), Polinésia Francesa (Português), 法屬波利尼西亞 (正體中文), フランス領ポリネシア (日本語), Polynesia Francica (latine)

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Roman Rite (2): Papeete, Taiohae

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Apostolic Delegation: Pacific Ocean Archbishop Novatus Rugambwa (66)

Conference of Bishops: Conferentia Episcopalis Pacifici (C.E. PAC.) Bishop Ryan Pagente Jimenez (52)

International Meeting of Bishops’ Conferences: Federation of Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of Oceania (F.C.B.C.O.) Bishop Anthony Randazzo (57)


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Continent: Oceania

Capital: Papeete

Area: 3,827 km²

Population: 287,881

Former Name: Oceania

Part of: France France (Overseas Collectivitity)

Neighbouring Countries: Cook Islands Cook Islands, ↖ Kiribati Kiribati, → Pitcairn Islands Pitcairn Islands

Cultural Summary

Religions: Protestant 54%, Roman Catholic 30%, other 10%, no religion 6%

Languages: French (official) 70%, Polynesian (official) 28.2%, other 1.8%

Ethnic Groups: Polynesian 78%, Chinese 12%, local French 6%, metropolitan French 4%

Statistics (2021.12.31)

Area: 4,000 km²

Catholic Population: 117,000 Catholics (39.9% of 293,000 total)

Pastoral Centres: 83 parishes, 31 other centres

Clergy: 3 bishops (2 diocesan, 1 titular), 33 priests (23 diocesan, 10 religious), 45 permanent deacons (diocesan)

Non-Clergy: 58 religious (19 brothers, 39 sisters), 14 major seminarians, 8 missionaries, 613 catechists


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