St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Jurisdiction: Metropolitan Archdiocese of Halifax–Yarmouth


Type: Roman-Rite Cathedral-Basilica Cathedral, Minor Basilica

Basilica Decree: 1950.06.14

Rite: Roman (Latin)


Lists: Historic Catholic Churches in Canada, Shrines in the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy

History: parish 1784; building 1820-1829; 1874; ded. 1899.10.19

Language: English

Patron: BVM


Location: 87PRJCVG+MP Google Maps

Address: 1508 Barrington St., Halifax, Nova Scotia

Country: Canada Canada

Telephone: +1 902-423-4116


GCatholic Church ID: 691


Metropolitan Archbishop: Archbishop Brian Joseph Dunn (69)Archbishop Brian Joseph Dunn (69)


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