Catholic Dioceses



Metropolitan Sees (Archdioceses) (3)AscendingRiteEcclesiastical ProvinceChurches and Bishops
Metr. Archdiocese Kota KinabaluRomanKota KinabaluSacred Heart Cathedral Archbishop John Wong Soo Kau (55) Archbishop John Lee Hiong Fun-Yit Yaw (90)
Metr. Archdiocese Kuala LumpurRomanKuala LumpurCathedral of St. John Archbishop Julian Leow Beng Kim (60) Archbishop Murphy Nicholas Xavier Pakiam (85)
Metr. Archdiocese KuchingRomanKuchingSt Joseph’s Cathedral Archbishop Simon Poh Hoon Seng (60) Archbishop Peter Chung Hoan Ting (95) Archbishop John Ha Tiong Hock (77)
Episcopal Sees (Dioceses) (6)AscendingRiteEcclesiastical ProvinceChurches and Bishops
Diocese KeningauRomanKota KinabaluSt. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral Bishop Cornelius Piong (74)
Diocese Melaka–JohorRomanKuala LumpurCathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church of St. Peter Bishop Anthony Bernard Paul (70) Bishop Paul Tan Chee Ing, S.J. (84)
Diocese MiriRomanKuchingSt. Joseph’s Cathedral Bishop Richard Ng (57) Bishop Anthony Lee Kok Hin (87)
Diocese PenangRomanKuala LumpurCathedral of the Holy Spirit Church of the Assumption Basilica of St. Anne Cardinal Sebastian Francis (72) Bishop Anthony Selvanayagam (88)
Diocese SandakanRomanKota KinabaluCathedral of St. Mary Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom (66)
Diocese SibuRomanKuchingSacred Heart Cathedral Bishop Joseph Hii Teck Kwong (58) Bishop Dominic Su Haw Chiu (84)

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