Basilica Cattedrale Maria di Santissima Assunta e San Benedetto Abate

Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Assumption and St. Benedict

Montecassino, Frosinone, Lazio, Italy


Jurisdiction: Territorial Abbacy of Montecassino

Served by: Subiaco Cassinese Benedictine Congregation


Type: Roman-Rite Cathedral-Basilica Cathedral, Minor Basilica, Archabbatial

Basilica Decree: Immemorial

Rite: Roman (Latin)


List: Shrines in the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy

History: monastery founded 529; destroyed 577; rebuilt c. 720; destroyed 883; rebuilt c. 950; destroyed by earthquake 1349; rebuilt; destroyed 1944.02.15; rebuilt 1953; cons. 1964.10.24

Patron: St. Benedict


Location: 8FHMFRR7+CJ Google Maps

Address: Abbazia di Montecassino, Montecassino, Frosinone, Lazio 03043

Country: Italy Italy


GCatholic Church ID: 85


Abbot Ordinary: Abbot Antonio Luca Fallica, O.S.B. (64)Abbot Antonio Luca Fallica, O.S.B. (64)


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