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Dominica Dominica


Bishop (2024.05.02 – ...):Bishop Kendrick John Forbes (48)Bishop-elect Kendrick John Forbes (48)

Churches (15)

Basse-Terre et Pointe-à-Pitre (↖), Fort-de-France–Saint-Pierre (↓)
Cities (Saint George) AscendingChurches (3)
Roseau, Saint GeorgeCathedral of Our Lady of Fairhaven Our Lady of Fairhaven (Cathedral) Locate
Roseau, Saint GeorgeChurch of Our Lady of Fatima Our Lady of Fatima Locate
Roseau, Saint GeorgeChurch of St. Alphonsus St. Alphonsus Locate
Cities (Saint Andrew) AscendingChurches (2)
Vieille Case, Saint AndrewChurch of St. Andrew St. Andrew Locate
Wesley, Saint AndrewChurch of Our Lady of La Soie Our Lady of La Soie Locate
Cities (Saint David) AscendingChurches (1)
Castle Bruce, Saint DavidChurch of Our Lady of Health Our Lady of Health Locate
Cities (Saint John) AscendingChurches (1)
Portsmouth, Saint JohnChurch of St. John and St. Lewis St. John and St. Lewis Locate
Cities (Saint Joseph) AscendingChurches (2)
St. Joseph, Saint JosephChurch of St. Joseph St. Joseph Locate
Salisbury, Saint JosephChurch of St. Theresa St. Theresa Locate
Cities (Saint Luke) AscendingChurches (1)
Pointe Michel, Saint LukeChurch of St. Luke St. Luke Locate
Cities (Saint Mark) AscendingChurches (1)
Soufriere, Saint MarkChurch of St. Mark St. Mark Locate
Cities (Saint Patrick) AscendingChurches (2)
Grand Bay, Saint PatrickChurch of St. Patrick St. Patrick Locate
La Plaine, Saint PatrickChurch of St. Francis Xavier St. Francis Xavier Locate
Cities (Saint Paul) AscendingChurches (1)
Massacre, Saint PaulChurch of St. Paul and St. Anne St. Paul and St. Anne Locate
Cities (Saint Peter) AscendingChurches (1)
Colihaut, Saint PeterChurch of St. Peter St. Peter Locate

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